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Is a Whole House Generator Worth It?

When severe weather is present, a loss of electricity can be much more than just an inconvenience; it can be a true emergency. If this occurs, basic necessities like freezers and medical equipment may lose power along with the lights and heat. Having a whole-house generator means you'll never be without electricity, no matter what […]

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How to Make a Portable Generator Storage Box

If you own a noisy generator or simply want to learn how to reduce the noise it makes, you've found the proper site. This article will show you how to soundproof a generator by building a soundproof enclosure. No matter what size generator you have, the method may be adapted to work with it. The […]

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How Many Watts Does it Take To Run a House?

These days, electrical power is required for almost every activity. Nothing gets done when the electricity goes off. The typical American home experiences a power outage once or twice a year, lasting between three and six hours each time. It doesn't seem common enough for a typical household. However, power outages can last for days […]

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