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Crommelins Generator Reviews - The Ultimate Guide

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Crommelins Machinery has been making generators for almost 50 years.

Over 40 various gasoline and diesel models are currently available.

Crommelins generators are built to withstand the harsh climate of Australia and are driven by Subaru Industrial Engines. It is also the Australian distributor for Subaru Generators, which use the most recent in silent inverter technology and are all compliant with the US Environmental Protection Agency's phase 2 requirements.

For almost 40 years, Crommelins Machinery's generators have been the go-to choice for the Australian hire industry because of their reliability, longevity, and performance. All Crommelins Machinery products are rigorously quality checked at both the Perth facility and the FHI manufacturing plant before shipment.

Both Crommelins and Subaru generators come with a two-year manufacturer's warranty. All Subaru Industrial Engines come with a three-year warranty as standard. Crommelins and Subaru products are supported by after-sales services and replacement parts that have won multiple awards and are considered to be among the best in the business.

Hire Packs, Mine Specs, gas, diesel, and everything in between are all available from them. All of your on-site requirements can be met with the help of the Crommelins brand generators.

Alternator options

Since choosing the right alternator is so important, I have included some guidelines to follow when shopping for one:

Power tools and resistive loads such as a kettle, toaster, lights, and other appliances that do not require a precise power supply are ideal for the standard generator with a condenser type voltage regulation. Simple, low-maintenance designs are employed for the most fundamental pieces of gear.

When the generator is used to start electric motors, Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) is employed to ensure that the voltage is stable enough for the more delicate electronics.

An AVR alternator has a more stable voltage output because it can adapt to changing loads.

The use of electrical equipment for voltage regulation When used with sensitive electronics like computers, the inverter's control system ensures an extremely stable voltage and frequency with little wave distortion.

A 240v (50hz cycles) supply can be maintained while the engine speed is automatically regulated in direct proportion to the load.

Motors that run on electricity typically need three times as much juice as the device does when it first turns on. You should double-check the generator's wattage output while making power consumption estimates.

Petrol generators

The Crommelins Petrol Generators, which come in sizes ranging from 2kVA to 10kVA, can power a wide variety of tools and appliances used in the agricultural, mining, construction, and hire industries, as well as in the home for leisure purposes.

Typical Crommelin Generators are HD Steel Framed and fueled by genuine Subaru industrial engines that are mated to brushless alternators. It's adaptable to the specific needs of your field, with additional extra and bundles. 

Diesel generators

In order to meet the demands of the mining, construction, and rental industries, Crommelins produces a wide range of open frame Diesel Generators.

Subaru engines provide the power for most of the generators, while Hatz/Kohler Industrial Engines provide power for the rest (Model D8). The high-torque generators that are offered require little in the way of upkeep and last for quite some time.

Whether a mine spec, hire pack, or bespoke order, diesel generators from Crommelins Machinery are constructed to last in the demanding environments encountered in Australia's mining and construction industries.

Welder generators

The Subaru Diesel or Petrol engine powers the portable and stationary Crommelins welder generators.

Lifting generators

Welder, generator, and compressor are all housed in a single HD steel frame, along with four lifting points.

The Subaru range

Crommelins Machinery has been distributing SUBARU engines and industrial powered equipment in Australia since 1964. They import a wide variety of Subaru generators running on gasoline and diesel and are the oldest worldwide dealer for Fuji Heavy Industries' industrial goods industry.

All petrol versions comply with United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) phase 2 regulations, and some include the latest in silent inverter technology.

RGX Subaru AVR Petrol Generators

The output of Subaru RGX petrol genertors varies from 2.4 to 6.7 kVA. The industrial markets in Australia are a good fit for these single-phase heavy-duty generators. All RGX models come with extended range fuel tanks and a host of other features that we'll go over in more depth below.

What sets the RGX apart:

Best Features
Long-distance gas tanks can hold anywhere from 12.8 liters to 22 liters of fuel.
The AVR-equipped alternator system.
Single phase.
Circuit breaker that does not need a fuse.
Recoil starting.
A voltmeter is easy to read.
There is a DC output (12V 8.3A).
Oil pressure sensor.
A quieter muffler than most.
Unleaded petrol.

RG-1 Subaru Silent Inverter range

The SUBARU RGi inverter generators are very silent all-purpose generators that provide the clean, stable power needed to run electronics like TVs and computers.

These were the power supplies used to operate the metal detectors at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

Included in the base price are:

  • All steel parts, including the wheels and frame, ensure durability.
  • Acoustic panels.
  • Oil pressure and fuel level sensor.
  • Long-distance fuel storage tank.
  • A simple 12V DC battery charging method.
  • Electrical starting. 

R1700i Portable Silent Generators

This Subaru Gasoline-Powered Portable Generator is a must-have for any camping trip.

The R1700i 1.65kVA Portable Silent Generator is an excellent choice for providing affordable, hassle-free power while camping, caravanning, boating, or driving a 4WD.

Because of inverter technology, it can also provide stable power for sensitive electronic devices like computers and scientific instruments, in addition to the standard household appliances found in a caravan or camper.


  • Two 15-amp outlets.
  • Power-saving auto mode.
  • 12V DC battery charger.
  • Circuit breaker, and a control panel are all easily accessible.
  • Maximum Cooling System.
  • Quiet Muffler.
  • Recoil Start.
  • Oil Sensor Protection.

Subaru OHV Petrol Engine RGV

These are superior, commercial-grade generators powered by Subaru. OHV V-twin engines with electric starters. Power without jerkiness, durability, low cost of ownership, and a wealth of useful features as standard.

RGV features:

  • Large fuel tank.
  • An engine hour meter.
  • A large safety muffler.
  • An electric start key-switch.
  • An automatic shut-off fuel valve.
  • Fuseless circuit breaker.
  • Dust-proof cyclone air cleaner.
  • OHV V-twin Subaru engine.
  • Oil sensor.
  • Durable, strengthened, and strong chassis.
  • 4-wheel accessory package.

Subaru RGD diesel generators

Completely imported RGD portable Diesel Generators include both recoil and electric start operation, making them suitable for even the most demanding environments. These generators have a brushless alternator and an easy-to-use condenser voltage regulator.

This is a sturdy and compact gadget that provides all of the benefits of diesel fuel, plus it comes with full rubber shock mounts and a heavy-duty steel roll frame.

Diesel RGD features:

  • Electric start with recoil starting backup.
  • Compact and user-friendly.
  • Circuit breakers.
  • Condenser voltage management.
  • Brushless alternator.
  • Automated decompression system.
  • Oil sensor with automatic shut-off.

Crommelins Himoinsa

Himoinsa was founded in 1982 and is based in Spain. Their power plants are certified by BVQi, the most widely accepted international certification body, to ensure they meet quality criteria. 

Himoinsa is a leading global generator set producer that places a premium on research and development.

Himoinsa currently operates 6 facilities across the globe and has a distribution network that spans over 120 countries and is supported by a network of representative offices.

Generators provide constant portable and standby power for construction sites, homes and tourist services, communications, airports, hospitals, public works, mining, agriculture, and any other setting that requires it.

The Himoinsa Generator runs on diesel and is protected from the elements by a sturdy roof. It's built to supply steady, even electricity over long periods of time. Models for tropical climates can be developed.

Himoinsa Mini-Mouse Generator

Designed for use in environments where noise is an issue, this electric start, single phase generator is compact enough to fit in the back of a Ute.

Standard feature:

  • 4-inch castor wheels with brakes.
  • Doors for servicing a steel frame that are silent and soundproof thanks to a powder coating.
  • The center is the lifting point.
  • Two IP23 15-amp outlets.
  • Lockable battery isolation switch.
  • Emergency stop.

Subaru lightening tower

I found that the RGi Subaru Silent inverter sets (3200i and 4300i) worked very well with the Subaru Lighting Tower. These generators are inverter-based, meaning they provide clean, stable power to the tower.

By automatically adjusting the engine speed in direct proportion to the load applied, the inverter control system generates high-quality output with less fluctuation and wave distortion, and also improves fuel efficiency. As a result of power outages, many portable lighting towers flicker and have uneven illumination.

Crommelins makes portable lighting towers that may be attached to the frames of various different types of generators.

Crommelin balloon lightning tower

To illuminate enterprises of all sizes quickly, dependably, and affordably, this one-of-a-kind and practical solution was created.

The balloon tower is easily deployable and relatively portable, allowing you to rapidly address lighting concerns and get back to business, whereas typical lighting towers require towing or a complex structure to set up.

It takes about a minute to set up and is powered by either the mains or the 1.65kVA R1700i generator, giving you flexibility.

Himoinsa Apolo lightning tower

Light up your workspace at night and keep your electrical tools running well by day.

This 9-meter Himoinsa Lighting Tower is super silent, making it a great choice for the mining and rental industries. It has a modest footprint, runs on diesel power, generates 6.4kVA of single-phase electricity, and is equipped with numerous safety features.

As a backup, it can use the external 'power in' intake to operate on mains power.

Final thoughts

As you can see Crommelins make a wide range of generators and accessories for the construction industry. 

They are well respected and produce a product range that is intended to be used in the harshest of environments. Their generators are rugged, reliable, and long lasting. 

If you think one of their generators suits your needs, then I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. 

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