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RYOBI Generator 6500 Review

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RYOBI Portable generator is a good option if you're looking for a large and powerful generator. It's no secret that RYOBI generators are famed for their solid construction and dependability.

In the event of power interruptions, the RYOBI Portable Generator 6500 Watt is the ideal solution. Initially, it generates 8125 watts of power, but that drops to a steady supply of 6500 watts over time.

The RYOBI 6500 watts' generator is a great backup for homes, recreational areas, outdoor events, and workplaces such as businesses. It is a gasoline-powered portable generator that comes with a ten-inch wide wheeled hand truck. The entire set-up allows it to be used as a portable power station anywhere.

What options do you have?

There are certain things to take in mind when purchasing a portable generator or power bank.

Portable generators come in a variety of sizes, so think about your power needs before making a purchase. Fuel alternatives are available as well.

Gasoline, diesel, and propane are all options for generators. Consider the type of fuel available and the capacity of the fuel tank in light of your requirements before making a decision.

Only a few lithium-ion battery-powered portable generators are now available. An external power supply can be used to charge these dynamos. Inverter systems, sine wave systems, and other safety measures are available on a number of available generators. 

All of these qualities guarantee a steady supply of electricity. In terms of decibels, the higher the decibel value, the louder a generator will be. So, if you're looking for a quiet portable generator, make sure to check out the decibel levels of the different models.

Summary of the RYOBI 6500 Generator

In the event of a power outage, you can rely on the RYOBI Portable 6500 Watt Generator to keep you and your family safe.

The dynamo generates 8,125 watts at the beginning, and thereafter provides a steady supply of 6,500 watts. An all-around support hand truck frame and 10-inch broad wheels help keep the generator safe while also helping it to be compact.

With RYOBI 6500 watts' Automatic Voltage Regulator, you can rest assured that you'll always have reliable electricity. The safety switch prevents the generator and any connected gadgets from being damaged by high voltage.

The control panel is conveniently accessible and features four 120-Volt and 20-Amp plugs. One twisted socket with 240 volts and 30 amps is enough to meet all power requirements in this (GFCI Protected) outlet. Three years of limited warranty are included with the RYOBI 6500 Watt generator.


a)The Ryobi RY906500S is the specific model number.
b)Running watts is 6500
c)8125 watts at the start
d)420cc engine, 6 gallons of fuel in the tank
e)50 percent of the total run time
f)Loading Time is up to 10 hours
g)The following outlets are available: four 120V AC 20A GFCIs and one. 120/240V 30A
h)10 inches is the diameter of the wheels.
i)It weighs 205 lb.
j)Price: $799 with a 3-year limited warranty

In general, Ryobi offers good value for the money, especially when you consider the amount of power and features you get for your money.

Notable Features of the RYOBI 6500

Feature #1Carbon monoxide (CO) sensors are built inside the RYOBI 6500 watts generator. These sensors ensure that if the carbon monoxide level rises, it will automatically shut down to preserve the environment.
Feature #2Dynamo comes with a powerful gasoline engine that gives power back-up during power outages.
Feature #3In order to make it convenient and compact, the device incorporates a simple beginning mechanism.
Feature #4The automated voltage regulator on the RYOBI 6500 watt generator ensures a steady supply of power.
Feature #5The RYOBI generator is around 205 pounds in weight. Hand trucks with ten-inch wheels are provided by the RYOBI firm to make the unit portable and compact. As a result, the generator can be taken anywhere.
Feature #6The generator is equipped with digital meters that show the amount of time, frequency, and voltage that have been used.
Feature #7The RYOBI Portable Generator owner's manual PDF can be downloaded from the RYOBI website.

How to start the RYOBI 6500

Electric start generators are the most convenient to start. Even though RYOBI doesn't have that feature in this model, the process is still rather simple.

When using the Easy Start system, you can choose between three different modes: Off, Cold Start, and Run. Electricity is completed and the fuel value partially opened as you travel from Off to Cold Start. A fully open fuel valve indicates that you're ready to take off.

As a drawback, you can't simply turn off the fuel valve and let your engine run on its own. If you're planning to store the unit for an extended period of time, you can remove a screw and let the fuel drain out. In addition, if you're handy, you may easily add a valve to the line.

There is an on/off switch next to the CO sensor. First impressions are that this is a sensor bypass or, perhaps, a CO sensor trip switch. Both of these possibilities are plausible. The "on" position should always be checked if you are having difficulties starting your generator.


6500 continuous running watts and 8125 watts of inrush current may be handled by this RYOBI 6500 generator.

That's a lot of power from a construction standpoint. A 4000-watt generator is commonly used on home construction projects, so you'll be able to supply plenty of electricity with this one.

For emergency or remote power, it all depends on what you want to do. A full-size refrigerator, a few lights, and a few fans are all you need to power then there's nothing to worry about. That and much more can be done with the RYOBI's capabilities.

A total of four GFCI-protected duplex outlets can carry a combined current of 20 amps.

When the THD is between five and twenty, it means that there is a significant harmonic discharge (DH). As a result, there are no USB charging outlets on board since the power is too "dirty" to run sensitive devices.

Run time

Generator runtimes are rated at 50% load, which is a reasonable assumption to make. You can anticipate it to run for 10 hours on a 6-gallon tank.

Due to the quick bursts rather than continuous loads, that 10 hour run time is likely to be higher on construction sites..

However, run time is obviously dependant on what you are powering up and why. 

Expect to consume roughly 16 gallons of fuel every day that you expect to be without electricity in the event of an emergency.

Carbon Monoxide Detection: CO Detect

For the first time, Ryobi's 6500-watt portable generator features CO Detection. This is a carbon monoxide sensor that shuts down the engine when the levels rise too high.

Another advantage of having a carbon monoxide (CO) detector on a generator is that it responds more quickly than one installed in your home or garage. With a dangerous level of CO in the air, the automatic shutoff is activated, lowering your danger.

The CO sensor includes a red blinking light if the engine shuts down because of unsafe CO levels. Before entering the area, make sure to let the CO evaporate.

Avoid misleading shutdown readings by positioning your generator so that the wind blows exhaust away from the sensor.

Every year, we read about customers who thought they had given their generator ample room, only to have carbon monoxide pool up and cause disease or death. Carbon monoxide detection on all generators is a feature we look forward to.


Ryobi's frame is designed in the style of a hand truck (as opposed to wheelbarrow style). The wheel is steered by pushing the primary handle forward, which is located at the top of the wheel.

In terms of style, I'm torn between this style and a wheelbarrow, but they both accomplish the job well.

Wheels with a diameter of 10 inches are ideal for traversing rough terrain. There is room for improvement in terms of their ability to roll over grass and soil. However, this is a frequent gripe with most portable generators.

I prefer the softer semi-pneumatic tyres than the rigid plastic ones.

Just lift the spring-loaded pins on the sides and spin the Ryobi 6500-watt portable generator forward when it's time to store it away. Access to all of your outlets is still possible even when the handle is tucked away.

Other things to consider

Power backup solutions for the home, business, and the outdoors are well-known from the RYOBI firm. The company was able to retain its high standards by changing and adapting with the times.

For all gadgets, the RYOBI Portable Generator 6500 Watt provides a steady supply of electricity.

The generator is great for all of your power supply needs, and it's easy to use.

Because of its gasoline-powered engine, you may rest assured that you will always have the power you need.Due to positioning of the carbon monoxide sensors, it is important to place the RYOBI 6500 watts generator in an upright posture. If the position of the carbon monoxide sensors is poor then the generator will stop working.
An automatic voltage regulator is built within the dynamo to keep the voltage stable.The fuel valve restricts the carburetor and the fuel line if the fuel level reaches a specific point.
It is equipped with a carbon monoxide sensor for added security.Small Electronic equipment should not be powered by this generator.
The generator has a hand truck structure and broad wheels that make it easy to move around.
Generators like the RYOBI 6500 watts are reasonably priced.
It initially delivers 8125 watts and then maintains a steady supply of 6500 watts.
It can run for more than ten hours at a time.
Outlets are available in two varieties on the generator. One has 240 volts and 30 amperes, while the other has 120 volts and 20 amperes of current.

Final thoughts

In the event of a power loss, the RYOBI 6500 watt generator is the ideal solution. It's lightweight and portable thanks to the included hard-and-durable-framed hand truck. Complete power solutions are available for both indoor and outdoor use.

There is nothing better about the RYOBI generators than their safety sensors. The associated gadgets will always have power thanks to the automated voltage sensor. 

The CO (carbon monoxide) sensors guard against dangerously high concentrations of the byproduct carbon monoxide gas from building up.

The RYOBI generator 6500 watts has all the capabilities you need in a power bank for any location, and it's built to last.

If you are not sure if the RYOBI 6500 is for you, you could consider the Jackery Explorer 1000 or the DuroMax XP5500EH Fuel Portable Generator.

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