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Generlink Review

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Many American homeowners are left in the dark for days, often weeks, when devastating and increasingly regular hurricanes hit the United States.

A Generlink meter-mounted transfer switch, on the other hand, allows residents to easily keep the lights and appliances running during and after an outage by simply plugging in a portable generator.

The Generlink is the most convenient and affordable way to keep your home running in the event of an electrical outage. The current owner will get peace of mind, and the home's future value will increase, thanks to this improvement.

What it means to have a Generlink

Generlinks are essentially an outlet or switch that connects your home's electrical meter to the mains outside of the building. If the power goes out in the neighborhood, the homeowner can use the connector on the bottom of the appliance to plug in a portable generator. 

When the mains electricity is restored to the home, a Generlink transfer switch located on the meter will automatically turn off the generator. As dangerous backfeeding can severely damage your home's electrical system, this is an essential safety precaution. 

Installation of a Generlink takes less than 30 minutes by a licensed electrician, and the cost is reasonable when weighed against the benefit of having a backup power source available at all times.

Benefits of Generlink

  • Keep it on hand and activate it as needed.
  • No additional wiring or subpanel is required.
  • Can work with services that provide no more than 200 amps
  • It takes only 30 minutes to set up by the utility crew.
  • Utility line reverse feeding is avoided.
  • A UL-approved transfer switch installed at the meter (UL1008M)
  • Demands a 240V, four-prong plug on the generator.

GenerLink Models

There are now two versions of the GenerLink transfer switch available:

The GenerLink MA23 30-Amp model works with portable generators that have an operating wattage of 8,000 W or less.

The GenerLink MA24 (40-Amp) model is suitable for use with portable generators that have an operating wattage of less than 10,000.

All of your white appliances, regardless of make or model, should be equipped with surge protection (75kA per phase). 

It is also wise to buy a GenerLink power cable.

When a portable generator is connected to the GenerLink via the custom power cable, the GenerLok, the generator's electrical output is maintained.

It is recommended that you measure the distance between your portable generator and the intended location of the GenerLink in order to establish the optimal length of the GenerLok cord. The GenerLink comes with a 20-foot GenerLok cable, and longer cables are available for purchase.

The GenerLok can now be purchased in 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100 foot lengths.

There are currently three available connector layouts:

Locking L14-20: Delivers up to 20 amps of power to your house.

Locking L14-30: Up to 30 amps of power for your home.

The L14-50 Straight can carry up to 50 amps of power to your home.

Cost of a Generlink

GenerLink sellers often provide Generlinks as part of installation packages, with the cost of materials and labor ranging from $150 to $2500. Although a Generlink may seem like an expensive investment, it will increase your home's value and give you a reliable way to keep your lights on in the case of an unexpected blackout. 

Before making any purchases, it's best to check with your utility provider to see if a meter-mounted transfer switch is allowed in your area. Also, you can get a Generlink for around $800 online.

If you're planning on buying a Generlink from any store, online or otherwise, you should first check with your energy provider to make sure they approve of the device.

How does GenerLink work?

Managing GenerLink is easy because of its simple framework. With this, your portable generator may be safely linked to the grid. In this way:

  • The power should be cut off at the main breaker panel.
  • You need to invest in a GenerLok cable. Plug the generator into the male end of the cable and GenerLink into the female end.
  • Your portable power generator must have the circuit breaker turned OFF in accordance with the manual's instructions before it may be used.
  • If you want to turn on the circuit breaker, you should wait 30 seconds after the generator has started running. This is the conduit by which the generator feeds electricity into GenerLink.
  • While thinking about how much watts your generator can handle, turn on the circuit breakers that will keep you from losing power. Depending on your wattage, you can also turn on all of the breakers in your house and use all of the appliances.

How to use GenerLink

Use of GenerLink is as easy as:

  • If the power goes out and you have a generator connected to GenerLink, you can immediately begin using it.
  • To check if your home or business's electricity has been restored, download the GenerLink app.
  • GenerLink allows you to monitor the state of the electric grid and find out exactly when electricity will be restored. It'll allow you to swiftly shut off the generator, which will help you save money and gas.
  • If you have an iOS or Android device, you can quickly and easily get the GenerLink app by searching for it in the respective app stores. It needs only a Bluetooth link. You won't have to risk your safety by going outside in the dark to see if power has been restored, simplifying your life. The system protects you against hazards associated with electrical current.

How to get back on the grid

Reconnecting to the grid is even easier than making the switch to a generator. Upon the return of utility power, please proceed as follows:

  • Turn off the energized switches and breakers.
  • Turn off the power source.
  • Turn on every single fuse/circuit breaker
  • Here, you may switch on every breaker because you are connecting directly to the electricity grid. You can use any and all of the light switches and home electronics in your abode.

Can GenerLink Replace My Transfer Switch?

Thanks to GenerLink, sub-panels and transfer switches are superfluous. A transfer switch and sub panel are required to increase the number of circuits that can be powered by the portable generator, which requires rebuilding the home's electrical system.

Advantages of GenerLink over a conventional transfer switch and auxiliary power unit (sub panel) include:

  1. Within 30 The installation of The GenerLink typically doesn't necessitate your physical presence at home. In contrast, you'll need an electrical permit and the services of a licensed electrician to set up a transfer switch and a separate sub panel. Standard installation time is between two and three hours. Depending on the specifics of your home's electrical setup, this may require professional rewiring.
  2. The GenerLink system allows you to select which appliances, up to the generator's capacity, will be powered by your home's breaker panel. Transfer switches and subpanels limit the size and number of appliances that can be used simultaneously.
  3. Since GenerLink utilizes your current breaker panel, you can use any 120-volt appliance and the vast majority of 240-volt appliances. GenerLink can manage a wide variety of home equipment, including your electric range, clothes dryer, sump pump, well pump, and water heater. 
  4. On transfer switches and sub panels, you can only have one or two 240-volt circuits with a 15-ampere or 20-ampere rating. Heavy loads, such as electric stoves and water heaters, require 30 or 40 amps, which drives up the price of transfer switches and sub panels. GenerLink surpasses all other connecting options in terms of appliance compatibility and adaptability.

GenerLink gets rid of the need for those unsightly extension cords

With GenerLink and your portable generator, you won't have to worry about the dangers of using extension cords. Most homes lack adequate length or gauge of extension cords to connect their portable generators to the house's electrical system. 

The use of extension cords is commonplace since they allow multiple devices to be powered at once. When an extension cord carrying an excessive load becomes too hot, an unsafe situation may develop. An ignitable situation could result from that.

On the other hand, if you use an extension cord that is too long, you risk damaging your expensive electronics because of voltage loss. Since furnaces and hot water heaters are direct-wired, they cannot be connected to a portable generator using an extension cord, among other devices. Never, ever attempt to rewire any of these gadgets on your own.

GenerLink provides the peace of mind that you and your family deserve.

The use of GenerLink eliminates the possibility of backfeed

With GenerLink, you may safely run a home generator without worrying about dangerous backfeed to the utility, when the home's breaker panel is used to connect the generator to the utility's power grid.

Damage to utility machinery or injury to workers due to back feed is a real possibility. 

Before using a generator in your home, you must properly disconnect from the utility grid. GenerLink instantly disconnects a home from the utility's power grid.

The safety and dependability of GenerLink have been extensively tested. It is widely recognised as a reliable, automatic, and successful method for preventing backfeed from mobile power sources by utilities across the country.

GenerLink provides homes with options

To the extent that your generator's capacity permits, you can use virtually any electric load or gadget around the house using GenerLink. You won't find another provider as accommodating or trustworthy as GenerLink.

In the event of a power outage, the number of appliances you can use is limited by the number of extension cords, transfer switches, and sub panels you have.

You can't use sub panels and transfer switches to power your home's furnace, hot water heater, and other electrical appliances and fixtures that are wired into your breaker panel. By using GenerLink, you can run these loads from your portable generator in a variety of ways.

What about generators?

Many different kinds of portable generators are currently available to customers. Some are more optimal for in-house integration than others.

When selecting a generator to hook up to your home, you need to make sure the generator meets the following requirements.

  • It can start large motor loads like a well pump if necessary and is safe for sensitive electronics.
  • It has the necessary 120/240-volt connector(s) and four-wire 20-amp, 30-amp, or 50-amp receptacle to hook up to GenerLink.

Use of GenerLink necessitates a generator with the following characteristics:

  • Has a high enough peak rating to run the largest emergency items
  • An Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • The shutdown was a result of the severe shortage of oil
  • L-1420, L-1430, or 14-50) plugs

The following are examples of output receptacles from generators that do not work with GenerLink:

  • Power outlets with 120/240-volt three-prong wiring
  • Four-prong, 120- or 240-volt, 50-ampere-or-more outlets (e.g. 50 amps)
  • There are no other voltage options available than 120v.
  • Solely 240-volt (as opposed to dual-voltage) plugs.

Consider the generator's output quality carefully before making a purchase. Overheating could occur in motors like those found in the refrigerator and furnace if the voltage output is too low. If the voltage output is too high, it could fry your computer or fry the circuitry in your digital thermostat's controls.

If you want cleaner power from your generator, installing automatic voltage control is a good investment. Electronic voltage regulation, as opposed to capacitor or condenser type regulation, is advised for use while operating sensitive electronic equipment.

GenerLink installation

The process of installing GenerLink is straightforward and useful.

Your electrical service provider must be contacted before you can disconnect your electric meter from the major power grid to which it is attached. This service could cost you a few dollars, and the provider will advise you to turn off your electricity at a certain time.

Find a competent installer. Verify that their electrical license is valid. 

Your electric meter will soon be installed by a professional. They will connect what is needed to the GenerLok. After that, your power worries will be over.

The primary power supply should be turned off before you test your GenerLink with the generator. To do so, start your generator, wait 30 seconds, and then switch on the circuit breaker. Once you've done that, you can proceed by switching on the appropriate circuit breakers.

GenerLink is connected to both your generator and electrical meter in the event of power outage. Make sure you have an electrician present as you test it. 

What kind of upkeep is required for GenerLink?

GenerLink's strongest point is its low maintenance needs. Once it is installed and linked, you can use it forever with no further setup or connection issues.

If you have any technical problems, however, you should contact the company or a licensed electrician in your area.

GenerLink legality

The legality of GenerLink varies from one state to the next. Some states allow it and some don't. 

Find out from a local source if GenerLink installation is legal in your state before making a purchase.

Final thoughts

Given the current situation of the globe, I believe it is crucial to be disaster-ready. There has to be a variety of home power sources available to you so that you may feel comfortable and confident in the well-being of your family. The use of GenerLink is one option for keeping the lights on when everyone else in the neighborhood is in darkness.

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