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Honda Generator Review and Buyers Guide

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Honda is a byword for reliability right across its offering, and there is no exception to this rule in the brand's power generator equipment.

As you'll see from our reviews team's Honda Generator, Honda has some of the most robust and reliable power generation equipment on the market.

Not only are Honda machines efficient and user-friendly to operate, they are also notably clean and quiet.

Honda Generator

Our team looked at some of the finest power brands and best home generator and best portable generator units to compile this Honda Generator Review.

1. Honda Generator Review - Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt

This 2000 watts / 120V portable generator is extremely quiet and very easy to carry to wherever you need it most.

It's absolutely ideal for smaller domestic items such as televisions, DVD/Blu Ray machines, fridges, coffee pots and other appliances, making it the perfect backup for the home. It's very quiet too, and fuel-efficient with it, running for just over eight hours on a gallon of gasoline.

2. Honda Generator Review - Honda EU2000i Super Quiet 2000W Generator

Another super efficient Honda generator, like the EU2000I, a 2000 watts, 120V machine that is quiet, portable, and as suitable for the smaller domestic electronic items as it is for larger jobs.

It's very fuel-efficient too, running for up to 9.6 hours on one gallon of gas.

Honda EU2200i 2200-Watt 120-Volt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator with CO-Minder - 49-State

3. Honda Generator Review - Honda Super Quiet Gasoline Portable Generator (1000 Watt)

This 1000 Watt generator has a lot to recommend it from a nuisance-free proposition. Weighing just 29lbs, this generator is lightweight and compact, making it easy to store in the home, but just as easy to carry with you to any destination.

The EU1000i operates at a noise level range of 53-59dBA, which is lower than a conversation, making it ideal for the home, the campsite, the office, or any other context where noise is a crucial factor.

4. Honda Generator Review - Honda EU3000iS

Honda Power Equipment EU3000IS 3000W 120V Portable Home Gas Power Generator

This is another fantastic power generator solution for the home, with the totally enclosed overhead valve engine unit emitting only 48-58dBA of noise.

It's lightweight and compact, so easy to transport or store, and, thanks partly to its super-efficient Eco-Throttle mechanism, runs for up to an amazing 24 hours on a single tank of gas.

5. Honda Generator Review - Honda 7000W

This is an ultra efficient and user-friendly generator from Honda, right down to its starter, which is a convenient push-button feature. The generator is 7,000 Watts and has two 20amp GCFI outlets. It's powered by a fuel-injected Honda GX390 EFI engine, which comes with an oil alert feature that will keep your maintenance to a minimum. This efficient generator runs for up to 18 hours on a quarter load.

6. Honda Generator Review - Honda EU1000i Inverter Generator

Honda Power Equipment EU1000I 1000W 120V Portable Home Gas Power Generator with CO-Minder

The 1000 watts, 120V Honda EU1000i is ideal for television, lights and other small domestic electrical devices, whether in the home or on a camping trip, and it's also just as capable of functioning in power outage emergencies and for larger home improvement projects. It's a quiet machine operating in the 53-59dBA range, and weighs just 29lbs. The EU1000i on a quarter load can run for 8.3 hours on just 0.6 gal of gas.

7. Honda Generator Review - Honda EU2000IC Companion Super Quiet

The Honda EU2000IC Companion Super Quiet generator lives up to its billing. It really is super quiet, and its 2000 Watts, 120V of power is ideal in any situation, be it a power outage crisis or for greater flexibility when undertaking a major home improvement scheme.

It has a built-in 30A outlet for easy parallel capability with a regular EU2000i appliance for up to 4000 Watts of power, and it's also excellent for running games consoles, TVs and other similarly sized domestic items.

8. Honda Generator Review - Honda Power Equipment EB2800IA

Honda Power Equipment's EB2800IA generator can always be counted on when you need a reliable, clean power backup in the home.

The EB28000IA can handle all of the basics, from cellphones, right up to the larger domestic items such as power tools, refrigerators, even furnaces!

With 2800 watts and 120V of power, this generator is also discreet and quiet, and extremely lightweight and easy to store and transport.

9. Honda Generator Review - Honda Power Equipment EU3000IH1A

The EU3000IH1A is the lightest 3000 Watts, 120V generator ever developed by Honda Power Equipment.

Able to handle a wide variety of domestic appliances from power tools to microwaves, hair dryers to microwaves and refrigerators, the EU3000IH1A is able to tackle any task.

Its offset handle design features make the generator easier to life than many others, while its wheels and folding handle mean the appliance can easily be transported to wherever you need it most.

10. Honda Generator Review - Honda EU2000i and EU2000ic Companion Inverter Generator Parallel Combo Kit

Two of the most popular Honda generators are now available in a single kit, offering the user 4000 watts of combined power.

These two generators can be used separately or easily linked together using Honda Parallel Cables to double your power backup without compromising portability. This combi kit also includes extension cords and covers.

Honda Generator Review - FAQ

First time buying a generator? Still feeling a little lost? Have no fear, as we've thrown together a quick FAQs section below, cutting out all the techie jargon that can sometimes be bulky, or unwieldy.

With our FAQs, you can find the answers to some of those burning questions you must have on your mind. Check it out below!

Why should I invest in a portable generator?

Portable generators are great for providing you with a sense of security that you will have a back-up in storage for those unplanned blackouts.

Additionally, portable generators are fantastic for outdoor activities like family barbecues, or camping trips, allowing you to bring some of the comforts of home to the great outdoors.

Will I need to maintain my generator?

Generators need to be operated approximately once a month to keep their parts in good condition. This prevents damage from fuel being stored in the generator for long periods of time.

We advise reading your user manual from start to finish to make sure that you are informed on all the details relating to generator maintenance.

How long can I store fuel for?

Generally, fuel begins to deteriorate after about a month, which is why we recommend adding fuel stabilizer as soon as possible if you want your fuel to last longer.

We recommend keeping about 24-hours of fuel in storage, just for emergencies. Saying that, we do not recommend storing an extensive amount of fuel for long periods of time.

Honda EU2200i 2200-Watt 120-Volt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator with CO-Minder - 49-State

Are generators expensive?

For a high quality generator, you are looking at price-tags that exceed the $1,000 mark. However, the value of these machines cannot be overstated.

As we've outlined above, these generators are extremely useful in the case of an unexpected blackout.

It's easy to forget the value of these products when there is no emergency, however you can trust us when we say that if you live in a disaster-prone area, these generators are absolutely essential in providing you with that bit of extra comfort while you wait for the power grid to come back online.

Are generators loud?

Generally speaking, generators operate at a volume of anywhere between 55 dBA, and 80 dBA. We would class generators operating at 70 dB or under to be exceptionally quiet.

For reference, the average human conversation usually registers at about 60 dB.

Where should I set up my generator?

It is absolutely imperative that you set up your generator in a well-ventilated area, so that the extremely harmful exhaust fumes do not get a chance to build up.

This means not having your generator indoors, and that includes your garage, or a tent. If you allow your generator's fumes to build up, Carbon monoxide poisoning becomes a risk.

Additionally, as generators are susceptible to water damage, keep your generator in a sheltered space outside where water, snow, or other outdoor hazards cannot get at it.

What should I do if water gets into my generator?

Should water get into your generator, try to shut it off as soon as possible, as this can create a serious safety hazard.

It's important that you have read your user manual and know the proper procedure to deal with this issue. We recommend contacting a Honda customer service representative for assistance in shutting down your generator safely.

Do not take risks, your safety and the safety of your loved ones is of paramount importance above all else.

How do I start up my generator after a long period of it not being used?

To start up your generator after an extended period of not being used, first take it out to a well ventilated, open area.

Examine all of the parts of the generator, to ensure that they are in good condition, this is especially important for the generator's carburettor. With the generator off, you must then clean it properly - details should be included in your user manual.

With cleaning finished, we recommend then filling the generator with enough fresh fuel (there is usually a mark on the inside to indicate how much fuel is 'enough'), and fitting it with a new spark plug.

Any other safety precautions outlined in the user manual must be checked and followed, after which you're in the clear to start your generator again.

What kind of fuel does my generator need?

This information is contained in your user manual, and should be checked before you begin using your generator. This is very important, as feeding the wrong fuel can create problems.

Do I need a wheel kit for my generator?

Most large or heavy generators come fitted out with a wheel kit anyway for easy transport. Smaller, more compact generators are usually quite light, and so they usually just come with a handle for handheld transport.

The necessity for a wheel kit really boils down to making it easier for you to transport the generator. The things to consider here are how you intend to use the generator, and how much weight you can lift.

If you believe that a weight kit would be helpful in transporting your generator, then we absolutely recommend looking into a suitable kit.

What does 'electric start' mean with regard to portable generators?

'Electric start' is a start-up mechanism that involves turning on the generator by the simple push of a button.

The alternative to this mechanism is a cord-pulling mechanism. Both of these types of start-up sequences have issues, for example electric start can sometimes fail if the battery is empty, while a corded system can be a bit difficult for some people to use.

The best generators tend to have both systems, which is ideal as they work as back-ups for the other should it fail to start the generator.

What is the difference between rated wattage and surge wattage?

Surge wattage is commonly referred to as the 'peak' wattage.

This is essentially the most wattage a generator can put out, however this is usually only maintained for a short time, whereas the rated wattage refers to the generator's ability to provide continuous power.

The rated wattage is definitely the figure you should consider to be more important.

Is size and weight important?

Size and weight are important to consider when it comes to finding a storage or transport solution for your generator.

Consider how you intend to use your generator, if it is just for camping, maybe go with a smaller, light-weight generator, for added convenience.

Only you know what kind of performance you require from your generator, so our advice is to apply this to the generator you pick, making sure that both the size and weight of the unit match your requirements for convenient use.


And that's it for our Honda Generator Review. If you're wondering where to go from here, we recommend checking out our FAQs section above one more time, before returning to our Honda Generator list above.

By doing so, you will be re-entering our list refreshed, and full of new information.

This will allow you to apply your informed opinion to our list of generators, allowing you to find the perfect unit for you and your loved ones.

As an added bonus, by doing this you are saving yourself unending hours of mind-numbing blind browsing, and letting us do the leg work for you!

Finally, we at Generator Ratings would like to wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect generator for you; happy camping!

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