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Best 5000 Watt Generators

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The modern public takes emergency preparedness more seriously than ever before. Food storage and contingency plans are no longer the exclusive purview of "prepper" communities.

Blackouts have become common in some areas, and natural calamities have long been able to leave hundreds or thousands of people without electricity for days or weeks at a time.

A 5000-watt generator is sufficient to meet your requirements in the event of an outage. Your life can continue normally with the help of appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators even if the world around you seems to be moving at a snail's pace.

It's hardly a given that you'd just use them in an emergency. Construction crews have long relied on these tools to generate electricity in remote locations for use with machinery and other electronic devices.

Here are, in my opinion, of course, the best 5000W generators around today...

Honda EM5000SX

Due to their broad popularity, some brands hardly require any introduction at all. Honda is an example of such a company. The Honda EM5000SX portable generator is one of the best generators around because of its durability and cutting-edge technologies designed for safe, consistent operations.

Given that one intended application for this generator is in the great outdoors, It is perfect for if you have an RV, or if you set up on an offgrid campsite for an extended period of time. This generator far outperformed my expectations in almost every way.

Because of its open structure, it can be easily lifted off the ground. The Honda 663640 EM5000SX is easily transportable thanks to its wheels and folding handle. The generator is heavy though and could be difficult to relocate without these tools.

Because of its reliability and efficiency, among other qualities, this generator is widely considered the best 5000 watt generator for recreational vehicles. One of its best features is a built-in fuel gauge that allows you to check the gas level fast.

Although the generator is equipped with many useful features, I found the Honda My Generator App to be particularly helpful because it provided me with a quick and easy method to access information on the generator's run hours, oil life, output power, and other parameters.

The app can notify you of any impending maintenance as well. This is a fantastic addition to the generator, whether you want to use it at home or on the move.

The portable generator's Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulator technology allows for consistent power output regardless of the load. More than 11 hours of use at 50% load, a full 6.2-gallon tank will provide sufficient fuel efficiency. You can turn it on, go to sleep, and then find it still functioning when you awake.

Although it isn't the cheapest 5000-watt generator on the market, the Honda EM5000SX's 389cc, iGX390 OHV four-stroke engine more than makes up for its higher price.

In addition, for the first ten seconds after turning on, it may supply up to seven thousand watts of power, allowing heavier appliances and tools to immediately achieve their full potential.

Pulsar PG5250B

Pulsar 5,250W Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Switch and Go Technology, PG5250B

A generator's adaptability is critical whether it's being used in an emergency, as a backup power source for a recreational vehicle, or on a construction site.

The Pulsar PG5250B allows you to run your generator on a variety of fuel types. It might be powered by gasoline or propane, providing you greater flexibility.

Even while it's possible to do so with other generators, no other models feature Swap & Go technology, which allows you to easily swap between fuel sources without having to shut down the machine. Thankfully, there is a propane pipe provided.

This unit features standard 120V AC outlets, 30A RV outlets, and 120/240V twist-lock outlets. There are just two 120V outlets, but you can add more by plugging in a power strip.

12 hours of operation can be expected from the 4-gallon tank while operating at 50% load. Liquid propane gas is more readily available and has less regulations than natural gas, but it doesn't generate nearly as much electricity (LPG).

In comparison to gas's 5,250 peak and 4,250 running watts, LPG only supplies 4,750 peak and 3,850 running watts. This is one of the best 5000-watt portable generators on the market this year.

Westinghouse WGen5500

Westinghouse 6600 Watt Home Backup Portable Generator, Electric Start, Transfer Switch Ready 30A Outlet, RV Ready 30A Outlet, CARB Compliant

The WGen5500 is one of the top options for a 5000 watt generator since it is a versatile portable unit with many modern conveniences.

This generator is powered by a 420cc 4-stroke OHV engine, which provides an impressive 6850 watts of starting power and 5500 watts of running power.

Fans, sump pumps, freezers, and refrigerators can all work smoothly on this amount of power in a typical home.

It is a cheaply priced 5000 watt generator that can power the vast majority of construction power tools due to its high starting wattage.

Incredibly, this generator can operate for 14 hours on half load, thanks to its 6.6-gallon fuel capacity. Therefore, it is not necessary to get up at an ungodly hour to provide it with fuel.

On the faceplate, you'll see a total of three power outlets: two GCFI 5-20r 120v outlets and one L14-30R 120/240v Twist-Lock receptacle with rubber covers.

It's important to note that the WGen5500 weighs 170 pounds. Large, never-flat wheels and a collapsible construction make transporting this hefty item a breeze.

The WGen 5500 generator cannot be started electrically. This feature is accessible on the more powerful models of the brand, such as the WGen6000 and WGen7500.

Champion 6250W DH Series

Champion 6250-Watt DH Series Open Frame Inverter with Quiet Technology & 50-Volt Generator Power Cord for Manual Transfer Switch (L14-30P to L14-30R)

When it comes to portable generators, Champion is one of the best brands in general. Champion, a frontrunner in the premium generator market, caused quite the stir when it released the 6250-watt DH series model due to its state of the art noiseless technology. 

This generator has been demonstrated to be very effective both in and out of doors. The motor is what provides the power, and it produces 5000W and can provide up to 6250 beginning watts. In this way, the model won't even break a sweat when operating your HVAC, refrigeration, and water-pumping systems.

Though it has a high energy output, this device has been developed to be safe for use with sensitive electronics. As far as economy goes, this model's 4-gallon gas tank is quite fuel efficient.

This generator can generate enough electricity to power a home for three hours for every gallon of gasoline it consumes. Calculate it: with a full tank, you'll have power for 12 straight hours!

The innovative silence technology incorporated into this model is its main selling point. This generator is VERY quiet, you sometimes think it has turned off because it is almost silent, and it is 20% lighter than conventional Champion 5000w generators. This is a significant step forward.

Generac 6672 5500W

The powerful and dependable Generac 6672 5,500-Watt portable generator provides consistent power for your home's appliances, heavy-duty tools, and even recreational vehicles.

The ease with which it may be turned on and off with the turn of a knob thanks to the PowerDialTM quick start function is, in my opinion, its most endearing quality.

The impression that this generator had on me was immediately favorable. It was easy to put together because of the clear, illustrated instructions that came with the package.

The Generac 6672 5,500-Watt generator worked flawlessly to power my home's electronics and essential appliances, including the computer, lights, TV, fridge, and freezer.

With its 389cc OHV engine, this generator can also easily power your microwave, LCD TV, air conditioner, and sump pump. 5,500 watts is also sufficient for your high-powered power tools.

To activate the generator requires minimal effort. A single push of a button will do the trick. It's a big help when there isn't a strong man there to flip the switch haha. What struck me most was the unit's shocking lack of noise.

The 6672 5,500W is not exactly lightweight at 171.8 lbs. when set up, so we are grateful for the heavy-duty wheels and locking handle that make it easy to move about. The generator has a reinforced steel tube cradle to protect it from damage.

The Generac 6672 engine is equipped with a splash lubrication system, an automatic shutoff in the event of low oil, and shielded outlets to ensure the safety of its users. The combination of these prevents damage to the generator.

Green-Power America GPD5000W

Green-Power America GPD5000W 5000W Gasoline Generator, Blue/Black

While generator prices as a whole could go up, there is a wide range in cost depending on the model. Have a look at Green-Power America's GPD5000W.

It provides a sufficient 5,000 starting watts for less than half the price of competing models. Although 3,850 watts isn't a lot, it should be sufficient for most home electronics.

This budget option suffers from a significant drawback: it cannot be connected to a 240V power source. An additional 120V twist-lock outlet and 12V outlets are still available.

This machine is much lighter than its rivals at 109 pounds, although being slightly larger (26" x 24" x 22"). It's convenient because there are two foldable handles for carrying.

In a 50% load scenario, a full tank (equivalent to 4 gallons) will last for about 11 hours. It starts up easily and never gives any reason for concern. Given its low price and dependable performance, I think this is one of the best 5,000-watt portable generators you can buy if you have a tight budget.

Duromax XP5500W

DuroMax XP9000iH 9000-Watt 459cc Dual Fuel Digital Inverter Hybrid Portable Generator, Blue

The name Duromax has become synonymous with portable generators that push the envelope in terms of portability and user comfort. 

If some of the generators are too costly for you, like the number 1 Honda generator, then try Duromax XP5500E instead. It is a great mid priced generator.

I can't promise that this model will give you perfect power and performance, but it will keep you from having to endure hours of blackouts. Moreover, it is one of the smallest generators on the market for it power, making storage a breeze.

In that case, what else does this model have going for it that catches your eye? No mistake about it, it's a robust generator. Spark-ignition technology, 4-cycle air-cooling, and a 7.5 HP 225cc unique Duromax engine are just a few of the ways this model stands apart from the competition.

Powered by MX2 technology and with a robust setup, this product can generate electricity at 120-240v. Because of this, it's much less of a hassle to leave the likes of freezers and air conditioners running for extended periods of time.

Durostar DS5500EH

DuroMax Duro Star DS12000EH Portable Generator, Red/Black

In comparison to other generators I tested, this one has a relatively low running noise level (69 dB). There are just two 120-volt plugs available, but the 12V, 120-volt, and 240-volt connections more than make up for it.

In comparison to other similar machines we've seen, this one has a significantly larger footprint, but its starting and running wattages are higher at 5,500 and 4,500, respectively. When compared to other models, its 25" x 22" x 22" dimensions are a full 5 inches larger in all three dimensions.

This generator's versatility in fuel sources, both gas and propane, is a major plus. Regrettably, a propane hose is not included and will need to be purchased separately.

This device's electric function is good but there are reports of it becoming mainly worthless after a few months because the batteries can die. So make sure you have a spare battery handy.


A 5000 watt portable generator should be purchased far in advance of any anticipated requirement. If you're in the market for a powerful, versatile generator that can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes, the 5000-watt power range should suit your needs!

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