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Yanmar Generator Review

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Founded in 1912, Yanmar have been manufacturing engines for over 100 years. Used in a wide range of applications, today we will be taking a look at Yanmar's YDG-W 5500 Portable Generator. If you're looking for a higher-end portable generator, check out our Yanmar Generator Review.

Yanmar Generator Review 2022


This unit is capable of providing the user with 5,500W at peak power, and 5,000W continuous output, the Yanmar YDG-W 5500 is a powerful portable generator. With a tank capacity of 3.43 gallons, this unit can provide the user with clean, continuous energy for approximately six hours. With a decibel rating of 85dB. This is not a quiet unit, for comparison, an average human conversation would register approximately 60dBs.

Weighing 249lbs, this is a very heavy unit that does not come with a wheel kit. If you are considering purchasing this generator, we would very strongly recommend that you look into also buying some kind of wheel-based transport kit.

The Yanmar YDG-W 5500 runs on a 9.1 HP Yanmar L-100W6-GEY engine with both electric and manual recoil start options.

Safety & Warranty

Yanmar backs this generator with a 2-year engine and generator warranty. Contact Yanmar for more information regarding warranty policy.

This generator also comes CARB and EPA certified. This generator is also compliant with EPA Tier 4 Final regulations.

A Low Oil Shutdown/Alert system is also included, so that the user is notified when fuel is running low in their generator. If fuel levels drop to an extent where damage may be caused to the generator, the unit will automatically shutoff. Another useful feature of this generator is inclusion of a spark arrestor, which prevents potentially flammable debris from being emitted from the device, reducing risk of causing fires.


The Yanmar YDG-W 5500 is enclosed in a tubular steel cube, adding extra protection to the generator, and allowing for enhanced portability. Here at Generator Ratings, we're big fans of portability, and so unfortunately the YDG-W not having built-in wheels is a big negative for us, especially when the unit weighs what it does.

Aesthetically speaking, the Yanmar looks very dated. Arguably, you're never really going to find a generator that looks appealing, but even by comparison with other generators we have reviewed, this particular one looks somewhat primitive. Granted, this has no bearing on the actual performance of the product, which is the most important aspect of a generator by a very large margin. Nonetheless, we like to see manufacturers caring for their product, even if it means using a can of chrome spray paint from the corner store.


All things considered, this is a good portable generator. However, if you are looking for portability, you're going to have to find a wheel-kit for this product. Weighing 249lbs, you should not attempt lifting this model. Design-wise, we believe that Yanmar could have tried a little harder to make the generator even moderately more visually attractive. However, the generator performs well, and that is far and away the most important aspect of a generator, so in that regard, we would recommend the Yanmar YDG-W 5500 for residential use as a back-up power unit, and for use in outdoor excursions such as camping trips etc.

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