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Honda 658130 Generator Review

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In this article we will be reviewing Honda's 658130 2000W Generator with parallel capability (CARB), also known as the the EU2000iC Companion.

Honda is renowned worldwide for its manufacturing standards in the portable generator segment, and the Honda 658130 is regarded as one of the units that would be close to the top of any Honda generator review.

The Honda 658130, in both the residential and commercial setting, is pitched as an ideal power backup solution.

Our team put the Honda 658130 portable generator under the microscope to determine just how well it lives up to the prestigious standards established by the company's family of power backup appliances.

Honda 658130 Review

Honda EU2200i 2200-Watt 120-Volt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator with CO-Minder - 49-State

Honda's 658130 portable generator is pitched as ideal for use in the home in the event of a mains power outage or other emergency situation.

It is easy stored, transported and operated, and so at a glance appears to be the perfect backup solution for the home. Our team took a closer look at this appliance.

Honda 658130 Review - Specifications

The Honda 658130 is one of Honda's smaller generators, but it's suitable for a wide variety of circumstances, notably camping, or acting as a backup source if the mains power is disconnected.

Its small size, light weight (51lbs), and top-handle make transporting the generator relatively easy.

The unit also contains a 30A receptacle, which allows two EU2000i units to run in parallel, effectively eliminating the necessity for an external parallel kit, allowing for wattage of up to 4000W.

The 658130 (Or EU2000iC)'s main claim to fame however, is in its ability to function quietly, making it the ideal companion to bring on a camping excursion.

The presence of a 30A receptacle makes this generator suitable for RV applications, however another optional adaptor is required. The 658130 also has a 20A receptacle.

Honda 658130 Review - Safety & Warranty

The 658130 has a three year warranty, and has the added bonus, as all Hondas do, of having a vast network of service stations spread throughout the US, capable of repairing the generator should something go amiss.

As an added safety precaution, the 658130 also has a Low Oil Indicator on its front panel that illuminates when gasoline levels are running low.

Regrettably, due to the lack of an oil meter, one must open the cap of the tank and look directly inside, in order to gauge approximately how much fuel is remaining.

Honda 658130 Review - Design

The Honda 658130 has a small casing with beveled edges, encasing the generator, with a black panel to the front, indicating where the sockets are, and contrasting with the red of the remainder of the unit.

Together, the colours are a perfect representation of the Honda brand. The design is complimented by a handle across the top, enhancing the portability of the device.

Overall, the design is smart, basic, and un-intimidating, perfect for residential or recreational use.

Honda 658130 Review - Summary

In summary, the Honda 658130 is a sleek, professional, and portable generator, most suitable for recreational or residential use.

The peace of mind this product offers the consumer is only an added plus, as one can rest assured that should they be struck by a power outage at any stage in the day, that the Honda 658130 will be ready and capable of turning the lights back on.

Overall, the 658130 punches way above its weight, especially when partnered with the Honda EU2000i. Another worthy contribution to the growing family of Honda Generators.

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