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Quiet Backup Generator Review

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While reliable power backup is indispensable in this day and age, whether at home or in the office, sometimes it's imperative to ensure that the noise levels of these appliances cause no disruption to the residents in your household, or your clients and employees in the office.

To help you solve this dilemma, our team looked through the best home generator units to compile the following buyers guide to the best quiet backup generator units on the market.

Best Quiet Backup Generators

The following units from power brands Firman, Champion Power Equipment and Powermate get the thumbs up from our reviewers as the best quiet backup generator units available.

1. Best Quiet Backup Generator Units - Firman Power Equipment H08051

With an operational noise emission of 65 dBAm the Firman H08051 has the lowest operational noise levels of our selection of the best quiet backup generators. What's surprising at that noise level is just how powerful and efficient the Firman H08051 actually is.

With a starting wattage of 10,000W and 8,000W running wattage, the Firman H08051 has an eight gallon fuel tank (complete with an integrated fuel guage) and has a running time of up to 12 hours on a 50pc load.

The Firman H08051, one of Firman's Hybrid Series collection, has five outlets with heavy duty covers, and comes with an extended 5ft propane house for convenience when you want to run the generator off propane instead of gas.

2. Best Quiet Backup Generator Units - Firman P03603

At 67 dBA the Firman P03603 is one of the company's Performance Series backup generators. It's a 3650/4550 Watt gas-powered portable unit with a remote start facility and a wheel kit to enhance the portability of the unit.

Measuring 27(w)x19.8(h)18.1(d)in, this generator is powered by an OHV engine for longer life and improved performance.

With five-gallon fuel capacity, the Firman P03603 has one of the largest tanks in the industry, complete with a built-in fuel gauge.

The Firman P03603 has a running time of up to 14 hours on a 50pc load. It's an extremely rugged performer, like all of Firman's power generators and will not let you down when you need it most.

3. Best Quiet Backup Generator Units - Firman H03651

Another entry on our roundup from generator brand Firman, the Hybrid Series H03651 is a 3650/4550W dual fuel unit, running on either gasoline or propane. With its four-stroke 208cc 7hp engine, the Firman Hybrid Series H03651 has electric and recoil start and four outlets.

The user will get up to 14 hours' running time on five gallons at a 50pc load. The unit is extremely portable for an appliance of its size, weighing just 134lb dry, and coming with 8in flat-free tyres that will help you move the unit to where you need it most.

Dual fuel generators give the user greater flexibility and choice whether you're out on the road or at home during an emergency power outage.

4. Best Quiet Backup Generator Units - Powermate DF3500E

The Powermate 6957 DF3500E is another dual fuel portable generator, capable of running either on liquid propane or on gasoline.

This appliance has an electric start for convenient, hassle-free startups, while the Powermate OHV engine is a consistent and reliable power provider. And if you intend to use it on the road, this unit also comes with an RV-ready TT-30R outlet for direct connection to an RV without any requirement for an adapter.

Among its many attractive features are a fuel selector dial that allows you to easily switch between gas and propane, and a digital meter that can track engine run time, while you will get running times on a 50pc load of 10 hours (gas), 10.5 hours (with a 30lb propane tank) or 7 hours (with a 20lb propane tank).

The ergonomic frame offers a user-friendly experience while the comfort grip, fold-down/locking handle provides easy mobility and compact storage.

These products will ensure that you are covered for a diverse range of eventualities and occasions, including camping trips, outdoor events, RV road trips and emergency home backup. The generator is covered by a 2-year limited warranty.

5. Best Quiet Backup Generator Units - Firman P08003

Another from the Firman, this Performance Series 8000/10000W generator has starting watts of 10,000W and running watts of 8,000W, powered by a Firman four-stroke 439cc 15hp engine with a maximum noise level of 74 dBA.

Other features on this generator include a generous running time of 10 hours at a 50pc load on an 8-gallon fuel tank, six power outlets, and ultra convenient and user-friendly recoil/electric/remote start functionality.

The generator comes with 10in flat-free tyres, and the weight of the machine (dry) is 218lb, meaning that you will be able to easily move it to where you most require it.

6. Best Quiet Backup Generator Units - Champion 100297

The Champion Power Equipment 100297 8000-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator is the perfect combination of versatility and convenience, and its 74dBA operational noise level from 23 feet is surprising, considering the number of features and powerful performance embodied by this backup generator.

Its convenient electric start (battery included), as well as Cold Start Technology, ensures that you'll be able to get it up and running quickly in the cold weather, and you'll also be able to easily monitor output, maintenance intervals and run-time hours.

The generator has an low oil shut-off sensor, and it runs on gasoline or propane (there is a 3.3ft propane host and built-in regulator supplied).

The noise level is only a little louder than a vaccuum cleaner, making it ideal for home use, where its surge protector will ensure that even your smallest electronics will be safe from surges and overloads.

The machine's foldaway U-shaped handle makes it easy to store, while the never-flat tires make transport easy. This unit is backed by a 3-year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support.

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