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Dynasys APU Generator Review

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Should you consider the Dynasys APU Generator?

The Best Engine Idling Solution is the Dynasys in my opinion.

A Class 8 truck engine's in-cab comfort costs a lot of money to maintain. As a result, everything from fuel costs to engine hours to overall truck wear goes up. Service and engine maintenance costs rise as a result.

Using Dynasys auxiliary power, you may turn off your engine while maintaining your comfort and reducing your operational costs.

A waterproof casing protects Dynasys from the elements while it is placed on the truck rail. It is powered by the fuel supply of the truck. In idle, this diesel-electric combination provides reliable comfort for the driver, eliminates pollutants, and significantly reduces fuel costs.

What I like about the Dynasys APU

The non-integrated four-component design of the Dynasys APU makes for quick installations. On either side of the vehicle, the mounting system can be placed which allows it to fit Class 8 truck frames.

Year round comfort

For year-round comfort, the Dynasys APU features an R134a hermetic-style air conditioner and electric heating.

The 6000W of power is generated via a belt-driven generator (not an inverter which can be harmful to both batteries and alternators). The Dynasys APU is d

esigned to be easy to maintain and features heavy-duty components.

Maintenance is a breeze

  • Scheduled maintenance is shown in the service interval.
  • The removable top makes it easy to reach all of the maintenance components.
  • A 1000-hour interval for an oil change.
  • Breakers can be found readily.
  • Self-tensioning is included into the serpentine drive system.

Notable features

  • The Dynasys APU is designed to be completely separate from the vehicle's system.
  • Steel Enclosure – Corrosion resistant in almost any environment.
  • System that can run on shore power and lasts for a long time with no need for maintenance, Hermetic A/C.
  • One Touch Control Panel, Microprocessor Interface.

Auto-Start and Comfort

In order to avoid expensive jump starts and emergency alternator roadside repair, the Low Voltage Start-up feature analyzes the batteries.

Comfort Control offers the most efficient and effective starting and stopping while still maintaining the proper internal temperature.

The truck's cab and engine can be pre-heated or cooled using the programmable time and date.

Frame rail space is less than 20 inches due to the compact design.

Overview of the benefits

The sleeper has an R134a hermetic-style air conditioner and electric heating.

Electrical power of 6000W at 120V is required by appliances.

A powerful block heater is utilised to ensure that the cold weather gets started.

A 55-amp alternator is used to power the charger and to keep the batteries topped out.

A true stand-alone supplemental power source.

The Target Market

Many long-haul truckers find their 18-wheelers to be their homes on the road. Because of this, they may rest and watch television during their breaks while on the road. Why should truckers on the road be deprived of some of the comforts that come with living in a normal house?

Often a truck's most expensive time is during these rest periods. Even if the vehicle is parked, it must be operating to get the benefits of heating and air conditioning.

Why is Idling so costly?

One of the major drawbacks of a standby diesel engine is that it keeps burning diesel fuel, to power rest periods even if the truck is not moving. 

How much fuel does a semi-truck use when it is idling? 

Trucks can use up to 0.64 gallons of fuel per hour of idling without a load. When the truck is full, the amount of fuel it uses goes up significantly compared to an empty truck..

Is Idling legal

As usual, each state has its own set of idling laws and penalties. In other situations, fines might reach $10,000. 

The American Transportation Research Institute provides state-by-state breakdowns of its idling regulations (ATRI).

What helps Idling

APUs (Auxiliary Power Units) come in handy here. 

What does an APU do on a truck? 

It's like an 18-wheeled power plant. The APU provides enough power to run the heater, air conditioner, and even the TV without the need to keep the truck in idle mode. Using an APU rather than idling at full power saves gallons of diesel fuel, reduces pollution, and makes it easier to meet idle laws and regulations.

Tractor Apus Types

Combustion (diesel, natural gas, or propane) or Electricity powered APUs (battery powered). 

The optimum APU for your truck depends on your needs and the size of the vehicle. Among the key differences between the two types of APUs are the following:

Combustion APU

There is virtually no limit to the amount of energy that may be generated by combustion APUs. Big trucks can be heated or cooled, microwaves can be used, and televisions can be powered by combustion APUs. 

Combustion APUs, on the other hand, necessitate frequent oil changes, replacement of fuel filters, and other forms of preventative maintenance (hoses, clamps, and valves).

Electricity APU

APUs powered by electricity have a much smaller range of applications. The battery life of the APU is around 12 hours when using AC power and a little longer when using heating only. 

Fully charging the truck's battery requires anything from 6 to 12 hours of running the engine or connecting it to an electrical outlet. 

Only simple electrical connection and battery replacement are required for the electric APU, which is significantly less maintenance-intensive than the combustion APU.

Is an APU expensive

What's the cost? 

The price of an APU can range from $8,500 to $13,000, not including the cost of setup. 

You must also make sure that the APU is compatible with the truck's frame. 

If not, gas tanks and air dryers must be moved, or you will start running up extra costs. 

An APU is a significant financial commitment that must be given great consideration before purchasing. Many truckers consider these extravagances to be well worth the cost.

Market competition

Dynasys is one of the market leaders but there are other brands out their:

Green APU

Since it was developed by truckers for truckers, the Green APU is a popular option for auxiliary power units. As far as dependability, longevity, maintenance ease, and overall cost effectiveness go, Green APU is one of the best brands among the auxiliary power units.

An updated version of Green APU's Star Edition spring-tensioned belt was recently released. They have many dealerships and service partners across the country, so there will be one near you. After eleven+ years in business, Green APU has tens of thousands of happy clients and thousands of units on the road.


Although I prefer a nice microbrew, Thermo King, the "Budweiser" of APUs, has been designing and producing refrigeration units for the supply chain since WWII. Smaller, more agile companies like Green APU have the ability to innovate and implement changes more quickly than larger, more established companies.

Some intentional obsolescence and an extensive parts network may be necessary to keep the elephant fed at a huge company. Thermo King is still a great product that will be around for a long time to come.


Multinational conglomerate Carrier  is known for manufacturing and marketing temperature-control equipment for commercial and residential use. About 40 years ago, Carrier began manufacturing marine refrigeration systems for commercial fishing boats, bulk carriers, and maritime/intermodal containers in general.

After establishing a solid reputation in maritime and intermodal chilled equipment, Carrier has recently ventured into the domestic truck business, producing and marketing trailer refrigeration and even more recently, ADUs.

Carrier has unquestionably built a wonderful device, however it's too soon to tell whether their pricing and service ROI will be competitive with the competition.

Rigmaster Power

Rigmaster and Green APU  are both smaller but not unimportant companies, when compared to Carrier and Thermoking. While not the cheapest, they're not the most expensive either.

The new rig from Rigmaster was designed to address some of the company's long-standing issues with loudness and upkeep. As far as we could tell, only the Rigmaster makes use of a Kohler-brand drive motor.

A well-established dealer network in the United States and Canada has grown up around the Canadian manufacturer Rigmaster, which introduced its first unit in the US in 1997.

Dynasys business review

What do they want to do?

Their ultimate goal is to provide high-quality products and services for mobile climate control applications that are constructed with integrity and serviced with excitement for an exceptional customer experience.

Auxiliary power solutions for the transportation industry must be energy efficient to reduce emissions and the impact of climate change.

They are committed to creating and delivering these solutions Previously known as Hodyon, we have been recognised by both Inc. magazine and the Austin Business Journal as one of America's fastest-growing manufacturers and one of Austin's fastest-growing firms.

An increasing number of vehicles will be equipped with APUs in the near future as they offer both economic and environmental advantages.

Improving Idling

Using a Dynasys auxiliary power unit, drivers can keep their cabs quiet, vibration-free, and pretty much cost-free even when idling with a Dynasys APU system. The costs of running a business are reduced. An added benefit is that anti-idling regulation is being adhered to.

A waterproof casing protects Dynasys from the elements while it is placed on the truck rail. It is powered by the fuel supply of the truck. While idle, this small diesel-electric system provides dependable comfort for the driver while also minimizing pollutants and saving money on fuel.

Any 110-volt outlet can be used as a power source for the truck's heating and air-conditioning (HVAC).

Most of the time, their anti-idling system's monthly fuel savings outweigh the monthly loan payment. The consequence is instant cash flow and a boosted bottom line. Use a easy Savings Calculator to figure out how much money a Dynasys APU can save you.

Why you should consider a Dynasys APU

Idling saves 1 gallon of petrol per hour, which works out to $740 per month or $9,000 in savings over the course of an entire year! (based on diesel prices and typical operating conditions). It's also likely that the truck's primary engine will be serviced less frequently in the future.

Because the Dynasys APU is completely independent of the truck's mechanical systems, it can be installed more quickly than other APUs on the market today.

Enclosure made of rugged stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion in almost any environment.

A long-lasting, trouble-free A/C system in the Automotive Style.

Prevents costly jump starts and alternator problems by keeping track of the state of your battery.

Using the customisable time and date, the truck's cab and engine can be preheated or cooled before driving.

Provides maximum power in an extremely compact form factor. The APU and climate control unit weigh less than 380 pounds and use less than 20 inches of frame rail area, respectively.

Guarantee – a bumper-to-bumper guarantee of two years or 4000-hours is included.

Upkeep of the system

The least amount of time it takes to install.

Due to the Dynasys APU's non-integrated, four-component design, installation times are among the quickest in the industry.

On either side of the vehicle, the mounting system can be placed, allowing it to fit Class 8 truck frames.

Scheduled maintenance is reflected in the service intervals, which are determined by the manufacturer.

1000 hours of use requires an oil change.

Access to breakers is very simple.


Scheduled maintenance is shown in the service manual.

The removable top makes it easy to reach all of the maintenance components.

It has a self-tensioning serpentine drive system.

Dynasys provides assistance

The only APU manufacturer with local sales support.

High-quality service is provided in a timely manner.

Mobile APU demonstration unit and on-site training.

There are many ways to get in touch with the Technical Support team.

Toll-free number for contacting customer support.

Final thoughts

Dynasys is a powerhouse in the APU market, you will get a well thought out APU with minimal fuss. 

The APU is long-lasting, durable and safe. Dynasys provide the market leading customer service, just in case anything does go wrong which is rare. 

There are other APU manufacturers out their in the marketplace, so make sure you do your research and buy the perfect APU for your needs. 

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