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Cromtech Generator Reviews

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Our Ultimate Buying Guide to Cromtech Generators

With the help of a generator, it is possible to enjoy the comforts of the home but in a more rustic environment. This is why many people who own caravans or recreational vehicles often keep generators on hand.

Most people consider owning a generator to be a luxury because of how costly they are. However, they are not all super expensive. Cromtech Outback Generators, for example, fall in the budget category while offering ample performance.

We will discuss the main Cromtech Outback generators in this review. By the end of this piece, you'll know if the Cromtech Outback generator is a good fit for you.

Summary of Cromtech

The Cromtech family of gasoline-powered generators is an all-purpose option that requires minimal upkeep.

Authentic Subaru industrial engines power the line, and it's all put together and tested in Australia for reliability and efficiency.

The Italian Mecc Alte Alternator is brushless and has overload protection, making for very minimal maintenance.

An Australian-made steel roll frame safeguards the generator against accidental damage.

Sensor for low oil pressure in a genuine Subaru engine.
The Mecc Alte Brushless Alternator.
A pair of toggle switches for the electrical outlets.
Made in Australia with a steel skeleton.
It was designed and tested in Australia.

Cromtech Outback 2.4 kilowatts

In its class, the Cromtech Outback 2.4 kW inverter generator is the lightest and most compact option, making it a great choice for portable or stationary use at home or in the great outdoors. This Cromtech model is the perfect size for taking along on camping trips, RV journeys, or caravans. 

Cromtech backs its products across Australia with a comprehensive one-year guarantee and a network of authorized Service Agents in all mainland territories.

It can run small electric equipment and appliances, as well as compact refrigerators and freezers that may be moved from place to place. A dust cover is included for stowing and weatherproofing.

There are two USB ports, two 15-amp single-phase outlets, and two 12V-8-amp battery chargers available.

The Cromtech Generator line of products has swiftly established itself as a leader in the Australian market. Crommelins Machinery Australia, with more than 500 local representatives, is a one-stop shop for generator maintenance and spare parts across the country.

At a fraction of the price of premium manufacturers, Cromtech provides exceptional value through a high-performing, trustworthy machine with excellent servicing, a guarantee, and spare parts support.

The 2400w Cromtech Outback is a popular choice for caravans because of its size, which makes it ideal for running an air conditioner, charging batteries, and powering other camping devices like laptops, lights, phones, TVs, and fridges as needed.


Cromtech's inverter generator is loaded with features that make it ideal for usage in a variety of settings, including RVs, boats, homes, and more:

  • There are USB plugs available.
  • Two outlets are available.
  • Reset button.
  • The primary LED sensors are for overload protection, low oil warning, and output illumination.
  • Ports are readily available, and servicing is straightforward.
  • Noise is decreased and energy consumption is optimized in eco-mode.
  • Four-stroke, OHV, recoil-start, air-cooled, forced-ventilation design.
  • The weight of this model is lower than any others in its category.
  • Simplest version of a sine wave.
  • This item comes with a free dust cover.
  • Cromtech provides a one-year guarantee for home use.

Cromtech Outback 4.5 kilowatts

If you're going to be camping, caravanning, or living in a mobile home, the Cromtech Outback Inverter Generator 4.5kw is a must-have for keeping the lights on and the fridge running. By utilizing its pure sine wave technology, electronic devices such as laptops, TVs, and mobile phones can be charged without risk.

The generator's starting battery is also a detachable multi-purpose power pack that may be used to charge electronics, serve as a torch, or jump-start a smaller vehicle. This is a key aspect of this recreational generator.

This larger RV or caravan generator is just the right size to meet your power needs without sacrificing portability or maneuverability.

The following benefits are included in this generator package:

Spark plugs.
Shield to protect from dust and any damage during storage.
The Eco Switch can go for up to 12 hours on just 7 liters of gas, saving you a tonne of money.
A volume of 55–60 dB is sufficient for its power.
The electric start and remote start features make it convenient to operate from up to 20 meters away.
Luminous emitting diode flashlight.
Vehicle jump starter.
These USB ports can be used to charge a variety of electronic devices.
A seatbelt cutter is a device designed to cut through a safety belt.

Which is better, the 2400w or the 4500w?

They are both great but how do they compare?

Design features

Cromtech generators are perfect for powering your caravan or RV on camping trips due to their lightweight and small design.

The Cromtech 2,400W Outback generator is the smallest and lightest in its class, weighing only 19.8 kg and measuring 512 mm in length, 314 mm in width, and 447 mm in height. Since it is so small, it is convenient to carry around and put away.

The 4,500W measures 580 mm in length, 453 mm in width, and 481 mm in height; it weighs 37.7 kg and has a higher power output. The fact that it's so cumbersome to move around without wheels is why the smaller generator may have the edge for you.

The new model is heavier than its predecessor, although it is still smaller and lighter than competitors in its class of generators.

The Cromtech 4,500W inverter generator features a convenient three-way starting system. The manual and button controls, in addition to the remote.

In addition to functioning as the generator's starting battery, the included multipurpose power pack can be used independently as a portable charger, flashlight, or even to jumpstart a small vehicle, making it a versatile accessory for usage in a variety of outdoor settings.

Both versions feature a 12V DC power socket and two USB charging ports for use with electronic devices, as well as two power outlets with weatherproof covers for use in the great outdoors.

Power Measurements

The Cromtech Outback generator is often preferred by caravan and RV owners due to its high performance despite its lightweight and compact design.

The highest power output of the Cromtech generator is 2,400W, with a steady output of 2,100W. Enough to run the lights, fridge, and other electronics in a small to medium-sized caravan, as well as charge phones, computers, and other gadgets.

In comparison to other companies' 2,000-watt generators, the 79cc engine powering the Cromtech 2400W is quite small. This indicates that it will require greater effort to achieve its maximum power rating.

Consequently, we recommend just using it for leisure or as a backup generator, and not for life-support machines.

For larger caravans and RVs with many appliances, the Cromtech 4,500W is a superior choice. It provides far more power than competing generators, making it an excellent choice for powering many appliances simultaneously.

When the sun isn't shining and your solar panels aren't producing power, this might be a lifesaver by recharging your battery.

It contains sine wave technology that converts DC to AC without damaging electronics, so you may use it to charge electronics like phones and computers.

The two generators run on gasoline. The 2,400W can run for up to 6 hours at 75% load on its 5L fuel tank. The 4,500W unit consumes 7L of fuel and has an operating time range of 4-12 hours depending on load.

Like other high-end options, Cromtech generators are rather silent. Assuming a normal conversation is at 60 dB at 1 meter, their 7-meter range ratings of 52-59 (2,400W) and 55-60 (4,500W) suggest they are both relatively quiet.

Possible drawbacks

It is widely agreed that the Cromtech Outback generator is a high-quality and trustworthy piece of equipment. It is commonly considered to be among the best electricity producers available.

Yet the Cromtech Outback's engine is smaller than that of rival luxury brands like Yamaha's EF2400iS. Thus, the engine will have to work harder to produce the same amount of power.

The engine could be prematurely damaged if it is consistently subjected to high loads.

Cromtech Outback 7 kilowatts

Cromtech has created a powerful and silent inverter generator in the 7000ie. It works great as a home backup generator or to power a coffee or food truck.

The Cromtech Inverter Generator 7000ie is the most recent addition to the company's line of generators. The highest output of this inverter generator is 7,000 watts, and it maintains a constant output of 6,000 watts for extended periods of time.

One of our favorite functions is the ability to start the generator over Bluetooth using the mobile app.

The app can be used to do a number of things with your generator, including turning it on and off, switching between different modes of operation, checking fuel levels in relation to the load, and getting alerts when maintenance is needed.

Notable features

  • The recoil start is an alternative to the electric and remote starts.
  • Protected 215-ampere-rated outlets that can withstand the elements (IP66).
  • There is a 17-hour maximum runtime, depending on the load.
  • The Eco button makes the engine run at a more efficient and quieter pace depending on the current load.
  • A user-friendly control interface.
  • Large access doors and low maintenance costs make this a great option.
  • Cromtech guarantees its products for a year.


Cromtech is widely considered to be among the most reasonably priced inverter generators on the market.

A powerful, portable, reliable, and quiet generator designed specifically for RVs and trailers is available for less than half the price of the Yamaha EF2400iS.

If you're looking for a generator to use for leisure activities, like going to a campground with your motorhome over the weekend, then this one is a great value for the money.


While most companies offer multi-year warranties on their products, Cromtech's one-year warranty on the Outback generators is the lowest in the industry.

The Cromtech Outback line is disadvantaged because most of its rivals provide longer warranties.

In contrast to competing budget generators, however, Cromtech Machinery Australia is supported by a nationwide agent service network and spare parts assistance through its more than 500 service agents located throughout Australia.

Final Thoughts

Cromtech Outback generators are inexpensive while still being very functional and portable.

In light of their compact size and portability, they are well suited for installation in recreational vehicles like caravans.

If you need a low-priced generator that can power your RV or trailer, look no further than the Cromtech 2400W Inverter generator.

However, if you need the generator on a regular basis (for your food truck business or to live off-grid for the most of the time), you should invest in a higher-end model with a more powerful engine.

Since its engines are smaller, the Cromtech 2400W Inverter generator has to work harder than the Yamaha EF2400iS to produce the same amount of power. Therefore, they can wear out sooner if subjected to excessive loads repeatedly.

The Cromtech 4,500W can be used in place of a 2,400W power supply from a more expensive brand. With this, you can expect more efficiency at the same cost.

All in all I have no hesitation recommending this brand. 

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