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Portable Generators

How to Make a Portable Generator Storage Box

If you own a noisy generator or simply want to learn how to reduce the noise it makes, you've found the proper site. This article will show you how to soundproof a generator by building a soundproof enclosure. No matter what size generator you have, the method may be adapted to work with it. The […]

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Running Your Generator in Cold Weather - Top Tips

In the event that snow and ice cause a power outage, a generator can keep the lights on at your house or place of business.  In the dead of winter, there are a number of problems that might arise from using portable generators. A portable generator's engine can be destroyed by repeated "cold engine starts." […]

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RV Generator Won't Start? Most Common Reasons Revealed

Most generators are dependable and can run for hours without a hitch if properly maintained. In most cases, problems can be rectified without replacing any parts. Generators for RVs are all essentially the same and problems can be easily diagnosed if something goes wrong. To a large extent, problems with RVs can be solved by […]

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Smallest Electric Start Generators

When a storm knocks out your electricity, you'll need to get your portable generator going as soon as possible. Your generator may be several years old, and you may have forgotten how to turn it on. When a blackout leaves a neighborhood in the dark, however, all anyone cares about is getting their electricity back […]

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Predator 4375 Generator

You may use this PREDATOR® 4375 Watt generator anywhere you need some extra juice, from home backup power to job site gear. This PGMA-compliant generator is equipped with a large fuel tank, GFCI outlets, and a CO SECURETM carbon monoxide shutdown for further safety. Who makes Predator generators, and where can I buy one? Harbor […]

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Generator Receptacles - The Complete Guide

Life would be much less complicated if there were just one standard electrical socket in use everywhere in the world. This article will teach you all you need to know about power outlets for your portable generator. If you own or are thinking about buying a portable generator, it would be beneficial to understand how […]

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Kubota D722-EB Engine Review & A Look at the Best Mining Generators

The Kubota D7722-EB is an excellent diesel engine that is very quiet for its size. It is built to last in the most extreme environments.  It is a 16.4 HP at 3600RPM, vertical, water-cooled, 3-cylinder, 4-cycle IDI diesel engine. This diesel engine, despite its diminutive stature, is one of the market's hardest-working, most effective, and […]

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Generators with Low Total Harmonic Distortion

The top 7 best low THD generators you can buy today There are a few considerations to make before settling on a portable generator. For example, select a small, unobtrusive generator if you plan to use it in a residential neighborhood. If keeping your large household's electronics charged is more crucial than anything else, you'll […]

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Best Generators for Food Trucks

Do you need to decide on a generator for your food truck? Then perhaps the following list of food truck ideas will be of use to you. Since electricity is required for every step of running a food truck, you must have a reliable generator. Even if the venue provides electricity, there is no assurance […]

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Remote Start Generators - Ultimate Guide

Instead of venturing out into the storm to hook up or start your portable generator, there is another option. You can start your generator while staying dry and warm inside, even in the worst blackouts. How? The answer is a generator with a remote starter that can be activated with a single button press. The […]

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