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Honda EU2000i Portable Generator

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Honda has long stood as a brand that holds itself to a high standard. Customers who choose Honda have come to expect reliable, robust products from the manufacturing giant; products that provide a premium standard service and are built to last.

Our reviews team assessed how the Honda EU2000i Portable Generator measured up to expectations.

Power generators have become a particularly popular option for usage in the home. This is because of more erratic weather conditions and more frequent power outages. Power generators are popular because at their best, they're powerful and unobtrusive.

They need a product that is well designed enough for easy out-of-sight storage; reliable enough to be fully functional in an emergency; and durable enough to last for the long term.

Honda ticks all of these boxes, emphatically.

Although well suited for use in homes, the Honda EU2000i is incredibly versatile. This is a great machine to give you power on demand any time an outlet is not available. It's easily portable from room to room, and comfortable to carry anywhere when power is required.

As one of the lightest, most portable generators, it's just as easy to carry out of doors for use on a DIY project. And because of its power and low noise level, it's a fantastic option for using on camping or RV expeditions.

Honda EU2000i Pros & Cons

Before we get into the in-depth exploration of the Honda EU 2200i, here, at a glance, are some of the main pros and cons of this popular power generator from Honda.

As you can see, the points in favour of the unit heavily outweigh those against. The generator's popularity on Amazon, and its solid customer rating, is another indication of its quality.


Honda EU2000i Portable Generator - Pros and Cons
Quiet operational noise level.Not as powerful as some generators.
Durable design: it's built to last.Lack of fuel gauge a disadvantage.
Light weight & handle for portability. Asking price will be too expensive for some.
Runs up to 8 hours on a gallon of gasoline

Amazon Customer Reviews: 347
Average Customer Review Rating: 4.8 out of 5 Stars

Honda EU2000i

Honda EU2200i 2200-Watt 120-Volt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator with CO-Minder - 49-State

The Honda EU2000i is one of the most critically acclaimed portable generator units on the market. It’s a robust generator, extremely powerful for its size, very dependable and also easy to service. 

The Honda EU2000i is also remarkably quiet and easy to store, making it an ideal option for home use, whether it's in operation or in storage.

This combination of discreet operation, appealing design, reliability and user-friendliness—not to mention the reliability of the Honda brand—makes the EU2000i one of the best portable generator options available.

Honda EU2000i Specifications

Anyone new to generators would regard the Honda EU2000i as having been developed specifically for home usage. At just over 45lbs when empty, the unit's portability is not a problem.

This applies whether you need it in an emergency, or you have to carry it from room to room. There's no problem in getting it to where it's needed.

Neither is home storage an issue either, as the EU2000i measures just 21in x 12in x 19in. These dimensions also make the generator compact enough to bring with you on a camping or RV expedition into the great outdoors.

It couldn't be easier to ensure your family holiday has all the comforts of home you could wish for on a vacation.

The EU2000i also has a very comfortable operational noise level for a generator. Producing 59dB at rated load, the EU2000i is in the same noise level range as normal conversation, or the ambient noise level of a quiet suburb.

Users do not report being disturbed by the noise level of this unit as they go about their everyday business.

Rated at 1600W, with a peak power of 2000W, the EU2000i is quite sufficient for powering standard electronic home appliances or entertainment systems such as Xbox consoles, televisions, and DVD players. It's also powerful enough to run laptops, fridges/freezers or microwave ovens.

The Honda EU2000i has a GX100 engine, one of the most powerful in its class, with a cubic capacity of 98.5cc.

This means it can handle some larger loads with relatively little trouble, but it is true that this is one of the less powerful generators in this class.

We rate this machine highly on its versatility, not its brute force. If you need a generator for larger loads than those mentioned above, perhaps you should look elsewhere.

Honda EU2000i Power & Efficiency

The Honda EU2000i might not be powerful enough for some users. For example, it will not be suitable for powering an air conditioner… but Honda has designed the unit in such a way as to make it easy for two EU2000is to be connected together for double the power.

Against that, this is not the cheapest generator on the market, so if you need more power, it might be more cost effective to consider another option

At just over 45lbs when empty, this is a lightweight generator, but it boasts a seriously impressive running time. The EU2000i has a fuel capacity of just under one-gallon, and this enables the generator run for almost 3.5 hours on full load, or eight hours on 'Eco-Throttle', which is 25% of maximum power.

Eco-Throttle is a particularly fantastic Honda innovation. It ensures that the engine speed is kept at the optimum load, based on what load is being used at the time.

Honda EU2000i Design

At a glance, the Honda EU 2000i is immediately appealing, with the brand's signature red and black finish, tightly sealed unit with rounded corners and edges, and a neat integral carry-handed on top for easy lifting and carrying.

As well as its fuel efficiency, safe emissions and relatively unobtrusive noise output, the design makes it particularly suitable for use in a domestic or family camping context. Simply put, it doesn't get in the way, and it looks very smart for an appliance of this nature.

We only had one issue with the design, and that's the lack of a fuel indicator. Unfortunately, the only way to check the level of gasoline in the tank is to remove the cap and peer inside.

This is not something you'll want to do in the event of an emergency, so you will always want to keep a gallon of gasoline in reserve if your generator is only used at certain times of the year.

The reason why we found this such a glaring anomaly in an otherwise pretty perfect generator for this class is that it seems a particularly thoughtless design omission.

For example, if you're suddenly plunged into darkness and you have no light source at hand, checking fuel for the EU2000i is going to be a bit awkward!

In operation, the GX100 runs efficiently and will prevent tripping of the generator's protective circuitry. The Honda EU2000i is started with a simple recoil system, designed to enable anyone get the unit running with just one easy pull.

Honda EU2200i 2200-Watt 120-Volt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator with CO-Minder - 49-State

Honda EU2000i Safety

One of the safest power generators on the market, the Honda EU2000i has got the certificates to prove it!

This unit is certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) which tests and certifies electrical, mechanical, plumbing, gas and other products, and is recognised in Canada, the US and around the world. This CSA mark is used on billions of certified products worldwide.

The EU2000i is also certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and is approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

All of these certifying bodies have established a host of strict regulations on air pollutants, forcing generator brands to up their game and ensure their products comply with the standards.

In general, users of all levels of expertise are very well served by the Honda EU2000i. General maintenance is simple for all.

Although there is no fuel gauge, the generator is protected by Honda's 'Oil Alert' feature that shuts the engine down automatically when the oil level gets too low. All you have to do is top up the oil.

And if you're not an expert, buying Honda ensures that you can avail of the truly vast network of Honda maintenance and repair facilities that are dotted across the US. Best of all, the Honda EU 2000i is also covered by a generous three-year warranty, which covers not only parts but also servicing.

Honda EU2000i Review - Summary

The Honda EU2000i is superb option for the average consumer, especially those buying a generator for the first time. Among its strengths are its rugged durability and smooth-edged red & black design that's so apt for use in the home. It's lightweight and compact, so easily stowed out of sight when not in use.

With 2000W starting power and 1600W of running power, the Honda EU2000i can power a range of core household appliances. It will function just as reliably during power outages as it does on camping trips in the great outdoors.

The unit's advanced microprocessor-controlled sine wave inverter facilitates the charging of a large range of smaller sensitive electronic devices. These include such items as laptops, tablets, smartphones, handheld games consoles and digital cameras.

The EU2000i also has the advantage of Honda's brand reputation for reliability. Not only is there a three-year parts and labor warranty, there is also an extensive customer service backup.

Regardless of your location, there's most likely a maintenance station or service representative close to hand who can address the issues.

On the downside, it's not as powerful as some of the other units in its class. It wouldn't be suitable for heavy duty construction appliances. However, it's possible to connect two of these units together and get double the power.

It's a little expensive for its size and power, but this unit will be with you for the long term. You are paying extra for reliability and durability, and for the extensive after-sales service and warranty cover. The EU2000i more than lives up to the titan Honda brand's reputation for excellence.

Honda EU2200i 2200-Watt 120-Volt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator with CO-Minder - 49-State

• Honda Generators - FAQs

If, after all this information about Honda, and the Honda EU2000i Portable Generator, you're still undecided, don't worry. To help clarify things, we've answered the most frequently asked questions about Honda specifically, and portable generators generally.

Why should I buy a Honda portable generator?

The short answer to this question is experience and reliability. Honda has been a leading brand for over 50 years. They excel in generators and other power equipment applications including water pumps, lawn mowers, outboard motors, trimmers, lawnmowers and more.

Honda has manufactured more than 100-million power products all over the world since 1953. The brand is dedicated to developing fuel-efficient, low-emission, environmentally-friendly, four-stroke engines for all appliances.

Choosing Honda means you will benefit from the support of a network of thousands of independent dealers across the uS. Their products are covered by generous warranties. And in 2015, the brand passed the milestone of 40-million satisfied power equipment customers in the US.

What is the Honda EU Inverter Series?

The EU Inverter Series of generators is available in a range of wattages from 1,000 up to 7,000W starting power. All Honda's inverter generators have powerful four-strike engines that do not mix oil and gasoline.

And its EU Series technology provides cleaner electricity so it broadens the range of appliances that can be safely powered. This means that even the most sensitive smartphones and other handheld devices can be charged on a generator.

That's the secret of the versatility of Honda generators in this class. They provide quiet, efficient power backup in the home or anywhere you don't want noise to be a nuisance. And at the higher end of the power range, they're also great for construction sites.

Allied with a proven reputation for durability, technology like this makes Honda an almost unbeatable brand for home generator options.

What's the best advice on Honda generators that need maintenance?

With products this complex, we recommend you engage an official Honda representative. However, if you want to troubleshoot problems, the official website for Honda Power Equipment is a fantastic resource.

You get a ton of information, including owners manuals, advice on fuelling, support videos, an FAQs section, and more. You can also contact the customer relations team by phone, email and post. In addition, there is an online chat service to facilitate resolution of less complex matters.

However, the best advice is to seek a Honda Power Equipment servicing station. Doing this will give you complete peace of mind that your appliance is properly inspected, diagnosed and repaired.

• Portable Generators - FAQs

If you're still unsure of what portable generator to choose, our FAQs section on Portable Generators will help you. This section will help you to firmly grasp what to look out for when browsing. Also, you'll be able to more knowledgeably confirm your decision for choosing the particular product.

Why should I buy a portable generator?

Portable generators have many uses, providing back-up during outages, and convenience when power is required outside. They will give great peace of mind, whether as a backup, or allowing you to enjoy home comforts when outdoors.

Are portable generators expensive?

For a high quality portable generator, you're looking at prices over the $1,000 dollar mark. However, the investment is worth it, because you don't realise the value of a generator until you need it most. With the Honda EU2200i, you're allowed an easily portable, easily stored solution to black-outs.

Are portable generators loud?

Most portable generators register at a noise level that is anywhere between 55-80dB. We class any generator under 70dB to be relatively quiet. The average human conversation is approximately 60dB, so anything under 70dB can be considered quiet for a generator.

How often should I use my portable generator?

You should ideally use your generator about once a month. Such usage keeps the unit in good condition and prevents build-up of fuel that can damage the device. Also, check your user manual for any additional information on how frequently you should be using your generator.

How do I start-up my generator after a long time of not being used?

Firing up your generator for the first time in a while? No worries, simply follow our instructions and everything should go off without a hitch.

To set-up your generator after it has been sitting dormant, first bring it into an open, and well ventilated environment. You should examine all components of your generator to ensure they're operational and in good condition. That's particularly important for the carburettor of the generator.

Next, your generator will require a good cleaning. It's important to consult the user manual for details on exactly how you should clean the device. The next step is to refill the generator with fresh fuel, and install a new spark plug.

Ensure that the generator has sufficient fuel for proper operation. You can initiate startup after all safety concerns are addressed as per the user manual.

If water gets into my generator, what should I do?

Water can create a safety hazard, so if water gets into your unit, shut down the power immediately. Your user manual should detail the correct procedure to follow when shutting off the device. If it's too dangerous, our advice is to not approach the generator, and consult customer support immediately.

How long can I store fuel?

Fuel begins to deteriorate after a month, so we advise adding a stabilizer to extend the lifespan of stored fuel. This will essentially stop the ethanol from damaging combustion related components.

That being said, it is not advised that you stockpile a lot of fuel. We recommend storing up about 24 hours worth of fuel, just for any emergency use.

Where should I set up my portable generator?

Set up your portable generator in a very well ventilated area. Never site the generator unit indoors. However, you need to safeguard it from rain, snow, and other outdoor hazards with a protective shelter. But above all, remember that you must not place your generator indoors.

Carbon monoxide and other fumes cause serious poisoning, so don't run the generator anywhere fumes might build up.

What is the difference between surge and rated wattage?

Surge wattage is the 'peak wattage' or highest output of a generator, usually sustained only for short time periods. The rated wattage, however, relates to the continuous performance capabilities, and is the more important figure.


Wrapping up our Honda EU2000i review, we advise you to thoroughly review the FAQs sections above. Then, when you return to the main Honda EU2000i you do so with an informed perspective. The Honda EU2000i is one of the best portable generators on the market today.

Our review unanimously agreeing that it is a robust and formidable generator, suitable for a wide variety of uses. Our FAQs and reviewing the specifications above, you'll be able to see if it suits your need.

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