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Best Costco Generators of 2022

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There are many places to buy generators from, but for someone wanting to buy their first generator… Costco is a good place to start. There are a wide range of well thought of Generator brands that you can buy at a reasonable price. 

The Top 3 Generators to buy from Costco

Firman 2900W Running / 3200W Peak Gasoline Powered Inverter Generator

Firman 2900W Running / 3200W Peak Electric Start Dual Fuel Inverter Generator Gas and LP

In a word, the Firman is a portable inverter generator that is silent and small. It is aimed at:

  • Handicrafter’s who want to work while on the road.
  • Even during a power outage, many people want to be able to utilize their most important household appliances.
  • Those that enjoy camping and tailgating and want to improve their experience.
  • RVers who want to take their experience to a new level while on the road.

Whats under the hood?

The 171 cc Firman Max-Pro Series OHV 4-stroke engine powers the Firman. It is a gas-powered generator, with a 2900W continuous output and 3200W maximum output. Additional power can be generated by connecting a second generator to the first (a separate installation of the "Firman parallel kit" is required; not supplied).

It is possible to start the inverter generator using a pull-start method. It has a noise level of 58 dBA (less noisy than rainfall).

Up to 10 hours of continuous operation can be achieved with a full tank of fuel (fuel consumption around 0.18 GPH).

Using the Firman's clean sine wave, delicate gadgets can be plugged into the AC outlets without fear of damaging them.

Do the outlets suit your needs?

In the control panel, you'll find these AC outlets:

  • 20 amps of 120 volts (5-20R)
  • The TT-30R receptacle is 120V, 30A

Also included are two DC outlets: a 12V 8A receptacle for charging batteries and a 5V USB connector for charging electronic devices, such as mobile phones or tablets, quickly and conveniently. This Firman generator is RV Ready thanks to its TT-30R receptacle (which stands for "Travel Trailer").

How portable is it?

The Firman is an inverter generator with a closed frame (L23.2 x W17.8 x H17.9 in. ), and is more aesthetically pleasing than other open frame designs. The modern design of the generator makes it ideal for generating power in a variety of situations.

The W02981's dry weight of 84 lbs enables you to utilize its power in any location. The foldable handle and two wheels (about 5" in diameter) make it easy to move once it's on the ground.

Some notable features

The Firman’s control center has an easy-to-read meter that displays voltage, frequency, and lifetime hours so you can keep tabs on the device's health and usage.

These lights will also let you know whether or not the generator is overloaded, whether its oil levels are depleted, or if it is ready.

When it comes to security, the generator is safe to use because it has an automatic low oil shut-off and an overload protection mechanism (circuit breaker).

A tool kit, oil, battery charging cables, and a funnel are all included in the Firman accessory package, in addition to the owner's manual.

Let us talk about emissions

An EPA- and CARB-approved Firman versions are available. As a result, all 50 states, including California, have legalized its sale and purchase.

Overall Thoughts

As an inverter generator, the Firman is quiet, has low THD (clean power for sensitive equipment), and is fuel-efficient in its economy mode. It's easy to move thanks to its ergonomic encasing and integrated wheel kit. This generator has a starting wattage of 3200 and a running wattage of 2900, with a recoil start. This is the generator I find myself using more than the others I own.

Goal Zero Yeti 3000X + Nomad 200 Solar Generator Kit

Goal Zero Yeti 3000X Portable Power Station, 2982Wh Portable Lithium Battery Emergency Power Station, 2000W Portable AC Inverter, Outdoor Portable Generator, Portable Solar Generator for Solar Panels

The Goal Zero Yeti 3000X is for anyone looking for a strong brand name, huge battery storage, efficient solar charging, and doesn't mind spending a bit of money.

What is the battery like?

Goal Zero Yeti 3000's battery and inverter have some of the highest capacities of any portable solar generator on the market today. Even more astoundingly, the generator is only around 70 pounds in weight! This solar generator comes equipped with a two-wheeled cart that makes moving it a cinch.

Mobile phones, laptops, and other low-power devices have never had it so easy to get power from the Yeti 3000's vast reserve capacity.

It is also possible to run high-demand appliances such as refrigerators, power tools, medical devices, and many more with the 2000W continuous inverter.

How versatile is it?

The Goal Zero Yeti 3000X has a number of charging and power-usage options that take full advantage of the generator's output.

The Goal Zero Yeti 3000X can be charged using either solar panels or a standard AC wall socket, just like most of today's devices.

The front of the power station features AC, DC, USB, and 8mm connectors, so you can use it to power a wide range of devices once the battery is charged. The inverter's two AC ports are a bit of a drawback, but the total port selection is adequate.

The Yeti 300X has the added benefit of being able to be charged in a vehicle, making it ideal for those who travel by van or RV. Although the generator has a 12V DC automobile charging cord option, this accessory is not included.

How hard does it hit the wallet?

When it comes to the Yeti 3000X, price is one of the most prominent elements. The generator alone costs roughly $3,200, so this is hardly a drop in the ocean.

A purchase of more than $3,000 is somewhat frightening.

Unless you plan to use the Goal Zero Yeti 3000 for camping, music festivals, or tailgating, it's probably not worth the money. You may be paying for an inverter that is too large for your power needs.

When it comes to powering equipment, off-grid living, and other high-demand scenarios that necessitate a substantial amount of clean energy, a solar generator at this price point makes sense.

Users should make sure they won't have to replace the equipment in the near future, which brings us to our next key feature: product life cycles and product ROI.

Is it worth the price point?

When selecting a solar generator, especially the Goal Zero Yeti 3000, the number of battery life cycles is the most significant consideration. At 80% battery capacity, the Yeti 3000's battery is rated to survive 500 cycles.

A 500-cycle battery life isn't much, even though the storage capacity is enormous. Take a moment to consider this. Using the full battery capacity of the Yeti's battery every two days will cause the battery's performance to deteriorate significantly in less than three years!

How long will it last?

Another thing to keep in mind is that since the Yeti 3000's battery has a limited capacity, it requires recharging on a regular basis (every three to six months at the very least).

It is necessary to recharge the Goal Zero Yeti 3000 two to four times a year if you just use it for emergency scenarios.

Overall Thoughts

This is a costly product and it has some drawbacks for sure, however, if you are looking for a portable solar powered generator this is your best option from Costco in my opinion. It will serve you well in many off-grid scenarios. 

Ecoflow Delta Pro Power Station

EF ECOFLOW DELTA Pro Portable Home Battery, Expandable Portable Power Station, 3.6kWh-25kWh, Huge 3600W AC Output, Solar Generator (Solar Panel Not Included) For Home Backup, Travel, Outdoor Camping

For most people this is probably the best Generator you can buy from Costco, in fact it is one of the best generators you can buy anywhere. The only reason I have it as number 3 and not number 1 is that I have found I use the other two more. The Firman and Goal Zero Yeti more closely match my needs, but the Ecoflow Delta Pro Power Station is awesome. 

Design and packaging

The Delta Pro is sent to the user in a heavy-duty package. High-density foams are used to protect the device during shipping, guaranteeing that it arrives in good condition. The generator unfolds into the size of a carry-on bag.

The owner can move the machine around with the help of two back wheels and a retractable handle; at 45kg, it is one of the heaviest models on the market. The top of the case has two leather-shrouded handles that make carrying the case a little less cumbersome. 

LCD Screen

The front of the device has a huge multi-segment LCD that displays statistics such as charging time, input and output power, activated sections, and other battery system conditions. By pressing and holding down the main power button for a few seconds, you can start your computer. When the display is illuminated, an ambient light sensor adjusts the brightness automatically.


The front panel has four 20A and one 30A AC connections that can be activated by pressing a little button. The AC inverter's maximum continuous power output is 3600W, but it can be increased to double that with the Xboost technology, albeit with some limitations.

Four USB-A ports and two Type-C ports can be found on the front of the device, which provides a combined 260W of power. For inputs, there are Anderson and Infinity ports, a 12-volt vehicle outlet, and two 12-volt DC5521 sockets that can be powered by a 12-volt DC power button on the generator's right side.

Outlets on the Rear

The remote control port, standby, and IOT/Pairing buttons are all located on the right side of the device. In this case, a Wi-Fi connection to the EcoFlow application can be set up. Power connections for charging and the ability to add two additional batteries are located on the unit's backside. 

At least 3500 charge cycles are assured before the Delta Pro's battery capacity drops by 20% based on LFP battery technology. Using this technique, a battery can last for up to a year on a full charge.

X-Stream technology included in this EcoFlow product enables 1800W charging of the unit through a single connection while the battery monitoring system (BMS) continuously monitors charging and discharging of the device. When numerous ports are used to charge the battery, a maximum of 6500W can be obtained.


EcoFlow places a lot of emphasis on having a wide variety of products that are part of a larger ecosystem. In this way, the power of the Delta Pro can be increased by adding 3600Wh battery modules.

Additionally, a Smart House Panel provides uninterrupted power to a maximum of ten home circuits through the use of up to two EcoFlow generators. It takes less than 20 milliseconds to convert from main power to secondary power, preventing the loss of data on many gadgets.


The Delta Pro's operation is simple. To begin, charging the generator to full capacity is recommended prior to any significant use. It will take approximately two hours to charge a smartphone to 100% capacity using an 1800W wall outlet. A circuit breaker may trip with this setting, which is delivered as the default. Switching a back panel switch to 400W will limit the input power, avoiding this problem. The EcoFlow App now has full control over the setting, allowing it to customize the input power.

App for the EcoFlow

To get the most out of the generator, you must download the EcoFlow App. The user handbook includes a QR code that can be used to download it. 

The first thing a user should do after installing the Delta Pro is to see if there is a firmware upgrade available. It can take up to 10 minutes to finish this process, and it should not be interrupted. Additional functionality, such as activating X-Boost or modifying the input power rate, can also be accessed through the app's user-friendly interface.

Overall Thoughts

The Delta Pro from EcoFlow reimagines what a portable power generator can be today. There are no corners cut in terms of features or battery technology when it comes to this product, which screams quality. EcoFlow is promoting the idea of a self-sufficient home that can be disconnected from the power grid at any moment and in any situation. 


Costco is a good place to buy Generators from, you will get a good range to choose from and they are priced well. You are not going to get expert advice on which ones will suit your needs, for that you will have to go to a shop that is a generator specialist.

This means before you buy a generator you will have to think about what you intend to use it for, how often you will use it, and what fuel you would prefer to use. Once you have an idea on this, then you can try to match a generator from Costco to your needs. 

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