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Choosing the Best Dolly for Your Generator

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If you spend a lot of time lifting heavy things then you will know exactly what a generator dolly is.

Heavy lifting may seem like a great idea while attempting to move that one item that is just a hair too heavy, but soon enough, that familiar twang in your back will remind you why you should have avoided it. Remember that saying, "lift with your legs". How many people actually do that..?

Damage to your health, mobility, and most importantly, your employment prospects, might result from a lifting accident. Investing in tools that make lifting and moving big objects simple and safe will reduce the likelihood that employees will sustain injuries on the job.

This is a win-win scenario because it prevents injuries and protects your business from costly litigation related to workplace mishaps. 

What sorts of aids are available to make loading and unloading simpler?

The two most common forms of material handling help in the business world are dolly trolleys and platform trucks.

Dolly carts, stack trucks, trundlers, box carts, sack barrows, etc. are all variations of these terms. However, what is important is that they all aim to do the same thing, which is to transport items from point A to point B in a secure manner.

Dolly trolleys and platform trucks are both useful tools for moving items around the office, but it is important to know the differences between the two before making a purchase. 

What exactly is a dolly trolley?

What we call a "dolly trolley" is just a flat platform on wheels. It's not quite the same as a garden cart, which is built for the rougher terrain of a garden and has bigger wheels, and it's very different from a wheelbarrow in terms of how it's used.

The load capacity of a dolly trolley is greatly increased. Dolly trolleys are simple yet effective. Very little thought or complexity went into its creation; all that's needed is a set of wheels to make otherwise immobile objects mobile.

However, because there are no handles or arms on a dolly trolley, there are no limits on what can be placed on top, which can make transporting the object and the dolly trolley a bit more challenging.

Even if a dolly trolley makes it easy to move heavy objects, you still need a plan for loading and unloading the item.

A strong group of individuals or any form of lifting equipment would be handy in this circumstance, so it's important to prepare ahead of time about what resources you have available to support you.

How are platform trucks different?

There are more similarities between dolly trolleys and platform trucks than differences, but since we're here to pick apart the finer points, what is it that distinguishes the former from the latter?

What transforms a dolly trolley into a platform truck is, in essence, a handle. This seemingly insignificant change significantly affects the platform truck's performance.

The platform may be moved in any direction and things can be stacked on top of one another thanks to the convenient handle.

The increased mobility and storage capacity of platform trucks is a direct result of this. The platform is less usable for holding items that are particularly large or awkwardly formed because of the handle blocking part of it.

What features do you need to look for in your generator dolly?

The features a perfect dolly cart/platform truck would have:


Because mobility is essential for a dolly cart, we need extremely compact carts. That's why it's preferable if they're not too heavy, and why platform trucks, in particular, have a convenient carry handle.

A folding cart's increased storage space is another reason why it's so useful in a busy warehouse setting.


The cart's functionality is also a major consideration. What is its carrying capacity? Do the wheels turn a full circle?

Does it appear to be fully assembled? Do you know what materials went into making it (this info is critical when determining the product's durability)?

Despite their practicality, platform trucks and dolly carts were not created for their aesthetic value. As a result, you shouldn't even consider purchasing their goods if its functioning is below average.


In the end, it all comes down to money. Especially with the cost of living crisis, so it's especially important to apply common sense and avoid overspending.

The price of a dolly cart or platform truck can range from $19.99 to $99.99. There are plenty of excellent carts available for between £20 and £40, so I don't see the point in spending more than £49.99 on one.

Best Dolly For Your Generator - The Ultimate Guide

In this article, we learned why dollies are important in the workplace and at home, how a dolly cart is different from a platform truck, and what to look for in the best product in terms of portability, efficiency, and affordability.

Also, I am hoping you can see how all this applies to generators. They are usually square or rectangular and they can be relatively heavy.

This is especially true if they have a large fuel tank filled with gas. So, if they do not come with a wheel kit, then you should buy a Dolly if you are struggling to lift it by yourself.

1.    Wellmax Push Cart Dolly

Push Cart Dolly by Wellmax, Moving Platform Hand Truck, Foldable for Easy Storage and 360 Degree Swivel Wheels with 330lb Weight Capacity, Yellow Color

I would recommend this type if you require a sturdy dolly for regular generator transport. It has a brilliant wheel layout, a non-stick coating, and a comfortable grip and handle.

The foldable, compact shape makes it easy to stow away when not in use. It's possible to turn the wheels in any direction.

Dollies are often more practical than hand trucks when you have a level area and need to move as much weight as you can safely manage. This is the best dolly in these situations. The good, sturdy handle can support up to 330 pounds of weight. 

The solid, non-slip material used to construct the dolly platform means that your generator can be moved without risk of them slipping off (this also makes it easier to stack objects if you need to). The swiveling wheels are a fantastic feature that has greatly facilitated positioning and movement. 

2.      Magliner Gemini Convertible Hand Truck

Magliner GMK81UA4 Gemini Sr Convertible Hand Truck, Pneumatic Wheels, 500 lbs Load Capacity, 61" Height, 55-3/4" Length x 21" Width , Silver

It's a heavy-duty convertible truck with extra-large tyres, so it can haul even the largest cargo, which is why we like it. It's perfect for warehouses and other complex storage situations.

High carrying capacity (500 pounds), sturdy construction (no welds required), and lightweight.

Looking for a heavy-duty convertible that can tow and haul a large generator?

With the help of this cleverly constructed Magliner hand truck, which converts into an extended dolly with more space than any of our recommendations, you may stack goods or transport exceptionally heavy objects, up to 500 pounds.

This is a great feature, as it means the truck may be used in commercial situations such as warehouses.

The model's 10-inch, microcellular foam-filled wheels are also fantastic, allowing you to roll it around with less risk of damaging the contents.

The no-weld design makes the product very long-lasting, even when subjected to constant stress. Bear in mind that it is not as portable as some of our other suggestions. This multicart will make transfers of your generator very easy.

3.     Costco Shifter Hand Truck

Cosco Shifter 300-Pound Capacity Multi-Position Folding Hand Truck and Cart, Yellow

This convertible hand truck may be easily converted into a dolly with just a few moves. The incredible steel construction ensures that it can transport many different things. It's perfect for transporting heavy loads, generators, and moving large furniture and appliances.

Robust construction, well-thought-out safety features, and a high capacity for consumer weight with simple, convenient packaging for the public

Powder-coated steel and a 300-pound weight limit make this Cosco model one of the most durable available. In addition, it has a simple but effective conversion mechanism that allows you to turn it from a hand truck to a dolly whenever you need to. The truck can easily accommodate both little and medium-sized generators.

I particularly like how the truck can be folded down into a more compact size that can be stored in a car's trunk or backseat. Because portability is so important in a consumer-friendly hand truck, it's great to note that Cosco's model performs well in this regard. 

4.     Rock-N-Roller R2RT

Rock-N-Roller R2RT Multi-Cart Extension Rack (RRK2)

Its adaptable design lets you use it as a hand truck, a dolly, a utility cart, or anything else you can imagine, and its structure is surprisingly robust to boot. 

It has eight different configurations, each of which is a dedicated dolly for a certain task. Depending on your needs, you can choose from models made for two persons, extra-wide items, powerful pushing, etc.

Apart from looking excellent, the cart's premium R-Trac tyres are some of the largest and nicest we've seen on a dolly, and they come with a no-slip warranty to boot. The powder-coated steel frame is textured for increased durability and improved grip. All told, it can hold up to 350 pounds. 

5.     Orange Tech Folding Hand Truck

Orange Tech Folding Hand Truck, 155 lbs Heavy Duty Luggage Cart, 4 Wheels Solid Construction, Portable Fold Up Dolly, Compact and Lightweight for Luggage, Personal, Travel, Moving and Office Use

What makes this hand truck so great is its large base plate and straps to secure your cargo. So, you can use it for anything, even coordinating your most recent major shopping excursion and definitely for moving a generator about.

Even though most convertible hand trucks are top notch, they were primarily designed to be used for transporting big or oversized items. Different from standard handcarts, this one has a collapsible handle that can be adjusted to different heights, making it somewhat of a hybrid between a truck and a dolly.

It's versatile enough to haul in a big appliance or a bunch of suitcases, thanks to the included strap. It also features larger, wear-resistant back wheels that allow it to carry heavier loads. 

Keep an eye on your weight to make sure it stays below the allowed 150 pounds. If you plan on using your truck for transport, it is imperative that you invest in a high-quality truck bed liner mat for safety. 

6.       Magna Cart MFF Platform Truck

Magna Cart Flatform 300 lb Capacity Four Wheel Folding Platform Truck

Although its 135-kilogram weight limit makes it one of the competition's weaker products, 100-kilogram loads are still respectable.

It weighs 6.4 kg, which is substantial enough to make the cart sturdy without being too heavy to handle by hand, and has dimensions of 41 cm (width) x 92 cm (length) x 68 cm (height).

Having four wheels that can spin and an anti-slip surface is a huge plus for me. This kind of thoughtful design is why I love buying new things haha.

The extendable handle, which can be extended to a whopping 36 inches, is the most striking example of Magna Cart's commitment to functionality. Because of this ingenious feature, the device may be adjusted to suit a person of any height.

The entire platform truck, including the wheels, collapse into tiny storage cubbies, allowing it to become totally flat. Easy travel and compact storage are two benefits of this design.

The aluminum frame of the Magna Cart truck makes it seem like it could handle a lot of weight, but the plastic platform makes it flimsy.

It's also worth noting that for £62.01, you'd hope the truck could carry more than 135 kilogrammes. But I must admit that I have a soft spot for this gadget because of the clever and helpful perks it offers.

Best Dolly Generator Conclusion

Personally, my goal in shopping for a generator is to get one that has wheels and a good grip on the handle. For this reason, I'll never have cause to employ the services of a dolly specifically for my generators.

However, everybody's situation is very different, so I hope this article was helpful in helping you make the best decision regarding a generator dolly for your own circumstances.

Although, if I were set on a specific generator but it lacked a wheel kit, I wouldn't hesitate to buy a dolly. A dolly has a tonne of other applications as well… so maybe just buy one anyway!

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