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Generac vs Honda Generators

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If you need a new generator, two of the best brands are Honda and Generac.

Generac and Honda both produce high-quality generators, so choosing between them can be difficult.

Both companies are committed to making products that customers can trust. Honda is widely recognised as a market leader in the production of both inverter and conventional generators, but Generac are up there too.

Honda generators are known for their reliability and long lifespan, although they tend to be more expensive than competing models because of the genuine Honda engine they feature.

More about the brands

Since its founding in 1959 in Wisconsin, Generac has devoted nearly all of its efforts to the development and production of generators. You may rest assured that the generator you receive will be of the highest quality and performance standards, as all of the company's facilities are located in Wisconsin.

Despite having its headquarters in Japan, Honda has deep roots in the American market. Since its founding in 1973, the company has grown into one of the industry's most innovative and trusted generator manufacturers.

When it comes to inverter generator technology, which is at the forefront of quiet generator development, both Generac and Honda have made considerable strides in recent years.

Honda EU2200i 2200-Watt 120-Volt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator with CO-Minder - 49-State

Things to consider

There are a few considerations to make before making your final decision on whether to buy a Honda or Generac.

  • The generator's primary functions should be considered first. If you only need a small portable generator on rare occasions, either type will suffice. If you require an enormous industrial generator, Honda may be the superior choice.

  • Next, think about how much money you have. Generac generators are less expensive than Honda generators and may be a better option if funds are limited.

  • Finally, think about the features that really matter to you. Both Generac and Honda provide a variety of benefits, so it's important to compare them before making a final decision.

You may rest assured that whichever brand you choose will provide you with a high-quality generator. Generac and Honda are two trusted brands that consistently deliver superior products.

Comparison summary

The Honda is an excellent choice if you need a powerful generator because of its reliable power output. A number of the most powerful generators on the market are made by them. Generac generators are not quite as powerful as Honda generators, but they are still rather powerful.

The Honda generators come in a range of sizes. You can choose between large and small generators depending on how much electricity you need. When compared to Honda generators, the size options for Generac generators are more limited. Nonetheless, a variety of Generac generator sizes is still on hand.

Honda generators are known for their near-silent operation. If you need to run the generator anywhere with strict noise ordinances, this is a must. Generac generators are very reliable but are noisier than Honda's equivalents.

Generators manufactured by Honda use less gas than those manufactured by Generac. If you'll be running the generator continuously, this is a must.

Compared to Honda generators, Generac models are more affordable. If you need a reliable generator but have a limited budget, Generac makes excellent models to consider.

Honda generators have a longer runtime than Generac generators. This is essential if you will be running the generator continuously. If you need a generator that will last for an extended period of time, they are both good options but Honda is better.

Honda models vs Generac Models comparison

Let's look at some of the most popular models from both Generac and Honda and see which one is the best choice for your next generator.

Compare and contrast: GENERAC GP2200i vs HONDA EU2200i

Since they are made by different companies, the Generac GP2200i and the Honda EU2200i can have significantly different external appearances and technological components.

A comparison of engines reveals that the Honda EU2200i's 121cc motor outperforms the Generac GP2200i's 80cc unit.

The Generac GP2200i's working wattage is 1700 W, whereas the Honda EU2200i's is 1800 W, hence the latter can power slightly more devices. Both generators have the same initial wattage, thus they will both give you the same boost when trying to kick-start your most power-hungry equipment.

The Generac GP2200i has a maximum runtime of 10.75 hours on a full tank, while the Honda EU2200i has a maximum runtime of 8.1 hours at 25% load.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the Generac GP2200i is less efficient than the Honda EU2200i by using 0.11 GPH (gallon per hour) of gasoline at 25% load. Therefore, the latter will have lower running expenses due to lower fuel use. The 2 inverter generators we have on hand are the quietest and most efficient models currently on the market.

Generac 7117 Gp2200I W 50St Inverter, Orange

Both the Generac GP2200i and the Honda EU2200i have very low THD levels of 3%, making them suitable for safely powering your sensitive electronic equipment.

There is no significant advantage to storing one over the other because of their similar size. The GP2200i weighs in at 46.6 lbs, making it lighter than the EU2200i which weighs 47.4 lbs. Both are easily transportable and feature convenient carrying handles.

They both start in a similar way, and the pull start method is efficient and consistent. 

Both the Honda EU2200i and the Generac GP2200i have two AC outlets. All of the plugs and outlets aren't GFCI protected. The former is also equipped with a DC output. It's also vital to remember that their combined output is only 120V.

Honda EU2200i's data center allows for more precise monitoring of its power generation than that of the Generac GP2200i.

The Honda EU2200i's technological advancements include a carbon monoxide detector and an automatic shutoff feature for when CO concentrations become too high. Checking the Honda EU2200i's vital information is a breeze thanks to the My Generator smartphone app.

Honda has all the bells and whistles, but they are both very good generators and you could argue that if you aren't bothered about loads of extra features then the Generac provides better value for money. 

Compare and Contrast: GENERAC GP3000i vs HONDA EU3000is

The main distinctions between Generac GP3000i and Honda EU3000is is power output and cost.

Generac can only run for 5 to 6 hours at 25% load, but it costs approximately $900, yet Honda can easily run for 20 hours at 25% load but costs a lot more.

While both the Honda EU3000is and the Generac GP3000i can produce 3000 peak watts, the Honda EU3000is has 2800 operational watts while the Generac has just 2300.

Honda's engine and tank is considerably larger than Generac's, which explains the gap in running watts. Generac's GP3000i is just a tweaked version of their GP2200i model, but Honda's is a true 3000W inverter.

Separately, both power sources are quite strong. When I put my Generac in ECO MODE and hooked up a 1500-watt heater and some lights, the output was excellent: 3580 to 3600 rpm, 19.3 amps, and 119 volts with a load of 2300 watts.

And with HONDA, I promptly connected my microwave, air conditioner, and a number of lights, totaling a load of 2700 watts. As a whole, it functioned perfectly, never once triggering an overload warning.

Two other distinguishing features are their relative portability and weight. It's easy to take the GP3000i with you everywhere you go because of how compact and light it is.

Compared to the 59.6-pound Honda EU3000is, this one is considerably heavier and bulkier. Without the wheels, it needs a minimum of two persons to move.

Each generator can be connected in parallel and both have a low harmonic distortion output, so you can use sensitive electronics with them both.

Both versions are favorites of people that use trailers and RVs. If you want to save money, go with a Generac GP3000i, but you should get a Honda EU3000 without hesitation if you can afford one. The brand name is something you pay for, but the quality warrants it.

Compare and Contrast: Honda EM6500SX vs Generac GP6500E

Aside from their more compact inverter models, both Generac and Honda produce reliable conventional generators.

The Generac GP6500E is the most powerful of the two, with a surge power of 8,125 watts and operating power of 6,500 watts.

The Honda EM6500SX has a surge power of 6,500 watts, but it can reach 7,000 watts for up to 10 seconds. The generator can sustain up to 5,500 watts of power continuously. Each of the two power generators use a 4 stroke, 389cc engine.

Both of these machines have comparable runtimes; the Generac generator's fuel tank is just slightly larger. With a combined 10 hours of use at 50% load, each can get through a full workday's worth of tasks without needing to be recharged.

Honda 664240 EU2200i 2200 Watt Portable Inverter Generator with Co-Minder

Both models are well-suited for industrial use thanks to their ability to generate voltages of either 120/125 or 240/250 volts.

The Honda generator offers one extra outlet than the Generac, a 125-volt, 30-amp twist-lock outlet. That could be helpful if you have a need to run more high-current gadgets or appliances.

A convenient electronic starter is included with each generator. The Generac generator, in contrast to the Honda generator, features an accurate digital hour meter that lets you monitor your power use and remaining runtime.

The Honda generator is also less noisy. With an output of less than 66 dB, this generator is among the more discreet options available in this power range. The Generac is noticeably louder, which is an important advantage for Honda. 

Each one of those generators has its own set of steel frames and wheels that never go flat. Despite the fact that the Generac is heavier overall, it is still more portable than the Honda generator due to its good design. The frames of the generators have pull-out handles, making them easy to lug behind you.

Generac's generator, which is more powerful than Honda's, is nonetheless more affordable. The Honda can be upwards of 3 times more expensive, so the Generac is the clear winner if budget is the most important thing to you.

This is a substantial discrepancy, especially considering how superficially similar both generators appear to be; you'd need to have a firm faith in the superiority of Honda motors in order to explain the price difference.

Who Will Come Out on Top Between Generac and Honda Generators?

When comparing Generac vs Honda generators and models in terms of mobility, weight, noise, power output, runtime, fuel efficiency, and price, Honda comes out on top if you don't have a tight budget.

Generac generators are well thought of, but Honda generally has a more positive reputation among consumers. That being said, Generac will supply you with a very reliable generator if cost is a big factor to you.

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