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Smallest Electric Start Generators

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When a storm knocks out your electricity, you'll need to get your portable generator going as soon as possible.

Your generator may be several years old, and you may have forgotten how to turn it on. When a blackout leaves a neighborhood in the dark, however, all anyone cares about is getting their electricity back on as soon as possible.

For your needs, the easiest and quickest-starting option in the event of a blackout would be an electric start generator. Often, all it takes to start is a press of a button on a key fob.

Why an electric-start generator is preferable

Benefits of electric start generators:

  • Quieter than traditional power generator sources
  • It's easy to turn on with the touch screen or button, it's risk-free to operate, and there are no extra handles or pumps needed to get going.
  • Useful for outdoor events like construction sites, parties and camping trips.
  • Anyone who has dealt with a sudden loss of electricity knows how frustrating it is to have to search for candles just so you can have some light. With the help of an electric start generator, you may continue with your regular routine, including eating dinner, watching TV, making hot beverages, and not worrying about your food defrosting.

Electric start generators have come a long way since the 19th-century invention of the Dynamo by British physicist Michael Faraday. Since they are less bulky, quieter, and simpler to use, they can be initiated by any member of the household.

The Workings of an Electrically Started Generator

The electric start generator receives power from the starting component, which maintains the necessary voltage and output during the generator's operation. The moment the keyboard is used to activate the generator, a direct current of voltage is transferred from the battery.

Once the starter receives this current, it spins the engine like a motor and sends electricity to the spark plugs, which ignites the fuel. Electric start generators are reliable because their cooling fans keep them from overheating.

Like any other electrical appliance, your generator needs regular maintenance to minimize wear and tear that could disrupt power delivery. In addition, make sure it is always clean and clear of dust. While not in use, it should be stored in a dry environment.

Smallest Electric Start Generators

Here are some of the best small electric start generators.

Honda EU3000is

Honda Power Equipment EU3000IS 3000W 120V Portable Home Gas Power Generator

When designing new goods, Honda never settles for second best. Factors contributing to the EU3000i's success include its sturdy build and the original, very dependable Honda engine.

The steel construction makes it very resistant to deterioration from the elements. However, this also makes the generator difficult to transport due to its weight and size. You'll have to live with it, though, if you insist on having an inverter generator with a steel frame and no plastic parts whatsoever.

The powerful 2800 running watts come from the original 4-stroke Honda engine. Powering large electric appliances like air conditioners is not a problem at all. The generator is not the quietest available, but it is noticeably quieter than many of its competitors.


There are a lot of great things about the Honda EU3000iS.

First, the engine is powerful enough to run all of the major appliances typically found at most construction sites and in recreational vehicles. It could easily run a 15,000 BTU air conditioner in a recreational vehicle.

The generator is remarkably quiet for its size. At 50% power, the generator is quiet enough for a small group of individuals to hold a regular conversation while standing just a few feet away. The air conditioner in your camper van might potentially be operated all night if you hooked it in.

Honda's patented Eco-Throttle technology allows for this by dynamically adjusting fuel consumption to meet the available power. 

If you really need a lot of operating watts, like to power your home's electronics in the event of a blackout, you may connect two of these generators using a parallel kit, just like other Honda inverters, and double your overall output.

Not only that, but it can be used by anyone. The electric starter makes it much easier to get going. Just think how great it will be if you never have to use the time-consuming recoil start to turn on the generator again.

Emergency prepardness calls for a reliable, long-lasting 30 amp generator. The Honda EU3000iS is a good example of such a generator.


It is a great and reliable generator, however it does have some drawbacks. In my opinion, Honda could have made a few minor tweaks to the EU3000iS.

The lack of a fuel filtration system was the first mistake. It would be a useful improvement that facilitates servicing and prevents debris from getting stuck in the carburetor. The occurrence is rare, yet it would be a welcome feature that may make us feel safer.

At this price point, I believe Honda should have thrown in a few extra accessories rather than making them optional extras. Three things that come to mind right away are the wheel kit, a 12v charging cord, and an hour meter.


Should you buy it? The answer is yes if you are looking for a powerful inverter generator to power heavy duty electronics. This generator, manufactured by the industry leader, is fairly dependable.

You can have full confidence in its performance because you know it will always meet your needs without fail. I think it's a good long-term investment, despite the fact that it's somewhat pricey.

Generac IQ3500

Generac IQ3500 3,500-Watt Gas-Powered Portable Inverter Generator - Easy Portability - Intuitive Power Dial - Clean and Reliable Power for Sensitive Electronics - CARB Compliant

Immediately, you can see that the Generac iQ3500 is of the highest quality. The stunning enclosure is made out of steel panels, which both increase the generator's soundproofing and give it a much more solid feel.

It stands to reason that a generator of this sturdiness would be somewhat on the hefty side. The strong handles, at least, make it less of a hassle to carry around.

The bar has been greatly lifted for any manufacturer by this very advanced inverter generator. Which emphasizes both the excellent value and the obvious engineering brilliance of the product.

The Generac iQ3500 has a dial with three settings located on the control panel (stop, run, choke). You can stop fumbling around for the gas tank's knobs and levers and start using science instead.

The 212cc Generac engine begins running softly when the electric start button is pressed. It has a recoil starter in case the battery dies. You won't believe how quiet and smooth this generator is until you try it.

Almost all of us are already well-versed in the benefits of inverter-generated electricity. The pristine sine wave output of the Generac inverter is exactly what I've come to expect from inverters. Electronic gadgets can benefit from the 3% THD clean power it provides.

Economy mode reduces noise and uses less gas. Like most other inverter generators, the Generac iQ3500 features parallel connection ports. You may double the power output of a single iQ3500 generator by connecting two of them in parallel with the parallel kit.


The convenient and user-friendly selection of plugs at the control panel is a welcome bonus. Two regular 120V 20A (15-20R) outlets can be expected. The iQ3500 can be linked to two standard extension cords using these. In addition, it has a 30A 120V outlet, perfect for hooking up to a transfer switch or recreational vehicle.

This will allow you to supply electricity to your home's electrical panel without using a transformer. Phones and other electronics may be charged quickly and easily using the two USB connections.

Each AC outlet is protected by a circuit breaker, and the system also has the standard overload, low oil, and output warning LEDs. When the oil becomes too low, the engine turns off to protect itself. The digital screen on the Generac iQ3500 is also very helpful.

With the touch of a button, you can choose between several modes of user information. The generator's status, total running hours, output wattage, remaining runtime (based on output and fuel level), and fuel level may all be viewed on the LCD panel.


You might find that the Generac iQ3500's heft is its only real drawback. It weighs a total of 109.1 pounds. Taking into account the reliable metal construction, electric starter, and built-in battery, I don't believe it's too horrible of a weight.

The generator includes convenient carrying handles on both sides, so it can be moved with relative ease by two people. With a firm grip and the load distributed evenly, one person may easily transport the item. I think a wheel kit would have been a better option for many people who are unable to lift this generator.


I would expect a generator with 3,500W/3000W of inverter power and such high-quality construction and features to cost significantly more than $2,000. In this regard, the Generac iQ3500 excels. It's a fraction of the price of similar computers, at just around $1000. 

Firman W03083

The FIRMAN W03083 Inverter generator has starting and running wattages of 3300 and 3000, respectively. The 171cc FIRMAN Max Pro Series engine provides the muscle, and it does so efficiently and quietly thanks to the Phoenix Fat Head Block.

The Whisper Series muffler keeps the W03083 running at a whisper-quiet 58 dB, far below the standards set by the National Parks Service. The United States Department of Agriculture's Forest Service has also certified our spark arrestor.

The incredible 9-hour operating time is made possible by the 1.8-gallon fuel tank. Getting underway is as simple as pushing a button on the remote start key fob, even from as far as 168 feet away.

The W03083's meter, located on the control panel, shows voltage, frequency, and total operating hours. Checking the device's status and activity is much easier with this meter.

In addition to this data, the generator is equipped with many light indicators that show you when it is ready, when its oil levels are low, and when it is overloaded. The device's automatic low oil shut-off is a welcome addition to the safety measures that make it possible to operate without concern.

The Firman W03083 comes with everything you need to get started right away, including the necessary documentation and an owner's manual, as well as battery charging cables, a tool kit, a key fob, a funnel, and oil.

The Firman W03083 has been green-lighted by the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board. It's legal in all 50 states, including California, for purchase and sale.

Moreover, a spark arrestor is included, so it can be safely used in forest settings.

The Firman W03083 inverter generator has a more aesthetically pleasing, enclosed shape than a standard, open frame model due to its dimensions (L23.2 x W17.8 x H17.9 in). This design is the most cutting-edge and realistic approach to generating power for leisure activities.

The W03083's 90-pound dry weight makes it easy to transport to any location with an electrical outlet. When it's time to transport it, the two 5-inch wheels and folding handle make it a breeze.


The Firman W03083 is capable of producing 120V thanks to its gasoline-powered, 171 cc Firman Max-Pro Series OHV 4-stroke engine. It has an output of 3000 watts at full load and 3300 watts at peak. As an added bonus, the device can be connected in parallel with another device to boost power.

In terms of decibels, the inverter generator registers at 58. Some of its mechanics for getting going are the standard pull-start and an easily-accessible and useful electric one (battery included). The W03083's remote-start capability adds even more ease (key fob included).

The W03083 has a fuel tank capacity of 1.8 gallons, allowing it to operate for up to 10 hours on a single fill-up (fuel consumption around 0.18 GPH).

The Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of the W03083's sine wave is only 3%, so your sensitive electronics can be safely plugged into wall outlets.


The W03083's running time, which may last up to 10 hours at a 25% load, is on the lower end when compared to comparable inverters with approximately the same power. Among devices with a similar power output, the Champion 200914 has the longest battery life due to its 22-hour runtime, making it a good choice if portability is a priority.


Firman W03083 costs about as much as the median of similar products.

As a result, the cost of this generator is well within the range typical for a product of its kind.

Final thoughts

Electric start generators are both convenient and useful, whether you use them everyday or just dust them off in emergencies.

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