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Champion Power Equipment 46596 Generator Review

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Everything you need to know about this RV ready generator

If you're in the market for a high-quality generator, Champion Power Equipment is a great option. As one of Champion's most sought-after goods, the 3500 watt generator will be scrutinized in this in-depth analysis.

Among the features of the Champion 3500 Watt generator or the 46596 model is the ability to create electricity for an extended period of time. You can use it in a variety of situations, like around the home, for RVs, campervans, car camping, and tailgating. Although it is probably not suited for tent camping. 

The highest power output of this model is insufficient to supply an entire household longterm with energy during a blackout, but it can run numerous home appliances concurrently.

Manufacturer Information

Since 2003, Champion Power Equipment has specialized in the development of power generation machinery. A reputation for developing and delivering high-quality, long-lasting items has been established since then. As a result, this company is also well-known for its ability to innovate and give useful new technology that customers want.

Customer service is another feature that sets Champion Power Equipment apart as a really high level American brand. This cutting-edge company has a customer care team that is easy to get in touch with and is attentive to the needs of its clients.

It has a 196cc 4-Stroke OHV engine.
Produces 4000 watts at start-up and 3500 watts at rest.
It has a tank capacity of 3.8 gallons.
At 50% load, the maximum run time is 12 hours.
Uses a combination of recoil, electric, and remote start mechanisms.
It has a cast iron sleeve to protect the engine from wear and tear.
Provides a 120V 30A power outlet suitable for use in an RV.
When the engine's low oil shutdown sensor senses a lack of lubrication, the generator immediately switches to standby mode.

How to Start the Champion Power Equipment 46596 Generator

The Pull recoils method is the one that works best on this generator. People can get anxious using this method, but it is really easy on this generator.

Although it does seem a little old fashioned. Using only a small amount of effort, the engine will start, and you can trust me on that. It is nowhere near as hard as you might think, give it a go and see if you agree. 

Recoil-starting generators have another advantage: they are self-contained. Getting started doesn't require any sort of connection. So no, you don't need any batteries to use this haha.

Power Levels

By knowing how much electricity an object will consume while it is in use, we can plan accordingly. A specific wattage is required for each appliance or tool that is plugged into the unit.

The Champion Power Equipment 46596 Generator has a capacity of 3,500 watts. During a power outage, it will be able to power a number of appliances and machines on a construction site.

There must be a Champion Power Equipment 46596 review that includes a discussion of watts at startup. It takes a little more power to get a generator up and running than it does to keep it running.

Champion Power Equipment 200961 2500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator, Ultralight

Because of this, a generator must be able to deliver more electricity than is normally required. This is why you will often see start watts and running watts on the box. 

The horsepower of the engine is also an important consideration in any Champion Power Equipment 46596 Generator evaluation. 6.5 hp is what you can expect from this item.

The fuel tank size of the Champion Power Equipment 46596 Generator is also an important feature you need to consider. The gasoline tank capacity of this machine is four gallons.

There is a fuel gauge on the dashboard for easy reading. As the gasoline level drops, one may see how low it has become so you know when to fill it up. Refilling is a breeze with the Champion Power Equipment 46596 Generator.

Performance Levels

The 46596 RV-ready portable generator, with its 3500-watt name, is definitely a Champion for sure. This is a great option if you're looking for a high-quality portable generator for your RV camping trip.

Other than enhancing your recreational vehicle, it's an economical alternative in case of emergencies like power shortages.

People are concerned about the generator's power output when they buy a new one. Does it have enough power to run all the necessary electronics without exhausting the gas supply? This is a critical consideration because RVs today come equipped with a wide range of modern conveniences.

That's a lot of energy and fuel going into this. However, this Champion product is more than capable. Starting at 4000 watts, it has a running output of 3500 watts. Most importantly, it uses only 3.8 gallons of gas per 100 miles of running.

When shopping for a portable generator, it's important to look for products with cutting-edge features. One of the advantages of this model is that it can run for up to 12 hours at 50% load and full tank capacity.

This Champion Power Equipment 46596 Generators engine spins at a minimum of 3600 rpm, the same as many other top-rated portable generators.

Another benefit is the inclusion of an AVR, which avoids any voltage spikes and so guarantees accurate power output across the range of its run time.

Since the generator keeps its engine speed and generates a constant supply of power when a new device is connected, it means it is a reliable and efficient generator.

Is Noise Pollution an Issue?

The built-in 30A RV outlet on this generator means it's ready to go anywhere. Most RV air conditioners can be started and operated with this generator's power.

At a distance of 23 feet, the noise level of this portable generator is only 68 decibels. Impressive in relative terms, but in a quiet campsite maybe not so much, and there are quieter generators on the market.

However, sometimes you must have a generator, and in those circumstances the noise level isn't totally off putting. 

I would say you should avoid the Champion Power Equipment 46596 Generator if you want a whisper quiet generator. At a distance of 23 feet, the generator will make closer 68 decibels of noise, even if only half of its power is being used.

Champion Power Equipment 200961 2500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator, Ultralight

As you increase the strain on the machine, so does the level of noise. The generator may be too loud for use in a national park or other well-known camping locations, so you should verify their noise limits before setting out.

Furthermore, because it only has an EPA certification and no CARB certification, you must verify that it complies with your state's gas emission requirements before purchasing.

Portability and Convenience of the Champion Power Equipment 46596 Generator

This generator, unlike the Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel with Electric Start and the Champion 3400-Watt Inverter Generator models, does not have a wheel kit included.

Due to its size and weight, transporting this device can be difficult. Although if you are reasonably strong and healthy, carrying it is OK. 

In addition, a strong steel frame with a folding handle is included for simple transportation. If you wish to be able to move the generator around with ease, you may purchase the wheel kit separately.

Fortunately, this unit has circuit breakers that can help prevent this from happening, as overloading is a common cause.

So, even if you misjudge what can be used on the generator, it will not ruin your appliances or the generator itself. However, after a short time using it, you should get a good feel for what it can handle even if you find doing the math boring. 

Warranty and Maintenance of the Champion Power Equipment 46596 Generator

The Champion Power Equipment 46596 Generator, like all other mid-sized conventional generators, necessitates routine maintenance. To keep the generator in good working order, you'll need to do things like add a fuel stabilizer, change the oil frequently, and clean the carburetor.

The guarantee on the Champion Power Equipment 46596 Generator model is only good for three years and does not cover all of the machine's components. 

Lifetime technical assistance for this generator is also provided by the manufacturer, which includes guidance from experienced specialists on how to best maintain this device.

Protecting your generator from rain, snow, and other environmental conditions can be done by purchasing a weather-resistant cover for it.

How does the Champion Power Equipment 46596 Generator stack up?

The Champion 46596 is within the usual weight range of generators in the 3000-4000 rated wattage range, with a weight of 99.2 pounds. The WEN GN400i, which weighs just 66.1 lbs., is one of the lightest in its class.

The 68 dBA noise level of the generator is in line with what might be expected from a device of this kind of power. Consider the Cat INV4000E, which is one of the quietest generators in its class with a noise level of only 51 dBA.

TheChampion Power Equipment 46596 run time is in line with other similarly powerful generators, at about 12 hours on a full tank and 50% load. In terms of running time, the Predator 4375, with a claimed run time of up to 16 hours, is one of the devices with a comparable power output that gives possibly better performance.

Run times are essential things to consider, although they are largely determined by the fuel capacity. The generator's fuel usage needs to be factored in for a more complete picture.

To put it in perspective with comparable devices of the same wattage range, this generator's estimated GPH (gallon per hour) at 50% load is about average.

The Westinghouse iGen4200, with a gas consumption of only 0.17 GPH, may be the appropriate generator for you if you want to enhance fuel efficiency even further.

Pros & Cons

The low-consumption, long-lasting operation of the fuel-efficient engine is better than average.A lot of noise is made, relatively.
Overloads and voltage spikes are avoided thanks to the Automatic Voltage Regulator.There isn't a dual-fuel option available.
In cold weather, cold start technology ensures a smooth start.A high level of overall harmonic distortion.
An intelligent voltmeter can be found on the control panel.It's worth noting that the Champion Power Equipment 46596 Generator does not include wheels.
High-quality security features.
Sturdy materials are used to construct the generator's frame.
It doesn't take much work to get this device up and running.
Cost-effective compared to generators of the same capacity.

Final Thoughts

Those in search of a powerful portable generator can go no farther than the Champion Power Equipment 46596 3500W. For emergencies at home and on the road, this is an RV-ready unit.

This item is a customer favorite because of its affordability. While on a RV camping vacation, if you want to have a fully powered experience, you can bring it with you.

For 12 hours at 50% load, it has a high level of fuel efficiency and can run non-stop. A reasonable 68 decibels and many safety safeguards ensure that you won't have to worry about it while it's in use.

The Champion Power Equipment 46596 Generator is one of the best generators of its size on the market. Because of its solid construction, lengthy run duration, and numerous power outlets, this generator is a fantastic buy. You will not be disappointed.

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