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Generac 6826 XC8000E Generator Review

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The Generac 6826 is also known as the XC8000E, and is part of the XC series. 

For construction sites and building contractors, portable generators from the XC Professional Series are a great option to consider.

Generac's G-Force engine, which is the only pressure-lubricated engine designed particularly for generator operation, provides reliable and durable best-in-class power on any jobsite.

The most distinguishing features of the XC line

Top Features
Protects the generator and the fuel tank with a fully wrapped, heavy-duty 12 Gauge Steel Tube.
A steel lifting pocket for the generators, so they can be lifted and transported by crane or forklift on construction sites.
Among the Generac G-Force Engine's notable features are its best-in-class power and full-pressure lubrication.
The fuel tank is impact resistant so that you can transport it without worrying it will be damaged, and the edges prevent damage when being hauled by forklift.
Complete OSHA-compliant panel GFCI protection with weather-protected outlet covers.
There is easy access to all places that require routine maintenance. No need to remove the gas tank or side panels; it comes with filters and spark plugs as well.
Stainless steel rims and hubs for ease and efficiency in moving around the construction site.
Built within the frame, Axle Protection shields against impact during transport.
Steel Legs with Welded Caps Reinforcement has been provided for additional strength.
Handles fold up and lock, and there's a one-handed locking mechanism for easy storage.
Plate Tags and Catalog for use in contractor and rental fleets. Engraved Plate Tags.
Touchpoints that can be easily operated with a glove. You may use the fuel valve, choke lever, and rocker switches even if you are wearing gloves.
Devices, equipment, and appliances with TruePowerTM Technology function quietly and smoothly.
Idle Administration Longer run times with less noise and fuel usage.

Generac 6826 XC8000E Generator Review

Generac 6827 XC8000E 8,000 Running Watts/10,000 Starting Watts Electric Start Gas Powered Portable Generator - CARB Compliant

A portable generator by Generac, the XC8000E is primarily intended for:

  • For food truck owners who wish to ensure their operation is self-contained and not reliant on external electricity.
  • Anyone concerned about the safety of their appliances and the comfort of their family in the event of a power loss.
  • Professionals who want to provide results on construction sites.

Notable features of the XC8000E

An integrated data center in the XC8000E control panel tells you how many hours the machine has been running, allowing you to keep an eye on its activities and status.

Checking the generator's fuel level is quick, easy, and convenient thanks to an integrated fuel gauge.

Safety features include overload protection circuit breaker and an automatic low oil shut-off, allowing you to operate the equipment with complete confidence.

For starters, you'll get an owner's manual and other standard documentation, as well as the following additional items when you purchase the Generac XC8000E: fuel, and a toolkit.

The GFCI control panel includes the following six AC outlets including:

  • Duplexes of 120V, 20A each (5-20R).
  • Plug in a 20V 30A outlet (L5-30R).
  • Plug (L14-30R) for 120/240V 30A.

Generac's L5-30R receptacle enables for a straightforward RV connection with an L5-30P to TT-30R adapter, even if this generator is not RV-ready. In addition, the XC8000E has a twist-lock L14-30R receptacle that can be hooked to your breaker box to power your home in the event of a power outage, making it transfer switch ready.

The Generac XC8000E is authorized by the EPA and CARB for use in California. This generator is allowed to sell and buy in all 50 states, including California.

It is also equipped with a spark arrestor, making it suitable for use in densely wooded areas.

How portable is the Generac 6826 XC8000E generator?

Its open-frame construction provides stability and allows the Generac XC8000E to be elevated above ground level with dimensions of L34.3 x W28.6 x H32.5 in. Outdoor use and extreme weather conditions are no match for this device's durability.

Despite its legal classification as portable, the generator's 260-pound weight makes it difficult to move by hand. The 10-inch wheel kit and folding handle, which make it easy to modify once it's on the ground, which makes up for its lack of maneuverability.

Lifting the generator with a hook on the top of its frame gives added safety during transport and unloading.

Running time and power

Powered by the Generac G-Force 4-stroke engine, the Generac XC8000E generates 8000W running power and 10000W peak power from a 120/240V, gasoline-powered engine.

This generator may be started using either a traditional pull-start mechanism or a beautiful and simple electric starter.

Due to its 8.5 gallon fuel capacity, the XC8000E can run at 50% load for around 11 hours on a full tank, fuel usage of 0.77 GPH.

Due to the XC8000E's clean sine wave with a 5% Total Harmonic Distortion, your fragile gadgets can be safely plugged into the AC outlets.

How does it compare to the competition?

In terms of weight, the Generac XC8000E is the heaviest of the 7500 to 8500 operating watt generators on the market, weighing in at 260 pounds dry. The Dewalt DXGNR8000, which weighs just 183 pounds, is one of the best in this category when it comes to power.

The XC8000E can run for up to 11 hours at 50% load, which is longer than other similarly powerful devices. With a battery life of 12.5 hours, the Champion 100416 has the longest run time of similar power outputs if autonomy is important to you.

While autonomy is critical, the generator's fuel capacity is largely responsible for it, therefore addressing it without mentioning fuel economy is meaningless. When compared to other devices in the same wattage range, this generator performs pretty averagely in terms of GPH.

The Pulsar PG10000B16, with a 0.55 GPH fuel consumption, may be the correct choice for you if you're seeking for the most fuel-efficient item in this power range.

The Generac 6826 XC8000E is an excellent generator. It comes with all the accessories you need, it comes with a great range of useful outlets, it is very easy to start, the clean sine wave works well, and the high run time helps provide excellent value for money. 

Why I like Generac generators

Customers believe that Generac is the most dependable and well-known brand of generators. Since 1959, the company has built a reputation for producing high-quality emergency power systems for industrial and residential use.

Generac Generators is estimated to be the leading maker of household generators, with a market share of more than 75%. Generac generators have a power range of 800 watts to 9 megawatts.

They also have industrial generators that give energy to hospitals, data centers, schools, fuel stations, grocery stores, hotels, and restaurants, as well as other commercial facilities. Generac also makes water pumps and pressure washers.

The Generac Engine is powerful

An OHVI engine is used to power its generators, which are designed to last for a long time. The vast majority of the company's commercial generators are powered by the same engine. This generator's engine can run for three to four times as long as the competition's.

They are long lasting

As a result of Generac engines being specifically developed for backup generators, and each having a 3,000-hour service life rating, an autonomous standby generator can endure well over 30 years under normal operating conditions.

There are a lot of options

In addition, Generac generators offer the widest range of backup options for residential properties. An appropriate generator should be available for your needs.

From 6KW to 50KW, Generac backup home generators are available from the company.

Generac makes a portable generator for home use if you don't have the money to buy a standby home generator. Whether you're tailgating, camping, or RVing, a Generac portable generator can meet your power needs. Power tools and other equipment will benefit from the additional power they provide.

The portable generators offered by Generac are once again quite affordable. You may buy an 800-watt entry-level portable generator.

A national network of Generac dealers

Not only does Generac offer a wide range of generators, but the company also has a widespread dealer network across the country. It has a network of around 5,000 retail locations across the country.

Taking care of a Generac generator is a piece of cake

Maintaining a Generac generator is a breeze. Generators from Generac carry out self-diagnostic testing on a weekly basis. The company's Quiet Test feature is also included in these backup generators. This feature allows the generators to perform a self-test in a quiet environment.

Generac's G-Flex Technology

Backup Generac generators benefit greatly from the company's exclusive G-Flex technology. This function allows the engine to run only as quickly as necessary based on the electric load demand.

Generac genset engines, in contrast to those of the competition, run at a constant speed regardless of the demand for energy.

G-Flex technology makes Generac generators more fuel-efficient and quieter. Generac gensets are fully risk-free to use.

Galvanneal steel with RhinoCoat preserves and extends the life of the generator in most of these systems.

The low fuel shut-off function of these generators prevents them from being damaged by low fuel. Additionally, circuit breakers are built into these generators to safeguard your appliances from damage in the event of an overload.

Generac 6827 XC8000E 8,000 Running Watts/10,000 Starting Watts Electric Start Gas Powered Portable Generator - CARB Compliant

Eco-Friendly Generac Generators

It's good for the environment to use Generac generators. Use less fuel and emit fewer pollutants with these generators. Unlike other companies' generators, they are also less disruptive and produce less noise polution.

Generac standby units can be up to 19 dB quieter than their competitors when operating.

Servicing and Upkeep

To keep Generac generators running smoothly, they need to be serviced every year. In addition to Generac's $200 annual service contract, some Generac installation professionals provide $170 per checkup options.

What is the recommended maintenance interval for a Generac generator?

All backup home generators require regular maintenance, such as the change of oil, batteries, and filters, to ensure that they work when needed and give years of reliable service. According to Generac, you should get your generator serviced every six to twelve months.

Home generator owners who are required to do annual maintenance on their machines must have a Generac maintenance kit. If you don't keep up with regular maintenance, your warranty may be void.

How long can you expect a Generac generator to last?

It is usual for Generac backup generators to survive between 20 and 30 years. The number of hours the generator is used, how often it is serviced, and the quality of the installation all factor into how long the engine will last when it is not in standby mode.

How often should a Generac battery be replaced?

Every three years, the batteries must be replaced. The battery is the most critical part of the system. You won't be able to start the generator when the power goes out since the battery is dead.

Don't wait till it breaks before getting a new one. Few warnings are given by house generator batteries before they fail to start your generator system.

How much does a Generac battery cost?

All Generac air-cooled standby generators come with a 26R wet cell battery, which is the fastest and easiest to install of all the Generac batteries. Excluding installation fees, these batteries cost between $99 and $139 each.

A Generac generator's battery can be checked in a few different ways.

The simplest method is to measure the voltage of the battery first, then turn it on and record it before checking the charger's output voltage.

The Generac whole-house generator can operate for how long before it needs to be replaced?

If properly maintained and greased, back-up generators can last up to 3000 hours. Propane, diesel, and natural gas can all be used to power home generators. 

The size and cycle of the generator will determine its fuel consumption.

How long should I run my generator for maintenance?

Homeowners should run their Guardian generators for 30 minutes every three months to recharge the starter battery, as recommended by Generac. During an emergency, you don't want to find out that your electric starter or battery has failed.

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