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Honeywell HW5500 Generator Review

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A portable generator developed by Honeywell, the HW5500 is both powerful, dependable, and quiet. It can produce 5500 watts continuously and 6875 watts at its peak.

The HW5500 generator can deliver electricity to several devices concurrently and is perfect for household applications. This lightweight and portable generator is powered by a HoneywellTM Big-Bore, 337 cc, OHV (Overhead Valve) engine, which is designed to produce more power and last longer.

The Honeywell HW5500 has a larger muffler to reduce noise levels during operation. It is simple to operate and has a 4-in-1 power cord, color-coded stat controls, and 24-hour instructions and assistance if you dial 1-888-RECOIL-8.

Honeywell 5500 Generator Review

This durable Honeywell generator gives reliable power in a compact and strong portable electric generator. This generator is perfect for home usage and for those who need a reliable source of emergency electricity.

It boasts a larger muffler, Smart Start controls, wheels for easy portability, and an OHV engine for quiet operation.

When the power goes out, you can rest assured knowing that you and your family will be safe and comfortable thanks to the advanced features packed inside the reliable Honeywell HW5500 Portable Gas Powered Home Generator.

In the event of a power outage or natural disaster, this HW5500 generator will allow you to continue using your important home equipment.

Best Features
Maximum Watts: 6875, Continuous Watts: 5500.
Big-Bore HoneywellTM Engine, 337 cc.
22.9 amps at 240 volts and 45.8 amps at 120 volts.
As well as 120V 5-20R duplex and 120V 5-20R duplex outlets, there are also 120V L14-30 120/240VAC (Floating Neutral) outlets.
Tank for fuel: 6.5 gallons.
11 hours of operation at 50 percent load.
Power Control Center Simplified with a 4-in-1 Power Cord.
Color-coded Controls for Smart-StartTM.
Never Go Flat Tires.
Handles With High Leverage For Simple Mobility.
The First Liter of Oil to Enter a Funnel.
Large Muffler Filters the Sound.
29 inches by 27 inches by 29 inches.
Weighting up at a hefty 195 pounds, this guy is rather big.
The SurePower alternator maintains a constant voltage supply.

Best Uses of the Honeywell 5500

The 337cc Honeywell Engine within this generator is rated at 5500 watts, but it can actually produce up to 6875 watts. It was designed to make strong and long lasting electricity.

Multiple small and energy efficient equipment, such as reading lights, a portable air conditioner, a refrigerator, a computer, and more, can all be powered by just one outlet. It can also power major home appliances like a washing machine, dishwasher, or electric heaters.

This generator can be taken camping or to a remote cabin to power electronics and other electrical needs. Similarly, it can be used to fuel the machinery required to run on building sites.

When loaded at 50% capacity, it can run for at least 9 hours on just 5.8 gallons of fuel. As a result, having this generator as a backup for your home's electricity needs is a great idea.

Price of the Honeywell 5500

The Honeywell HW5500 gas-powered generator retails for around $700 and includes shipping. 

This is reasonable and it is representative of prices premium brands charge for similar powered generators. There are cheaper options out there, with similar features but you might be taking a risk with quality. 

As the saying goes… buy cheap, buy twice!


Four 5-20R 120V duplex outlets and two L14-30R twist lock 120.240V outlets are provided.

The 5-20R outlets' circuit breakers are 20-amp devices that can take a maximum load of 4800W, which is lower than the 5500W rating.

Although the L14-total 30R's output is capped at 3000W, each leg can reach up to 3000W thanks to its 25-amp circuit breakers. If properly balanced, each leg might produce up to 2750W of power. delivering 22.9 amps per leg at full capacity.

How easy is it to use?

The control panel for the Honeywell HW5500 gas-powered portable generator is located on its side. The interface is very user-friendly and intuitive. The engine's start/stop button may be found to the left of the generator.

To the right of this switch are a pair of duplex 120-volt-20-amp outlets with their own circuit breakers below, and to the right of them is a twist-lock 120-volt-240-volt outlet with a 25-amp breaker below.

How to start it

The Honeywell HW5500 is a gas-powered portable generator with a recoil start system. Before turning on the generator, make sure it is properly installed in a ventilated, flat, and level space.

Check the oil and fuel. Be sure no loads are connected to the generator.

Steps to starting the HW5500
Verify that the breaker switches are in the "Set" position.
Open the fuel shutdown valve.
You can activate the choke by pulling the lever to the right.
The engine switch must be set to the Run position to begin operation.
Pull steadily until you feel resistance while holding the recoil starter.
Get the recoil starter pulled in rapidly. Return the starter handle to its starting position gradually. You may need to try starting the engine multiple times before it fires up.
As the engine warms up, move the choke lever back to the Off position.
Steps to turning off the HW5500
Turn off the generator and disconnect it from any loads you may be running.
Please wait a few minutes while the generator brings the temperature down.
To turn off the engine, flip the switch to the off position.
Turn the gasoline shutoff valve to the Off position.

What size is it?

The Honeywell HW5500 is a 185-pound, 30-by-20.7-by-26.1-inch generator (H x W x L).

The size and light weight of this unit allow it to be transported easily. This Honeywell generator features high leverage wheels and a carry handle for easy portability.

Adding 34 pounds of fuel to the tank makes it around 220 pounds, which is a realistic weight to move around with the wheel kit.

What fuel does the Honeywell HW5500 use, and what can you expect?

The Honeywell 6036 uses gasoline as its fuel source. It has a large gas tank that can hold 5.8 gallons of fuel. At half capacity, this generator can run for up to 9 hours on a single tank of fuel.

What you get

  • It can have 6875 watts of instantaneous power.
  • Rated at 5,500 watts
  • Method of Initiation: Recoil
  • Power (HP): 11 Displacement (cc): 337
  • Motor type: OHV
  • The half-load time is 9 hours.
  • Totaling 5 storage units.
  • Fueling vehicles with gasoline
  • In terms of gas, the vehicle has a 6.5-gallon capacity.
  • Low Oil Level Shutdown: Yes
  • Powered by a Single Coin Cell
  • There is no battery included.
  • Measures a compact 31x23x23 inches (L x W x H).

Servicing the Honeywell HW5500

Maintaining and adjusting the Honeywell 6036 generator on a regular basis is necessary to keep it in peak condition and ensure optimal performance.

Here is the generator's maintenance regimen as proposed by Honeywell.


  • Check it and clean it
  • Check the motor oil level.
  • You should check the air filter.


Check and fill up oil.

Semi regularly:

  • Maintenance of the ventilation system's air filters.
  • Run the generator for at least 30 minutes.


  • Fully change the oil.
  • Spark plugs should be cleaned or replaced as needed.
  • Spark arrestor should be cleaned.

Annual Checklist:

  • The fuel sediment cup has to be cleaned.
  • Wash the cylinder's cooling fins.
  • Check the valve clearances and adjust as necessary.
  • Empty the fuel tank and clean the strainer.
  • Check the gasoline line and replace it if necessary.

Restoration and Guarantees

Northshore Power Systems backs the Honeywell 6036 gas-powered generator with a limited guarantee.

The warranty covers homeowners for three years and business owners for one.

Both labor and replacement parts are covered throughout the first year of this warranty. Any and all shipping fees must be paid by the client.

Which accessories are useful?

For this generator, there are a few accessories available.

Cover your generator to keep it safe from the elements when it's not in use.

You may also get a Reliance Controls 30 amp power input box to make it easier to wire your house for electricity.

A Reliance Control 30 amp indoor transfer switch is additionally offered. You can also get an Ohio Steel 25-gallon gasoline daddy lfor your generator.

Power wires of several lengths might let you hook up your appliances to your generator.

Pros and Cons of the Honeywell HW5500


  • Reliable and durable
  • Excellent customer service and network
  • Has fold-down handles for portability and sturdy wheels for use on rough terrain.
  • Impressive fuel economy as it can run for over 9 hours on a single tank of gas.
  • It has a safety mechanism built in that shuts off the engine if it detects that the oil level is too low.
  • The power outlets are safeguarded by circuit breakers.
  • It has a straightforward interface.
  • The generator is protected by a sturdy steel frame.
  • All home work is covered by a limited warranty for three years.


  • Louder than portable inverter generators, but not that noisy.
  • It could do with a voltmeter.
  • It does not include a 12 V power port for battery charging.
  • The engine mounts are easily damaged by rough treatment, so you need to be careful.

Final thoughts

Customers select this unit because they have experienced no performance issues and have faith in Honeywell's reputation and brand.

The big wheels and collapsible handle on this generator make it a popular choice among users.

Since it runs for more than 9 hours on a single tank of gas and is cheap to operate, it was not necessary to constantly refuel it.

In the event of a blackout, it may keep running for three days or more, and when it is working, it provides reliable and steady power.

If you think this generator is adequate for your needs, I would recommend it without hesitation.

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