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Generac 6438 Generator Review

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If you're set on getting an 11 kilowatt unit, I'd recommend the Generac 6438.

You can run a 3-ton air conditioner, a well pump, a water heater, and the main living quarters of your house off of it.

It has more than enough juice to keep the lights on and the family safe in the event of an unexpected blackout. This is a smart purchase if you value emergency preparedness for the uncertain future.

Generac 6438 Features and Specifications

There are a number of excellent features on the Generac 6438 which make it an excellent purchase:

Best Features
A liquid propane or natural gas supply is used to power the unit.
Clean energy can be used to safely power sensitive electronics.
Includes a Smart Transfer Switch with an automatic 200-ampere capacity (NEMA 1, indoor rated only).
Complies with safety standards set by UL, CUL, and the EPA.
CARB compliance and a limited warranty of 2 years are included.
The OHVI engine, designed for use in generators, provides the reliability required to endure prolonged power outages.
With True Power Technology, you can rest easy knowing that your sensitive electronics and appliances will run without a hitch thanks to a total harmonic distortion of less than 5%.
The Evolution Controller features a multilingual, two-line LCD text display with backlit, color-coded buttons.
Authorization for 18′′ Home Installation.
Flexible: it operates on both 3.5" natural gas pressure in terms of water column.
Safe, steel construction.
Tool-less conversion, quickly change from using natural gas to using propane. Zero tools are required.
The Fast and Discreet Exercise Test: There is simply a 12-minute time limit on the exam. Pick a schedule that works best for you: weekly, bimonthly, or monthly.
With Mobile Link, you can set up a remote monitoring system.
The customer support is very good, and is accessible to help customers at any time, day or night, all year long.
The package features a smart transfer switch with a 200-amp capacity.

Positives of Using a Generac 6438

Even though there are many generator manufacturers and varieties available, Generac is a household name in the backup power business. The Generac 6438 11kW air-cooled generator is highly recommended for the typical home.

This automatic generator provides reliable, cozy, and secure backup power for your home's essentials. It starts up immediately for hands-free operation and may be hooked up to your current LP or natural gas source.

A multilingual LCD display with an integrated hour meter allows you to monitor and manage production.

Powerful gas-powered motor that is cooled by the air. It's simple to switch between natural gas and LP gas.

The Generac OHVI engine, with its integrated automated 200-amp transfer switch, can supply power continuously for weeks. It is up to you to decide in advance which circuits, if any, will be powered by the generator.

Having a steel casing that is also waterproof ensures durability and protection from the elements. There is also an aluminum enclosure for those who need it, such as those who live near the water.

If you reside in an area with low natural gas pressure, you would really benefit from this 11kW standby generator. Reportedly, it can run on as little as 3.5" related to the water column.

In addition to meeting CARB standards, the Generac 6438 is approved for installation in hazardous locations up to 18" from your home (away from windows, entryways, and fresh-air intakes obviously).

Note that the generator is 48" long, 25" wide, and 29" tall, and make sure there's adequate space around it for air circulation.

You'll have to buy a battery separately if you want to use the electric start or any of the other built-in electronics that aren't included in the purchase. The following are the minimum and recommended battery sizes for the Generac 6438: In the 26R 12V 525 CCA group (Minimum CCA).

If you live in an area that has cold winters, you may want to consider purchasing a cold weather kit for your standby generator.

Generac G0071720 10 kW Guardian Home Standby Generator, bisque

Additional thoughts on the Generac 6438

Your need for a backup generator can range from being a great idea to being a necessity, depending on factors like your location and the time of year.

If an 11 kilowatt backup generator is what you need, the Generac 6438 is a fantastic choice. It is very reasonably priced, provides great value, and competes well with more expensive devices in terms of available functions.

Guidelines for Choosing a Standby Power Source

When choosing what standby generator is best for you, consider the generator's location, noise output, capacity, size, fuel source, brand, and installation requirements before making a final purchase decision. 

If you're thinking about buying a standby generator as a backup for your home, you're already making a smart choice for your family.

As the name implies, a "whole-house emergency standby generator" is always on standby, meaning that it automatically switches on and off to seamlessly power your home when the utility power source is cut off (as opposed to the few circuits that a portable generator would cover).

However, you are accurate in assuming that a number of critical concerns must be addressed before settling on the optimal unit and system for your needs. These are useful things to consider. 

Set and Forget

Most homeowners would agree that, despite their usefulness, portable generators are a major inconvenience. The time, effort, and knowledge needed to set them up and run them in the event of an electrical outage are significant.

By the time the portable generator is set up the power could be restored. Fortunately, this is significantly less of a hassle if you have a whole-house emergency standby generator.

To begin with, you won't have to do much to get them up and running; simply plug them into your home's existing electrical system.

In addition, they feature sensors that monitor the energy supplied by your utility company. In the event of a utility power outage, your whole-house emergency standby generator will kick on automatically and quickly restore electricity. Then, when the mains power comes back on, your backup generator will turn off automatically. 

In short, you didn't have to lift a finger, and there were no blackouts at your home or work.

Peace of mind

Portable generators should only be utilized when the homeowner is present and available to monitor the unit at all times. Whole-house standby emergency generators make your home secure even if you aren't there. 

Many people who have backup generators have come home from being gone for several hours or days to find their homes comfortably cool or warm, their food chilled, and all their appliances working even if there has been a power outage while you were away. 


Emergency backup generators for the entire house are installed in the yard, in close proximity to the home's gas and electrical meters.

If your property has a natural gas connection, which is usually on the other side of the house from the electric connection, the generator will likely be installed closest to the electric connection. 

Along the base of your house, they will run gas lines to connect the natural gas source and the generator. In the event that your residence does not have access to natural gas, a sensible place for a fuel tank will have to be factored in.

The existing landscape, regulatory requirements for safety certifications, and other factors may also come into play.

Generac Guardian 24kW Home Standby Generator with PWRview Transfer Switch Wi-Fi Enabled

Noise Pollution

While operating, contemporary generators produce minimal noise. Inevitably, noise levels are affected by a wide range of variables, such as the efficiency of the machinery, the proximity of other buildings, the type of landscaping, and so on. 

Most modern generators incorporate noise dampening components, drastically cutting down on operational noise. Add some shrubs or other noise-absorbing vegetation around the generator if you really need to keep the neighbors at bay.

Safety Protection

Do you have a home security system installed? 

Which would you prefer: a landline phone connected through cable or DSL modem, or access to the internet? 

A sump pump is essential if you want to keep the basement dry in the event of a flood. 

In-home electronic medical equipment? 

One or more of these systems could have battery backups, but for how long would we need to rely on them? 

If this technology is useless because it requires constant power, then it serves no purpose if the grid is down. 

Whole-house emergency backup generators add another layer of protection for your family and possessions because they are often required for all your other emergency systems. 

What size?

Whole-house standby emergency generators can be found in a wide range of sizes and are typically measured in kilowatt hours. For instance, 11 kWh and 20 kWh are two common sizes. 

Your first order of business is to ask yourself what you intend to run on it. 

If you just need to power a few lights and a fridge, a smaller generator might suffice. 

A more powerful system is necessary to ensure the smooth operation of your complete home (including all the lights, appliances, heating and cooling systems, hot water heater, garage doors, gadgets, and more). 

Keep in mind that the bigger and fancier your unit is, the more it will cost generally so budget is a factor. Nonetheless, if you're concerned about your family's wellbeing, it may be a good idea to stump up the cash. 


When homeowners think of a generator, they sometimes picture a huge, unsightly box sitting in their yard.

Modern generators, on the other hand, are visually pleasing and take up no more space than you would expect. In conclusion, a backup generator does not detract from the aesthetic value of a well-manicured yard or reduce the livable space around your land. 


Certain brands are often considered better and have a better reputation among buyers. Some products have upgrades that others don't (such as Smartphone-compatible controls and alerts). 

However, there are many that are more expensive because they rely on their famed label. Therefore, they are not worth the cost.

I have tested many Generac Generators, and I have been pleasantly surprised with the quality, and durability. Their generators are well made, and I actually think Generac provides the best brand value in the generator market. 


Whole-house emergency standby generators can be powered by natural gas, propane, or diesel. The vast majority of homeowners with natural gas hookups say that using a generator fueled by natural gas is the most cost-effective and practical option for their homes' needs. 

Most people who don't have their own natural gas lines at home can get by with propane. There are diesel backup generators, however they are often quite huge units designed for really large houses, businesses, or factories.


Some installation tasks will be quick and easy while others will take longer and be more complex due to the many aspects involved. When organizing your project, remember that a standard installation takes about two days.

Again, though, this might vary widely depending on factors like the weather, the complexity of the project, the size of the unit, and so on. Which is why you should always get a professional to do the installation. 


In spite of the wide range of products available, standby generators share a common trait: they require little if any upkeep. We recommend scheduling annual preventative maintenance with a licensed electrician, and follow any servicing schedule recommended in the manual. 

Apart from that it is also important for the owners of standby generators to keep the area around the generator clear of leaves, snow, branches, and other debris to ensure the generator can function well throughout the year.

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