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DuroMax XP4400E Generator Review

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The ultimate Duromax XP4400E buying guide

Portable generators are perfect for camping and other outdoor activities because they are smaller and easier to carry. The shortcoming with small generators is that they can't produce enough power that you might need.As you might need it for more than just powering small appliances. 

Mid-sized generators are the best of both worlds: powerful but easy to transport. High loads can be handled with the Duromax XP4400E portable generator's robust engine, wheel kit, and handle, making it an excellent choice.

Overview of the Duromax XP4400E

DuroMax XP4400E Gas Powered Portable Generator-4400 Watt Electric Start-Camping & RV Ready, 50 State Approved, Blue/Black

It is possible to run high-energy appliances and equipment such as air conditioners and freezers on the Duromax XP4400E generator with its 7.0 horsepower engine.

To keep a few essential appliances functioning in the event of an outage, the Duromax XP4400E generator might just be the generator you are looking for. 

In terms of price, the DuroMax XP4400E is one of the most affordable portable generators on the market.

On top of that, it has enough power to run your 12000 BTU window air conditioner and a medium-sized 21 cubic foot French door refrigerator at once. In the event of a power outage, you might use a half-horsepower sump pump to keep your basement dry.

People who live in remote places will appreciate how easy it is to start this generator, because a generator that requires a dozen pulls on the starter cord is the last thing you want in a situation where power outages are prevalent.

The 7hp OHV engine can be started using the recoil starter even if the battery isn't fully charged. Even in extremely cold locations, the XP4400E starter only requires two pulls. Honestly, I have never needed more than two pulls!

Located above the air filter and next to the gas petcock, the choke is an excellent addition to a generator like this. The self-charging battery system is a huge plus point too, which will charge itself as long as the generator is running and the battery cables are connected.

Make sure the battery is disconnected before putting the generator away for an extended period of time, or it will run down.

Notable Features of the DuroMax XP4400E

On the control panel, there are three AC outlets:

  • 2 * Duplex GFCI at 120V, 20A (5-20R)
  • Receptacle (L14-30R) 120/240V 30A

You may also charge your batteries with the included DC plug, which has a 12V 8A output.

To keep your house powered in the event of a power outage, the XP4400E comes equipped with a twist-lock L14-30R receptacle.

In order to maintain track of the XP4400E's status and operations, the control panel contains a voltmeter that you can use at any time to see how much power it's drawing.

As well as providing you with this data, the oil level light indicator also serves as an additional safety feature.

Using the generator's built-in fuel gauge, you can quickly, easily, and conveniently check the generator's gas level.

Low oil shut-off and overload protection are included into the generator's design.

You can start the DuroMax XP4400E fast thanks to a variety of accessories, such as a funnel, cable, and a tool kit, as well as basic documentation and an owner's manual. An official storage cover can be purchased separately as an add-on.

Both the EPA and CARB have certified the DuroMax XP4400E. Thus, the product can be sold and bought across the entire United States.

Allows for use in forest areas because it features a spark arrestor.

For recharging 12V vehicle batteries, the generator's main control panel has a dedicated 12V DC plug. This DC outlet is a good feature but you should refrain from using it to jump-start vehicles since it could overheat and damage the generator.

The engine start/stop button and all other controls are easy to operate. In the event of low oil, the engine is safeguarded from damage by an automatic low-oil shutdown, which is signaled by a light beneath the ignition. Avoid using 2-stroke engine oil or additives in your DuroMax XP4400E.

If you often use this generator, DuroMax suggests replacing the engine oil once every 20 hours of operation.

Oil must be replaced often in DuroMax generators because they use a splash oil system that circulates 3600 rpm to cool and lubricate their engines.

Oil begins to lose its viscosity and no longer works as intended after 25 to 30 hours of such high-speed splashes. This can result in the generator shutting down because the engine is overheating.

SAE 10W – 30 is the recommended lubricant for between zero and eighty degrees Fahrenheit. I agree with this recommendation and it is the oil I use. If your XP4400E is operating in sub-zero temperatures, I would use 5W-30 oil instead.

You only need a 10mm hex wrench to loosen the oil drain plug at the bottom of the crankcase in order to drain the engine's oil. Replace the oil in the tank only when it has entirely drained into an oil pan underneath.

The oil fill lid on this DuroMax generator is tucked down deep inside the unit, which is an inconvenience that I don't appreciate and it should be improved on in future versions.

A funnel and a hose are essential for keeping oil from spilling if you don't already have them. As a bonus, DuroMax provides a funnel and hose, although it's definitely best to invest in a better set than is provided.

There is no oil in the box, despite the fact that they tell you to fill the oil tank with 20 oz of 10W-30. That is a bit annoying.

At the very least, the generator's installation is straightforward, so you can take it out of the box and have it running in under 20 minutes. Installing the included wheel assembly is as simple as turning it upside down and using the included wrench and screwdriver.

Next, but not too tightly, install the two front handles. Finally, fill the 4 gallon gas tank, add engine oil, and connect the 12V battery to the electronic starter. You're all set to go now.

For a cold start, the choke should be fully open. The first few times you turn the key in the start position, it is recommended that you keep it there for 5-10 seconds. Once the generator has warmed up and the carburetor has been loaded with fuel, you can start it without using the choke.

DuroMax XP4400E Gas Powered Portable Generator-4400 Watt Electric Start-Camping & RV Ready, 50 State Approved, Blue/Black

How portable is the DuroMax XP4400E?

Since it's built on an open frame, the DuroMax XP4400E's generator can be elevated above the ground without losing any of its stability. Built to withstand adverse weather conditions, the generator can be used outside.

Because it weighs 122 pounds, the generator is not easily transportable,despite its portability, it isn't easy to move around for some people. I manage ok though. This isn't an issue if the device is on a flat surface, as its 8-inch wheel kit and folding handle can easily overcome the weight issues.

How does it perform?

The DuroMax OHV 4-stroke gasoline engine in the DuroMax XP4400E has a displacement of 208 cc / 7 horsepower. An output of 120/240V, it has an operating wattage of 3500W and a starting output of 4400W.

A decibel level (dBA) of 69 is assigned to the generator, which is less noisy than an office environment. In addition to a standard pull-start technique, the vehicle also features an electric starter with the battery included.

It's quite loud at 69 decibels, which may be too much for some campers. So, I would check with the owners before you take it onto an official campsite. 

A full tank and a fuel capacity of 4 gallons allows the 4400E to run for approximately 11.5 hours at 50% load with a fuel consumption around 0.35 GPH.

Because the XP4400E has a THD of 12 percent, it should not be used to power sensitive electronic devices.

Heating, cooling, dehumidification, and laundry equipment can all be powered by it. Many do-it-yourselfers utilize DuroMax XP4400E generators in their workshops to run compressors and table saws.

To power the milk fridge or electric fence at Barn, you can utilize one of these easily, to demonstrate its wide range of uses. The rated load is 3500 watts, and the voltage does not drop below 115 volts even when the load is 3000 watts. 

To check how much energy is flowing, the seemingly  old-fashioned analogue voltmeter gives an accurate reading. Despite this, there can be some flickering when turning on several lights.

Because it's an open-frame generator, it's not the best at maintaining a constant voltage when connecting and unplugging equipment.

In order to use it with computers or microwaves, you'll need a processor. Because the 120V duplex outlets lack GFCI protection, this generator isn't suitable for use on a large construction site either.

How durable is the XP4400E?

The quality of the construction isn't all that's needed, you need  a good design and high quality raw materials. I have found that the DuroMax XP4400E has all these in abundance. Which means the generator's ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

As a result, the portable generator will have a longer lifespan than other generators on the market. This is important as a generator can be a large investment, and is often purchased to help in emergency situations. There is nothing worse than coming to need a generator, and it is not reliable.

This generator comes with a built-in surge protector. The generator engine is protected from damage by this device, which is another safety feature. 

This generator also features a low oil shut-off sensor. This low oil safeguard shuts down the engine if the oil level goes below a predetermined level. It protects the engine from low oil levels, which might cause damage.

This generator comes with a three-year limited guarantee.

DuroMax XP4400E Gas Powered Portable Generator-4400 Watt Electric Start-Camping & RV Ready, 50 State Approved, Blue/Black

What competitors does the DuroMax XP4400E have?

The DuroMax XP4400E is the heaviest of the 3000 to 4000 watt types, weighing 122 pounds dry. The Genmax GM3300i, which weighs just 47.4 pounds, is one of the best in this category.

This generator, with its lowest possible noise level of 69 dBA, falls into the more noisy group when compared to comparable devices of equivalent operational wattage.

You may want to consider the Cat INV4000E, which is one of the quietest devices in the same power range. It has a maximum noise level of 51 dB.

Running time for the XP4400E with a full tank and 50 percent load is around 11.5 hours, which is in line with the typical run range for similarly powered generators. With a runtime of around 16 hours, the Predator 4375 boasts the longest battery life of any device with a comparable power output.

Running time is important, but it is largely influenced by the fuel capacity of the generator, so bringing up run time without mentioning fuel efficiency is worthless.

When compared to other devices in the same wattage range, this generator performs pretty averagely in terms of GPH. The Westinghouse iGen4200, which has a fuel usage of 0.17 GPH, is one of the most energy-efficient devices in our database.

Final thoughts

The DuroMax XP4400E features a powerful engine and is made by a trusted generator brand. They have been in business since 2003, and have built up an excellent reputation for making affordable generators of high standard. 

For RV, camping, car camping, tailgating, and home backup power, the DuroMax XP4400E generator is a wonderful value alternative to more expensive generators. Powerful appliances and big loads will be able to run on this generator.

Various appliances, including a refrigerator and freezer, sump pump, coffee maker, and a window air conditioner, can be utilized all at once, however, it is not recommended to do so unless you have calculated everything correctly.

For greater power and efficiency, the MX2 technology in this generator is utilized to great effect. There are many outlets and an easy-to-use panel for powering devices.

A drawback is that it is slightly louder than other generators of the same power. But considering how good value for money it is, I can put up with the degree of noise. The noise of this generator will not bother you too much if you place it far enough away from your work area.

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