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Hyundai Generator Review

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Hyundai have been massively influential on the manufacturing industry. As of 2016, Hyundai now stands as the third largest automobile manufacturer on the planet, behind Volkswagen and Toyota.

However, Hyundai do not limit themselves to manufacturing stylish SUVs. Today we will be assessing four generators, made by the South Korean giant. This is our Hyundai Generator Review 2021.

Hyundai Generator Review

1. Hyundai HY2000si


The Hyundai HY2000Si is capable of producing an 2000W of power, while creating only 58dB of noise.

Hyundai has given their customers their guarantee that their generator produces a pure sinewave output. What this means is that this generator is not only suitable powering lighting etc. but it can also handle more delicate items, like laptops, tablets etc.

This particular unit can run for up to 8 hours, with a fuel tank capacity of one gallon. Weighing in at 46.3lbs, its clear to us that this generator is intended for enhanced portability.

Hyundai's IC80 OHV Single Cylinder powers this model, with a Recoil start method.

Safety & Warranty

This generator comes with a built-in overload and low oil level protection. This means that as your generator runs out of oil, it will shut itself off to prevent damage. While the majority of portable generators come with this function, it is still worth noting.

All Hyundai inverter generators are covered under a three-year warranty, and are backed up with service and parts servicing. Contact Hyundai for more details relating to warranty policies.


The Hyundai was quite blatantly designed for portability. With a large handle over the top, and quite a small body, this device is clearly intended to be easily transportable, and then stored afterwards. As previously mentioned, with a dry weight of 46.3lbs, this generator can be transported with ease.

The blue exterior paneling of the device allow for some defence against wear-and-tear, which is vital for generators, for they may have to function in disastrous conditions.


In summary, the HY2000Si is a fantastic portable generator. Light, efficient, safe, this is the kind of portable generator we would recommend for camping trips, or just to have in your home in the case of a power outage, which are becoming more frequent.

2. Hyundai HHD6250


Producing 6250W at peak power, the HHD6250 has a tank capacity of 7.4 gallons, which will run for approximately 9 hours.

Producing 84dB, this model is not the most quiet generator on this list. For reference, an average human conversation registers about 60dB.

This generator is also suitable for powering delicate devices such as televisions and computers, which is useful in times of power outages.

This unit runs on a 11HP 337CC Hyundai Heavy Duty Motor, which is started with a manual recoil method.

Safety & Warranty

A low oil indicator is built-in to this model to prevent damage to the engine. Another useful feature is the non-fuse circuit breaker system.

This lends further reliability to the product. An Auto Voltage Regulator (AVR) is also included, which ensures a consistent flow of power, which prevents damage to your appliances.

This unit comes with a 2-year limited warranty, we advise that you contact Hyundai if you have more questions relating to warranty policy.


The Hyundai HHD6250 has a robust design, with a rugged wheel kit, and a tow handle. A black steel frame encases the generator to prevent damage and aid with portability.

This particular unit weighs 214lbs (approx.) and so would be considered very heavy.

However, with the wheel kit, and two foldable handles on the front of the generator make transporting the generator quite easy. Moving this unit is aided further by the relatively small size of the HHD6250.

This model is also quite durable, combine that with its reliability, and efficiency, and you have an all-round generator that performs well in almost any task you could assign it.

Finally, the HHD6250 has an easy-to-use control panel that is colour coded for further user-friendliness.


All-in-all, the Hyundai HHD6250 performs well across the board. Our only complaints would be how loud it is, and how heavy it is.

However, these obstacles may be forgiven, as such drawbacks are to be expected of a generator of this much power.

3. Hyundai HHD7250


The Hyundai HHD7250 is capable of producing 7250W peak power, with a 6500W running power. With a tank capacity of 7.4 gallons, this model can run for approximately 8 hours on 50% load.

However, this unit carries with it a decibel rating of 86dB. This is by no means a quiet generator, so be advised that you may want to think through where you would place this unit.

For reference, an average human conversation registers at about 60dB.

This generator runs off an electric one-click start Hyundai Heavy Duty HX389 OHV 13HP engine, using unleaded gasoline for fuel (A manual recoil start option is also included as a back-up).

Safety & Warranty

An AVR is built-in to ensure consistent flow of power, to prevent damage to your appliances.

The HHD7250 comes with a 2-year limited warranty. Contact Hyundai for more information regarding warranty policies.


Similar to the HHD6250, the Hyundai HHD7250 is encased in a 32mm commercial grade steel frame. This lends extra durability to the generator, as well as enhanced portability.

Weighing slightly over 218lbs, this is a very heavy unit. However, this weight issue is counteracted by the addition of a never-flat wheel kit, and tow handle.

As well as this, two foldable handles are attached to the front of the unit. These are useful additions as without them, the unit would not be feasibly portable.

The HHD7250's resilience and utilitarian design lends itself well to any scenario. Be it in the home, or in the country side, this generator is a reliable, robust addition to the Hyundai series.


The HHD7250 is best described as a continuation of the HHD6250, only proportional better across the board.

This is, of course, excluding decibel rating and weight, where in both regards the HDD7250 is very slightly worse off.

o4. Hyundai HY2000siCa


This portable inverter unit is capable of producing 2200W peak power, and 2000W running power. With A 1.2 gallon fuel tank, this model is able to run for about 5.5Hrs at 50% load.

With a decibel level of 64dB, this is an exceptionally quiet generator, for reference, the average human conversation is about 60dB.

The HY2000siCa runs off a 3.8HP Hyundai HX53.3 engine, with electric or manual recoil start.

Safety & Warranty

This unit has a built-in circuit breaker system with overload protection. As well as this, a Low oil indicator is built-in to let the user know when the generator is low on gasoline.

This is to aid in preventing irreparable damage to the product.

As an added bonus, this product is CARB approved, and EPA and CSA Certified.

The HY2000siCa is backed by a 2-year limited warranty. Contact Hyundai for more details relating to warranty policy.


The HY2000siCa is designed with portability in mind. Weighing approximately 70.5lbs, this unit is able to be carried by one person. A handle at the top of the generator makes this very convenient for the user. The overall shape of the unit is briefcase-like, allowing the user to carry it with one arm.

Covered in hard plastic panels, this unit is attractive from an aesthetics standpoint, although it is the HY2000siCa's enhanced portability that shines most.


This unit is best suited to someone who requires power for multiple small electrical appliances. We would recommend the HY2000iCa for camping, or light back-up power for the home.

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