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DeWalt Generator Review

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Here at Generator Ratings, our team carried out a DeWalt Generator Review, assessing each of DeWalt's portable generators so that you may differentiate between the different generators, a task that is often far easier said than done.

DeWalt Generator Reviews 2022

1. DeWalt Generator Review - The DeWalt PD422MHI005


The DeWalt PD422MHI005 (DXGN4500) runs on a 270cc Honda GX270 manual start OHV engine. Providing a rated watt of 4,200, and a surge watt of 4,500, this generator is reasonably powerful. Enjoying a fuel capacity of seven gallons, this unit can run for an impressive 15 hours at 50% load.

This product has an operational volume of 76dB, which is 16dB higher than an average human conversation. The DeWalt DXGN4500 weighs in at about 160lbs, which is considerably lighter than many generators on the market.

This generator's low decibel rating, and weight, combined with an impressive power output, makes this generator ideal for home back-up, or recreational use.

DEWALT PMC165700.01 DXGNR5700 Portable Generator, Yellow, Black

Safety & Warranty

This generator is CSA Certified, and is CARB and city of LA compliant. On top of this, this unit has been approved by the EPA.

This product benefits from a low oil shutdown system, similar to Honda's Oil Alert. Furthermore, the DXGN4500 also boasts a muffler (preventing emission of flammable debris), and GFCI outlets.

The DXGN4500 also benefits from a 3 year warranty. Contact DeWalt for more details regarding further details relating to this warranty.

This product avails of DeWalt's 24/7/365 customer support service.


The DXGN4500 sits behind a matte black frame, clearly designed to optimise efficiency when moving / deploying the device.

At the top of the frame there is also a lift hook. The bright yellow and black colour of this unit also makes it highly visible. For these reasons I believe that this unit would serve its purpose best if put to use on a job-site or perhaps larger outdoor parties.

The DXGN4500 also has a useful feature, know as idle control, which allows the user to reduce noise, and save fuel.

There is also an optional wheel kit available for this unit.

2. DeWalt Generator Review - The DeWalt DXGNR7000


Operating on a 420cc OEM DeWalt engine, the DXGNR7000 puts out a running wattage 7,000, with a starting wattage of 8750. This engine is started via an electric switch, with a recoil start back-up method.

With a fuel tank capacity of 7.5 gallons, this generator can run for 11 hours on 50% load. Furthermore, weighing it at 192lbs, once more we must advise those looking to move this unit, be it from one room to-the-next or perhaps something more complex, to seek assistance.

Due to this units relatively heavy weight, and more considerable power output, our team believes this unit to be better suited to job-site work.

Safety & Warranty

This generator is CARB compliant. Furthermore, this device protected by GFCI outlets, a low-oil shutdown system similar to that of Honda's Oil Alert system. This low-oil system shuts off the engine whenever dangerously low oil levels are detected.

An Idle mode is also included, which is a mode that can be switched on to save energy and reduce noise.

This unit benefits from a 3 year manufacturer warranty, contact DeWalt for further details concerning details concerning company warranty policies.

This product also avails of DeWalt's 24/7/365 customer support service.


This DeWalt generator is designed for convenience, with black bar frames around the engine itself. As well as this, there is a foldable handle for increased mobility, that can be put down to aid storage.

The luminous yellow colour is a great choice for work on a job-site, as it makes the generator incredibly easy to locate in a busy site. The wheel kit is a great asset for transporting this unit due to its weight.


Both generators function to a high standard. However, we believe that the DXGN4500 is more suitable for the home, serving as a back-up generator etc. This is simply due to the DXGN4500's low decibel rating, and light weight.

On the other hand, we believe the DXGNR7000 would be the better suited to job-site work, out of the two generators. This is due to the heavy weight of the unit, and the impressive output of power, making it useful for operating tools such as bench-saws.

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