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Hyundai HHD6250 Generator Review

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Hyundai HHD6250 Generator Review and Ultimate User Guide

The HHD6250 is an excellent choice for a backup system in a household or small business. 

This fuel-efficient generator will allow you to keep your home comfortable even if the power goes out.

The HHD6250 has the power to run several major home appliances independently or all at once. It features a 4-stroke HX337 OHV 11-horsepower motor, an electrical outlet with a 120/240-Volt twist-lock, and four additional 120-Volt AC outlets.

Never-flat wheels and retractable tow handles make this unit extremely mobile. It has a maximum output of 6250 watts, a constant output of 5500 watts, a runtime of 9 hours at 50% load, and an audible volume of 84 decibels. 

Main features

Non-CARB Compliant; Prohibited from Sale in California.

Six thousand two hundred and fifty maximum watts, five thousand and five hundred effective watts, recoil start, and a nine-hour operating period at fifty percent load.

Powerful generator that is durable, has a compact design for easy portability, a robust never flat wheel kit, and a tow handle.

A user-friendly control panel featuring a low-oil indicator for extra safety, an automatic voltage regulator, and a color-coded quick-start system.

Non-fuse circuit breaker system with trustworthy performance; maximum circuit current of 42A and output current of 21A.

How to assemble the Hyundai HHD6250

Attach the grips to the middle of the generator frame as shown. The bolts and nuts holding the generator's upper frame together should be tightened up.

Two peg stands should be attached to the bottom of the generator's frame. There are two bolts and two nuts that need to be tightened on the generator's lower frame.

Insert both wheels onto the axle, then use the washer and nut cap to secure the wheels to the axle.

Join the hub of the wheel to the base of the generator frame. Align the bolts with the holes in the generator's base, and then use the supplied nuts to secure them.

How to set up the Hyundai HHD6250

Exhaust gas contains the poisonous gas carbon monoxide. In no circumstances should the generator be used indoors. See to it that there is adequate air circulation.

Keep in mind that the generator needs to be run on a level surface. If the generator is leaning, fuel could spill. Keep your distance from the moving parts of the generator at all times. As the generator uses air cooling, insufficient airflow could result in malfunction.

Set up process

These quick checks will ensure that your generator is operating at peak efficiency.

Making sure the oil is at the right level

Have a flat surface ready for the generator.

It's time to check the oil. Assuming you've already taken the oil filling cap off, you can now focus on cleaning the dipstick. When you're satisfied with the oil level, replace the cap.

Removing the oil filler cap allows you to check the level of oil in the engine. If the oil level is below the minimum oil level mark, fill it up to the maximum oil level mark.

Tighten the oil filler cap back on

The quality of engine oil has a major impact on engine performance and durability. Using vegetable or non-detergent oils is not recommended.

Fuel level inspection

Checking the fuel level can be done in one of two ways: either by reading the gas gauge or by taking off the fuel tank cap.

Refill if the level drops too low. After filling up, make sure the gasoline tank cap is securely fastened.

Gasoline can be extremely explosive and flammable in specific conditions. Be sure to refuel in a well-ventilated area when the engine is turned off. Places where gasoline is stored or the generator is being refueled should be kept smoke-free and spark-free.

Make sure the tank isn't completely full. When refueling, be mindful of spills. Make sure there are no fuel spills and let the area dry before starting the engine.

You should not use gasohol or any other fuel substitute. They could cause damage to the fuel system components.

Checking the air filter

Turning the knob frees the air filter cover for easy access. After removing the air filter, make sure the element is clean.

Wash the air filter element with soap and water or a solvent to get it clean. Press dry, then submerge in clean motor oil.

Having removed any excess oil, reinstall. 

The air filter should be inspected in accordance with the maintenance plan. Always make sure the air filter is clean before starting the generator.

The filter should be changed every 50 hours, or every three months.

Starting the Hyundai HHD6250

Before the generator may be operated, a ground wire must be connected to the grounding terminal. The Ground terminal is located on the front panel.

Do not use the choke when the engine is hot or the outside temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius).

We know how excited you are to finally turn on your generator. Please follow the startup instructions below carefully to get the most use out of your generator and to extend its life.

Turn the lever to open the gasoline valve. This may be found on the left side of the generator and is connected to the fuel tank's base.

If the engine is cold, the choke lever should be closed. The generator's choke lever is located on the left side, above the air filter cover.

Electronic equipment must be unplugged from the generator panel outlets. The next step is to put the ignition into "RUN."

If you need to start the generator by hand, grab the recoil starter handle and pull it until the generator turns on. Be careful not to let the recoil starter snapback. You should return it by hand with care.

Put the choke lever in the open position as the engine warms up. The choke is used to provide the correct air-fuel combination while the engine is cold.

Transporting and Maintaining


The fuel valve and the engine switch must be turned off before the generator set may be moved.

Don't touch the engine until it has cooled down.

Be sure the generator is sitting on a flat surface to prevent leaks.


The storage area should not have any more dust or moisture added to it.

Empty the fuel tank and the carburetor.

Add Ethanol ShieldTM to the gas tank as directed on the bottle.

The process of draining gas tanks

Power down the vehicle immediately. The debris screen and the fuel cap must be removed.

Fuel tanks can be drained using a siphon and an authorized gasoline container.

Drain of the carburetor

To turn off the vehicle's motor, use the "off" button. In other words, let the temperature drop. A gasoline switch must be turned on before operation can begin.

Put a container beneath the drain screw on the carburetor. Disconnect the drain pipe by loosening the screw.

Once all of the fuel has been drained, you should retighten the drain screw.

How to be safe when using the Hyundai HHD6250

Remember to check the oil, gas, and air filter before you start the engine.

Clean and disinfect the tools as required.

Follow operating instructions closely to ensure the generator stays on and stays safe.

Before starting the generator, make sure to read the documentation carefully. If not, it could result in injury or damage to property.

Warning: the exhaust system, compressor pump, and discharge tubing can cause burns if not used properly.

Observe the warnings with extreme care. After turning off the engine, the exhaust system will still be hot from the engine's operation.

Energy sources like fuel are very combustible and explosive. In a well-ventilated area, turn off the motor and fill up as needed.

When fueling the generator, make sure to do so in a well-ventilated area free of smoke, sparks, and open fires.

Whenever the generator is running, it needs to be at least three feet away from any nearby buildings or machines.

The generator must be run on a level surface. If the generator is tipped over, fuel could leak out.

You must know how the emergency shutoff switch works and how to use each control on the generator. Make sure everyone who uses the generator knows how to do so safely and properly.

Prevent injury to children, animals, and yourself by keeping them away from the moving machinery.

How to be safe around electricity created by the Hyundai HHD6250

Make sure you do the following before plugging in your generator:

Check to see sure everything is working as it should. Equipment failures and faulty power connections are two common sources of electrical shocks.

As soon as the generator exhibits any unusual behavior, it must be turned off. Then, investigate the problem when the gadget is unplugged.

Verify that the power requirements of the appliance do not exceed those of the generator. If the power level of the device is between the generator's maximum output power and its running power, the generator should not be operated for more than 30 minutes.

Connections of standby generators to a building's electrical system must be performed by a certified electrician and in accordance with all applicable norms and regulations.

The generator could explode or spark a fire if it is not properly connected during a power loss, and the electrical workers who restore electricity could be seriously hurt.

Unless the generator is grounded, all other conductors must be switched using transfer equipment before the connection may be established. Approved grounding electrodes must be connected to the generator's frame.

In the event of a power loss, it is best to have backup power supplied by a stationary generator that is permanently installed on the property.

An improperly connected portable generator can still be overpowered. The generator's internal parts may overheat or experience stress and fail as a result.

Safety while maintaining your Hyundai HHD6250

Lubricant can irritate skin if it is exposed to it frequently, so it's important to wash up with soap and water as soon as possible after any maintenance task.

If you need to clean the filter element, don't use gasoline or anything else combustible.

When doing repairs, make sure the engine is turned off first. If this doesn't happen, lives could be lost and people could be seriously hurt.

Wait until the generator set has cooled down before attempting any repairs.

Always wear protective eyewear when utilizing air to clean the generator set.

Never subject the generator set to a pressure washing, since doing so could cause irreparable harm.

The negative cable should be disconnected first and reconnected last whenever working with batteries, and adequate ventilation should be provided.

You should use rubber gloves if you have to handle motor oil.

Always make sure the generator set is turned off before opening the oil filling lid.

Tasks involving electricity, fuel, or machinery should only be performed by trained maintenance workers who understand the risks involved. It is important to regularly lubricate any metal parts that are in the open. 

Other important safety tips for the Hyundai HHD6250

Carbon monoxide from the generator set's exhaust fumes is dangerous, so enough ventilation is required if the unit is being used in a partially enclosed location.

If the generator set is kept outside, make sure all of the electrical components on the control panel are in working order before each use. The generator could be damaged by moisture and an electric shock could result.

Normal operation causes vibration in generators. It is important to check the generator and any extension cords or power supply cords connected to it for signs of wear and tear caused by vibrations before, during, and after use. Fix or replace anything that is damaged.

Use caution while plugging in devices that show signs of wear and tear, such as frayed or broken insulation or frayed blades on power cords.

If you start to feel dizzy, weak, or nauseous after the generator has been running for a while, you should get outside immediately. going to the doctor Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real possibility.


Residential use: For the first year, labor and materials. For the second year, parts only.

There is a six-month commercial trial warranty for parts.

For the first two years following the original retail purchase, this limited guarantee will take care of any problems that arise from the manufacturer due to faulty parts or construction.

The warranty starts on the date of purchase and does not expire or reset under any circumstances. This limited warranty only applies if the generator has been properly maintained in accordance with the Hyundai Generators User Guide and only for usage in a residential or recreational setting.

During normal business hours, a generator must be serviced or replaced as soon as possible. New or refurbished components are covered for 90 days after installation or purchase.

Final thoughts

The best part about this generator is that it can be relied on to work reliably and for a long time. 

I would not hesitate to recommend this generator to others. 

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