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Honda EM5000S Generator Review

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Our team assessed the Honda EM5000S. When one purchases a Honda product, they may be assured that their money has been well-spent. With Honda products, comes an unspoken guarantee of quality. Continue reading below for our full Honda EM5000S Review.

Honda EM5000S Review - Introduction

As fans of the Honda brand here at Generator Ratings, we are always eager to put their units to the test. A favourite in the construction / industrial sectors, Honda has been voted the number one brand by builders for seven years running.

However, its not hard to see why Honda earns itself so much prestige. Read on to see what we thought of the Honda EM5000S.


The Honda EM5000S runs on a Honda GX390 engine, providing the user with a rated load of 4,500W, and a surge load of 5,000W. With a fuel capacity of approximately six gallons, the EM5000S has a run tome of about 8.4hrs at rated load.

With a noise level of 72dB, the EM5000S is remarkably quiet for a generator, considering that 60dB is considered to be an average human conversation.

This unit weighs about 231lbs, so we would advise caution when transporting this piece of equipment, as it is quite heavy.

Using iAVR technology, the EM5000S is capable of providing 7,000W for ten seconds, in order to start larger equipment.

Safety & Warranty

This device is CARB compliant, and therefore can be sold in all 50 of the United States of America.

Benefitting from iAVR (Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulation) technology, there is a guaranteed consistent flow of power regardless of the load placed on the device. This means that the EM5000S is capable of delivering power to sensitive devices such as computers etc.

The EM5000S also provides 2 duplex outlets with GFCI protection, which prevents electricity flowing in an unintended manner, such as through water, or a person.

This unit is also protected by Honda Oil Alert, a system that shuts off the generator's engine when low oil is detected.

As many Honda products do, this unit benefits from a 3 year residential and commercial warranty. Contact Honda for more details regarding Warranty policy.

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The EM5000S is very practically designed, with fold-out bar handles at the front. Underneath the generators, two wheels and two stands prioritise mobility.

The generator is also surrounded by a bar-frame providing handles for increased mobility an placement options. The engine is started electrically, with a recoil back-up also included. A remote start-up is also an optional add-on.

Aesthetically speaking, the Em5000S is nothing special. Not exactly an attractive unit, nor a particularly unappealing design.

The signature red and black Honda colours are showcased as expected. It is clear that this product is designed with a commercial / construction role in mind. This is shown by the convenient design, that optimises utility over visual appeal.

Overall we would recommend this product. It performed quite well under our assessments, to the point where we had no complaints.

As is usually the case with Honda products, the EM5000S did exactly as it said it would on the tin, and it is for that reason that we would count this generator as another win for Honda.

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