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Best Power Conditioner For Your Generator

If you plan to use a portable generator to provide emergency power to your home, there is one thing you must know. Portable generators and sensitive electronics don't always get along very well. Power with a Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of less than 5% is recommended for "sensitive electronics" such LCD TVs, computers, and audio […]

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Best Tailgating Generators

Anyone who enjoys going on trips, wild camping, and occasionally hosting tailgating parties would benefit greatly from carrying a portable generator. Portable generators are great because they can produce a surprising amount of electricity for their size and weight, and they can be moved almost anywhere. Thoughts on a Quiet Generator for Tailgating Before you […]

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Best 5000 Watt Generators

The modern public takes emergency preparedness more seriously than ever before. Food storage and contingency plans are no longer the exclusive purview of "prepper" communities. Blackouts have become common in some areas, and natural calamities have long been able to leave hundreds or thousands of people without electricity for days or weeks at a time. […]

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