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Best Portable Diesel Generator Review & Buyers Guide

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If you are looking for the power that can be obtained with a diesel generator, then why not be sensible and start out with a portable appliance.

The best portable diesel generator units have the advantage of being suitable for work outdoors, on farming and construction, for instance, as well as indoors during an emergency power outage.

Best Portable Diesel Generator

Here is our team's verdict on the best portable diesel generator appliances, including machines from the leading names in power generation, including Generac, Pro-Series, Dayton, Pulsar and DuroStar.

1. Best Portable Diesel Generator Review - Generac 6864

Generac 6864, 5000 Running Watts/5500 Starting Watts, Diesel Powered Portable Generator

This is one of the most rugged and reliable and therefore the best portable diesel generator units on the market. There is no job it can't handle, and for the length of time you require.

It is a workhorse, with a sturdy, robust steel frame, complete with an integrated lifting unit for easy transport and stationary security. Generac's True Power Technology provides under 6% total harmonic distortion, for smoother operation of tools, appliances, and right on down to the most sensitive electronics.

The generator also has a large fuel tank and idle control.

2. Best Portable Diesel Generator Review - Pro-Series GENSD7

The Pro Series Diesel 7000 Watt Generator can power common major household appliances and power tools alike.

There is no job too big or two small for this generator. It is equipped with two 120 volt AC outlets, a 120 volt twist lock outlet, a 120/240 volt twist lock AC outlet, and a 12 volt DC terminal for battery charging. With a full load of 5500 watts this generator can run for up to 7 hours.

3. Best Portable Diesel Generator Review - Dayton 36C206

This portable diesel generator from the Dayton company, driven by a 9.8HP 442cc Kohler engine, has rated watts of 5,000, and surge wattage of 9160.

With a fuel tank capacity, this generator will provide 6.8 hours of running time on a full load, and 12.8 hours on a half-load. With its electric/recoil starter, the generator has an operation sound level of 78 dbA.

4. Best Portable Diesel Generator Review - Pulsar PG7000DOF

Pulsar G2319N 2,300W Portable Gas-Powered Inverter Generator with USB Outlet & Parallel Capability, CARB Compliant, Gray

The Pulsar PG7000DOF is lauded as a generator to go for when power really matters. The generator has output of 7000W, and a 10HP motor. The main selling point of the Pulsar is its sheer reliability. However, for a machine that is a bit higher in price, the lack of a remote start system is a little disappointing.

5. Best Portable Diesel Generator Review - DuroStar DS7000Q

DuroStar DS4000S Portable Generator, Yellow/Black

The DuroStar DS7000Q is of sufficient power and reliability to make it the machine to go for if you need power backup on farms & ranches, or in construction, as well as for dealing with emergency powercuts in the home.

This generator has an impressive 6,000 peak watts of power and a constant of 5,500 watts. It is fully enclosed which, with its quiet muffler, makes it one of the quieter generators in our review.

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