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Kubota D722-EB Engine Review & A Look at the Best Mining Generators

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The Kubota D7722-EB is an excellent diesel engine that is very quiet for its size. It is built to last in the most extreme environments. 

It is a 16.4 HP at 3600RPM, vertical, water-cooled, 3-cylinder, 4-cycle IDI diesel engine. This diesel engine, despite its diminutive stature, is one of the market's hardest-working, most effective, and cleanest-running options.


  1. The world's smallest and most powerful density-optimized diesel multi-cylinder engine.
  2. Kubota's E-TVCS technology improves performance, fuel economy, and cold start emissions.
  3. Superior durability and longevity to meet the needs of many different uses.
  4. Reduced noise and vibration transferred from the valve region is achieved by the use of half-float valve covers and coated pistons.
  5. A super glow technology shortens pre-heat time and facilitates quicker engine starting in low temperatures.


  • Diesel engine designation: vertical, water-cooled
  • There are a total of three pistons.
  • Bore and stroke dimensions are 67mm x 68mm.
  • Absolute volumetric capacity (cc): 719
  • Direct Injection E-TVCS Combustion System
  • Intake based solely on natural suction
  • Intermittently peaking at 14.0 kW (3600 rpm) (18.8 hp (3600 rpm), the net output is metric.
  • The highest sustained output is 16.4 kW at 3600 rpm (12.2 kW) or horsepower.
  • The motor is kicked into gear by an electric starter.
  • There are two possible housing configurations, either the SAE #5 61/2" Housing/Flywheel or the Standard Kubota Flywheel/Back Plate Only.
  • Packs of Power Available as an Option (KIKS)

Kubota's 8.8kVA Lowboy Diesel Powered Generator

Kubota D722-EB diesel engines power Kubota Lowboy portable generators.


This diesel generator has earned a stellar reputation in the industry.

Kubota is well-known for producing durable and dependable generators, and this model is no exception.

The device's popularity stems from the fact that it can be carried anywhere, uses little fuel, runs quietly, and has a long battery life.

The Kubota 8.8kVA generator is powered by a Kubota D722-EB, Vertical Water Cooled Diesel Engine, and features a Deep Sea Two Wire Auto Start Controller, making it ideally suited for usage in off-grid solar applications. It's great for use as a backup system in homes and small companies.

The GL9000 diesel generator has the lowest noise level of the bunch, clocking in at just 68dBA when measured at 7 meters, thanks to its water-cooled diesel engine and sizable muffler. The big 28-liter gasoline tank and remarkable fuel efficiency of the engine ensure longer periods of continuous operation.

Things I like

These are the things I like about the generator:


Lowboy is a codename that holds an important clue. Because of their compact shape, these Kubota generators can sometimes be installed in tighter quarters than competing brands, despite its potency and long-range fuel tank of 28 liters. 

There are few places where this is more helpful than during festivals or on construction sites. Whether at home or at the office, the Kubota Lowboy's silent operation means the generator can be stashed out of sight in the back of the truck until it's needed.

Noise pollution

The quiet generators available today are versatile and efficient. Kubota combines an extra-large muffler with a well-designed enclosure, a noise-absorbing duct, a longer cleaner hose, and a quieter fan to reduce the noise level of the Lowboy generators.

The GL6000 operates at 66.5dBA at 7 meters and the GL9000 operates at 68dBA, which is remarkably low for a generator of their size.

Fuel efficiency

It may be prudent to spend more money on a more expensive generator if it offers remarkable gas mileage. Indeed, that is the case with these generators. The Kubota generator's long-range fuel tanks, in addition to the diesel engines' high efficiency, make it possible to go for weeks without refueling.

At full throttle, the Lowboys use roughly 2.4 liters of fuel per hour at the outset... Depending on their size and output, comparable diesel generator models from different manufacturers consume roughly 3 liters of diesel every hour.

Solar power, off-grid applications

Each unit comes complete with a Deep Sea Two Wire Auto Start Controller installed, making it ideal for use as a backup solar power system in areas without access to the grid. 

The study of Kubota generators shows how great they are for providing emergency power to homes, small companies, construction, and mining. Y

ou may connect the generator safely to your home's or business's electrical systems by adding an optional Auto Mains Failure (AMF) panel. In the case of a power failure, the AMF automatically shifts to backup generator power. The reconnection is completed once utility power has been restored.

Kubota diesel generators have a stellar reputation for durability and dependability.

Water-cooled diesel engine

The water-cooled diesel engine also runs quietly and keeps a steady temperature. Other options for air-cooled diesel generators have capacities between 6 and 9 kVA. The alternatives are likely less expensive, but they are not as reliable for 24/7 operation as water cooled systems.

In comparison to their 4-pole siblings, these 2-pole Kubota generators are simple, low-maintenance devices.


A two-year warranty backs up Kubota's meticulous design and proven reliability in these Lowboy generators. Kubota also maintains an extensive network of service agents across the country to help with things like finding replacement parts and servicing/warranty assistance.


If there's one thing we learned from testing the Kubota generator, it's that comparable water-cooled options in this size range are scarce, especially ones that offer the compact allure and extended running capacity that are often desired in a backup power source.

Even if the price is high, you should expect a high-quality, durable product that holds up well under stress.

Kubota produces excellent generators for the mining industry

Reliable electrical power is essential for any mining operation, and Kubota manufactures a wide variety of compact generators to meet this need.

Kubota GL and SQ series diesel generators are known worldwide for their remarkable reliability and long service lives. Their engines are genuine Kubota engines, and their output power ranges from 5.5kVA to 30kVA.

Diesel generators from the Kubota GL and SQ series are ideal for use in the mining industry since they are durable enough to withstand Australia's climate, as well as portable, easy to maintain, safe, and quiet in operation.

In the event of an unexpected power outage or if the off-grid solar system stops working, Kubota may be relied upon to provide backup power for energy mining operations.

Kubota diesel generators from the GL series can run for extended intervals without needing to be refueled thanks to their large fuel tanks and exceptional fuel efficiency. Furthermore, they are very fuel efficient, have a small footprint, and require only a single side of the vehicle to be serviced at a time.

The SQ series of generators, on the other hand, are exceptionally strong while producing almost no noise thanks to a combination of features including a soundproof duct, a larger muffler, a longer air cleaner hose, and a low-noise cooling fan.

These robust four-pole generators are the perfect complement to off-grid systems with limited battery storage, as they can power the system continuously even during a storm.

If you're looking for a generator that can handle the harsh conditions of Australia without skipping a beat, go no further than the SQ Series.

GL9000 and GL6000 diesel generators

Kubota's GL9000 and GL6000 are two-pole, silent-type, direct-coupled, single-phase diesel generators.

Despite the Kubota GL9000's 8.8kVA at 3000RPM, delivering 33.3A at 240V and the Kubota GL6000's 6kVA at 3000 RPM, supplying 22.9A at 240V, both models offer a digital version with a remote 2-wire auto start for solar back-ups.

The diesel generator from Kubota, the GL9000, is powered by the dependable and powerful Kubota D722 engines, which can run for 8.5 hours at maximum load. On the other hand, the Kubota GL6000 diesel generator is driven by a Kubota Z482 engine, making it easy to transport and operate while also boasting a 12-hour run time at maximum power.

You can't go wrong with either the GL6000 or the GL9000 as your off-grid backup generators.

SQ3300 and SQ2200 diesel-powered gensets

Kubota's SQ3300 and SQ3200 are compact three-phase, four-pole diesel generators with a 30kVA at 1500 RPM capacity.

The Kubota SQ-3300B-AU-B and SQ-3200B-AU-B are two diesel generators that include extensive noise reduction for silent operation.

The SQ3300 is powered for a whole day by a robust Kubota V3300 diesel engine that draws 27.1A at 240V or 41.7A per phase at 415V.

The V2203 diesel engine of the SQ-3300B-AU-B allows it to power through any challenge, but it also has the versatility to run on either single-phase 240V at 18.1A or three-phase 415V at 27.8A per phase.

Each model's digital engine features a two-wire auto start for use with solar power and is fully bunted to avoid gasoline leaks.

These generators have a long run time (25 hours), and the SQ can even be used as the primary power source by plugging straight into the meter box for speedy, quiet, consistent efficiency that is easy on the environment and produces fewer pollutants.

Both the Kubota SQ1120 and the 1150B-AU-B belong to the SQ Range, and both are single-phase, four-pole, small diesel generators.

They are the most desirable option for many uses, including those of tradespeople, miners, and construction workers due to their low noise levels, great fuel efficiency, and low pollution levels.

Other good mining generators

If you do not like the look of Kubota, then you could try these:

Gentech, 8.5 KVA Mine Spec Generator

This generator set is built to last and has all the capabilities you'll need to provide stable power for your mining operation.

Australian generator set experts designed and tested it. The generator is powered by a high-quality Kohler single-cylinder diesel engine with a dependable electric start and a large 36-liter base fuel tank for extended operating time.

The Australian-made BRP fiberglass enclosure protects the Kohler engine thanks to a containment tray, a heavy-duty central lifting point, and high puncture-resistant wheels that make transporting the unit quick and easy (optional extra).

Suitable for any workplace as it includes safety features and a halt in case of an emergency. The two-year warranty and nationwide service network will take care of all your portable power needs on the mine site.

Pramac 8.8kVA Silenced Diesel Generator

Pramac backup generators are widely regarded as having state-of-the-art technology and are among the best available. Their origin is the European Union.

Thanks to their two-wire auto-start compatibility with direct mains or solar battery connections, Pramac generators will begin running as soon as there is a power outage or when solar power is insufficient.

The Pramac P9000, with its soundproofing material-lined canopy, is an excellent choice as a residential backup or a commercial backup during off-peak hours. The air-cooled Lombardini engine is equipped with a 24-liter fuel tank, making it one of the best possibilities for a self-sufficient power reserve.

Final thoughts

A wide variety of budget generator manufacturers currently provide products that can hold their own against high-end alternatives. It's beneficial to take calculated risks in order to maximize value.

This is a sensible decision if the generator will only be used in close quarters, such as a home, an RV, or a less remote construction site.

If you need a generator for mining, though, it's best to get one from a reputable company that specializes in making such equipment.

When using mining generators, don't try to save a buck when you shouldn't.

With this in mind, I strongly suggest that you invest in a Kubota generator powered by a D722-EB engine.

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