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Honda 660570 Generator Review

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Our readers would know, that we at Generator Ratings are major fans of the Honda brand.

Solid, robust quality throughout their range, they have yet to produce a product that has not achieved exactly what it was developed for. Read on for yet another assessment of a Honda product; this is our Honda 660570 Review.

Honda 660570 Generator Review 2022


The Honda 660570 (EB5000) puts out a rated wattage of 4500, with a maximum of 5000W. This makes the 660570 a good choice for outdoor activities, or as a back-up source of power for home appliances in the case of a power-outage.

This generator is slightly louder than some of the others we have reviewed however, with a decibel rating of 72. This would not be overly disruptive, but you would certainly be aware of the generator's presence.

The fuel capacity for this unit stands at 6.2 gal.  This unit has a dry weight of 214lbs, and is therefore quite heavy. We would not recommend attempting to lift this unit with one person. The 660570 has a commercial Honda iGX390 engine

Safety & Warranty

Advanced iAVR (Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulator) technology allows the generator to provide a constant flow of power, without being affected by the load. GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Protection) on all outlets allows protection of all appliances and tools hooked up to the generator.

Honda's Oil Alert will automatically shut down the generator when the oil level drops too low. The i-Monitor provides service diagnostics while the generator is in operation.

This product avails of a 3 year residential and commercial warranty.


Honda EG2800i 2800W 120V Full Frame Portable Inverter Gas Generator

The Honda 660570 is a relatively large generator. With two foldable handles on the front, and wheels attached to the bottom, this is a very transportable generator.

Both the wheels and handles are attached to a black metal frame around the generator, which helps shield it from damage as a bonus.

The generator itself is basic Honda design, with the black/red contrast dominating the aesthetic appearance of the entire product.


To conclude our Honda 660570 Review, we would recommend this generator for usage in outdoor activities, and home back-up power sourcing.

This generator's several safety settings make it suitable for use around the home.

Furthermore, by buying a Honda product, you will likely find it very easy to service your generator due to Honda possessing a wide network of service stations across the US.

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