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Black Friday Generator Sale

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Don't miss out on the great Black Friday Generator sale! It's a great opportunity to get some of the best portable generator units at the most attractive prices you will find in 2022. Check out the products below for a range of the most popular air conditioner appliances on the market.

Our Black Friday Generator sale roundup includes the best portable air conditioner and other units, manufactured by some of the world's most renowned providers of AC technology. For the latest in Black Friday Generator Sale offers, you can't go wrong with our reviews team.

Black Friday Generator Sale Roundup 2022

The leading manufacturers of the generators featured in our Black Friday Generator Sale review & roundup table compiled below by our reviews team, include Honda, Yamaha, Champion Power Equipment, Sportsman, Generac, and PowerPro.

Whether you need a portable generator unit for home or the office, you will find something reliable and value for money on our list of Black Friday Generator Sale deals.

Here is our guide to the best products that you can expect to find in the 2021 Black Friday Generator Sale.

1. Black Friday Generator Sale Guide - Honda 660530

When our team looked at the best cheap portable generator units on the market, they found the Honda 660530 to be one of the best value power backup sources on the market. Not only with a price tag that is relatively easy on the wallet, but is also unbeatable for efficiency and reliability.

It's definitely a machine to keep an eye out for on Black Friday as it is also one of the most efficient and reliable of generators. If you are in need of a generator frequently, there could be few better appliances for you than the Honda 660530.

With its powerful Honda iGX390 commercial grade engine, this generator is guaranteed to provide not only greater fuel economy but also minimised fuel emissions and much more power, which will provide you with the flexibility, as well as the safety, to provide secondary backup power to a huge range of appliances, from the largest power tools right down to the most delicate items of handheld technology.

2. Black Friday Generator Sale Guide - Yamaha EF5500DE

Yamaha EF5500DE, 4500 Running Watts/5500 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator

The Yamaha EF5500DE will save you money on your fuel bill and is considered to be a very safe device to use. It also has a user friendly control panel that will work well in emergency scenarios or on large sites.

Efficient, safe and extremely reliable, the generator is a value investment at any price, and definitely one to look out for in the Black Friday generator sale.

The generator has some fantastic safety features making it suitable for use in the home, including circuit breaker, GFCI protection and an automatic shutdown facility that kicks in if the machine's oil levels get too low.

It has an average operational decibel level of 74.1 dBA, and is made easy to use thanks to the number of control features on its instrumental panel. It will run for up to 12 hours without burning excess fuel and is a very clean unit in terms of the power it produces.

3. Black Friday Generator Sale Guide - Sportsman GENTRI9K

Sportsman 4,000/3,500-Watt Dual Fuel Powered Portable Generator, Runs on LPG or Regular Gasoline

Definitely another generator that you'd be foolish to ignore if you're in the market for a quality appliance during the Black Friday sales, the Sportsman GENTRi9K Tri Fuel Generator is a great option, scoring extremely strongly in the surge watts and the running watts it provides.

There are fewer more versatile power backup sources than a tri-fuel appliances. Most other portable generators are powered exclusively by propane, natural gas or gasoline.

While some appliances have a dual fuel option, the GENTRi9K can use all three, making the machine that much handier and more versatile in situations where your preferred fuel type is not available.

This machine has a very user-friendly operation with its intuitive control panel, while its eight outlets allows the user to hook up a diverse range of electrical sources to the machine.

The generator has an operational running time of up to 10 hours of power when using gas, or five hours when using propane, on a half load.

4. Black Friday Generator Sale Guide - Champion Power Equipment 75537i

If you're a fan of camping, this Black Friday generator sale might well be the perfect time for you to consider snapping up a generator for your expeditions in the Great Outdoors. Such a generator is the Champion Power 75537i.

This compact and very quiet (just 58 dBA) machine uses a 171cc, four-stroke OHV single-cylinder engine, and its 2,800 running watts and 3,100 starting watts makes it ideal for powering basic small personal items such as laptop computers, small TVs, portable devices and smaller tools that require power.

The machine’s control panel offers a number of plugin choices--two 120 volt outlets, one12V DC outlet and one RV-ready socket--and its wireless remote start, with 80ft range, is handy for camping trips.

Incredibly light and easy to transport, the generator is just 96lb, making it easy to lift into and out of a car, while its handle and wheels enhance its mobility when you need to situate the machine in specific places.

5. Black Friday Generator Sale Guide - Generac 5939 GP5500

Generac 5939 Generator, Portable, 5500 Watt, Manual Recoil Start, Gasoline

This particular generator is loaded with the kinds of features that make the unit suitable to use in a huge range of circumstances. With a gas-powered OHV engine, longevity of fuel supply is all but guaranteed, while its ample outlets mean you'll be able to power a range of devices.

Its power (6.8kw starting and 5.5kw operating) is undoubted, and its ingenious use of an OHV engine (with its emphasis on the cylinder head rather than the flat engine) means that it will perform better and last for longer than most of the competition.

Generac's GP5500 model will power your home for up to 10 hours using a 50 percent load, surprisingly lengthy running time for its size. Its robust construction and build of reinforced steel helps ensure durability, while the fold-down handles make the generator moveable and easily stored in your home.

This is an excellent choice for powering an RV or providing backup for your home. Designed well, sturdy, powerful and portable enough to suit a range of uses and circumstances, this is surely another landmark generator to be looking out for in the Black Friday sales.

6. Black Friday Generator Sale Guide - PowerPro 56101

PowerSmart Generator, 1000 Watts Portable Generator, Outdoor generator Low Noise, Gas Powered Generator, Inverter Generators for Home Use, PS50A

Finally on this Black Friday, if you are in the market for a quality portable generator that is easily stored and used around the home, why not consider the WEN PowerPro 56101.

It's small and with a 1-gallon gas tank manages a very respectable running time of almost five hours using a half load. The generator has two outlets—one 120V and a 12V—and it is extremely quiet, producing only 60 dBA of operational noise.

Even at full price, it's incredibly good value at around $125, so if it's in the Black Friday sales, you'll be picking up one heck of a good bargain.

This is a quiet, neat and light machine. You could easily hold a conversation while the generator is in operation, and it's probably most suitable for a camping trip.

It is so light, compact and neatly designed, weighing only 35lb. It certainly won't be difficult to put this into the car for outdoors use, and its portability is enhanced by a neat little top carrier handle.

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