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Champion Power 75537i Generator Review

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One of the Best Camping Generators?

The Champion Power 75537i is a 96-pound generator, which is a favorite among tailgaters, campers, and RV owners for a number of reasons:

A starting wattage of 3100 watts and a running wattage of 2800 watts are the specs you need to know about.

It has a 120V AC output and a DC output of 12V/8.3A.

Under load, the harmonic distortion is less than 1.3 percent for a pure sine wave output.

Champion 171cc OHV single-cylinder engine (4-stroke, runs of gasoline)

A fuel tank that holds 1.6 gallons of gasoline (6 L).

Overload protection that's built-in from the get-go.

The rated 8-hour run-time under 50% load is likely to vary depending on the use case and operating conditions.

The pull cord can be used to start the vehicle, but it also comes with a remote control and an electronic start.

At 53 dB (A) from a distance of 23 feet, it's surprisingly quiet (not full load)

Dimensions are 25.1" x 17.3" x 18.3". When completely dried out, it has a weight of 96 pounds (43 kilogrammes).

The EPA and CARB have both verified this vehicle as being fully compliant with pollution standards in all 50 states in the USA.

Battery, 12V DC charging cords, USB converter and oil funnel included in the package (Automotive style 2.1A and 1A ports).

How does it compare to other Generators in its range?

For a generator capable of producing between 2500 and 3500 watts, the Champion 75537i is within the expected weight range of 96.6 pounds. The Generac GP3300i, with a dry weight of 59.5 pounds, is a market leader in the above-mentioned power range if weight is an issue for you.

The Champion 75537i is one quietest inverter generators on the market and has a noise level of 58 decibels. You may want to consider the Honda EU3000iS, which is rated at 50 dBA and is one of the least noisy generators of this size and power.

The 75537i's 8-hour range on a full tank is on the low side for a gadget in its class, but it's still better than most. A comparable power output Champion 200914 boasts up to 22 hours of run life, making it the longest-lasting battery on the market.

Although the run duration is significant, if we do not also take into account the amount of fuel in the tank, it doesn't signify anything. At a 25% load, this inverter generator's estimated fuel consumption is 0.2 GPH, which is slightly less fuel efficient than other devices of the same power.

The Energizer eZV3500P may be an option if you're not content with the aforementioned fuel consumption. It's one of the most fuel-efficient generators on the market right now, consuming just 0.13 GPH.

Who are Champion?

Champion Power Equipment was founded in Santa Fe Springs, California, in 2003 and has subsequently expanded its operations throughout the United States and Canada.

Champion has sold approximately 2.5 million generators in North America alone, with locations in Jackson, Tennessee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Toronto, Canada. 

All of Champion Power Equipment's products are developed by an American engineering team that incorporates innovative technologies and advancements to better suit the demands of the company's customers.

Among their cutting-edge inventions are portable generators with remote starters and Dual Fuel technology. 

Are the generators made in the USA?

No, Champion generators are not manufactured in the United States anymore. They're made in China.

In light of the decreasing amount of American-made portable generators, this is bad news. Few alternatives remain, with Champion manufacturing departing the United States the latest casualty.

Furthermore, Champion Power Equipment's website does not provide any information regarding the country of origin of its products.

There are no legal requirements for this, but it will still be beneficial if they are open and honest. If they put a small American flag next to the model number, you could think it was made in America.

Full review of the Champion Power 75537i Generator 

Champion Power Equipment 100554 4375/3500-Watt RV Ready Portable Generator with Wireless Remote Start, CARB

This is one of my favorite portable generators! Let me explain why.

What is in the box?

In about 10 minutes, you can have the generator up and running. To get started, you just detach a side panel, connect the wires to a battery, and pour in the oil (bought separately). Fortunately, there is a color quick-start guide that is written in real English (which seems like a miracle these days).

The generator did not come with the oil it requires, which is a slight minus. Make sure you have some oil bought before venturing into the mountains with your new generator. It's not a big concern as it's readily available. 10W-30 oil is required in the amount of 0.66 liters.

A USB power cord can be plugged into the generator using the included cigarette lighter to usb converter. Although I doubt I'll ever actually use this, it's there in case I need it someday.

In addition, it features a funnel for pouring in the oil, which is definitely needed given its location next to the oil spout. You may also use it to jump-start a battery terminal so that you can recharge the battery on your vehicle (which powers the starter).

Pros & Cons

Expected features within the price range.There isn't a data center.
RV ready and comes with a variety of extras.There aren't any parallel ports.
Inverter with remote start-up capability.Runtime isn't one of its best features.
Quiet in spite of its immense strength (58 dBA).Relatively inefficient use of fuel.
A reasonable weight (96.6 lbs).

How easy is the Champion Power 75537i to start?

Depending on the situation, this generator has three ways to start it. The pull cord is for sure the worst way for me to start it, I have never mastered that technique haha. It's there in case something goes horribly wrong, but I've never had cause to use it myself.

Alternatively, a simple on/off switch can be used for the another way to start it. To start the generator, just press the start button but do not hold it down because it cause it to stutter. While pressing the start button, there is also a choke button nearby, again I found it takes a little practise to get this right. 

The remote control is my preferred method of starting the generator. Just make sure you keep it in a safe place near but not on the generator. It's really convenient to be able to start the generator remotely!

When we get to the campsite, we simply unpack and plug it in, and it's ready to go whenever we want it to be.

In the middle of the night, it's great for warming up a baby bottle or being able to use the microwave anywhere. The remote control makes the generator a much more convenient generator when camping.

It is stated that the remote start will work up to a distance of 80 feet. I've never had to use it from that far away, but I can report that I've never had a problem using it in my trailer with the windows closed (the remote; do not have the generator inside). When you press the start button, it immediately begins to run.

The generator's instructions has an intriguing quirk: it warns against starting the generator with a load already attached (cord plugged in and things ready to be powered).

Because it is promoted as having a 10-second delay before delivering power through the cables, which would eliminate the need for a remote start, this is a little strange.

In my experience, I've started it with a load on it several times and never had a problem with it at all. It's always been able to manage it. However, do take the maker's instruction on board. 

How does it perform?

To power the Champion 75537i, a gasoline-powered engine with an output of 120 volts is used. 2800W is the average running wattage, and 3100W is the peak wattage.

The inverter generator has a noise level of 58 dBA, making it quieter than a refrigerator. It also has a classic pull-start mechanism as well as an attractive electric starter (battery included). The 75537i may be remotely started as previously mentioned, for even more ease (key fob included).

Fuel capacity of 1.6 gallons allows the 75537i to run for up to 8 hours (fuel usage of 0.2 GPH).

Because the 75537i generates a pure sine wave with a THD of under 3%, it is safe to plug in sensitive electronic equipment into AC outlets (THD).

Champion Power Equipment 200961 2500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator, Ultralight

Portability of the Champion Power Equipment

The 75537i, despite its fairly hefty 96-pound weight, is surprisingly easy to move and can be loaded onto and off of a vehicle with relative ease. The generator has two radial wheels on the bottom and two rail-style handlebars on the top for easy transportation.

You may drag the generator behind you like you would a wheeled luggage bag with a folding handle on the front. The top handles of this generator are all that is needed to lift and carry this generator a few steps by yourself.

Transporting this generator over short distances is simple if two individuals join forces and grasp the top handles. During picnics and outdoor wedding receptions, where you frequently need to relocate the generator set to a new place, this should come in handy.

Having wheels and a foldable handle will come in handy if you plan to use a ramp to unload or load the generator.

A ramp-like extension around the rear or on the sides of RVs and mobile homes may be used for loading big things and wheelchairs. If you want to bring in or take out the Champion 75537i, just use the same ramps.

You need quiet generators on campsites

With the Champion 755371 generator, you won't hear any noise at all. Compared to other generators of the same wattage, this one generates a lower and deeper sound. Noise levels generated by the RV generator are comparable to a typical person's voice.

With an economy mode, the RV generator runs quietly and effectively. The Champion 75537i is one of the quietest generators on the market. Magic!


The Champion Power 75537i Generator needs to be maintained and serviced in order to produce the most power possible. Performing an entire inspection every 8 to 10 hours is recommended for proper upkeep.

This includes the removal of panels to allow for visual access, as well as the replacement of fuel filters every 500 hours or once a year. Keep an eye on the exhaust. Make sure to check and replace the oil and the air filter on a regular basis.

Make sure that you don't store your AV generator in a dusty area, since the carburetor passageways can become blocked by dust. Starting problems, unusually low and high speeds, and surges are common indicators of this.

Because exhaust gas can be lethal, it's important to keep an eye out for leaks in your exhaust system. The low oil shut-off sensor on the champion 75537i AV generator engine is built for extended life and ease of maintenance.

Your champion 75537i generator should always be lubricated and dry from water. The generator may rust if it is exposed to water.

Final Thoughts

With the 3100-watt inverter generator, you'll have convenient, lightweight, and silent power at your fingertips. With the use of a remote key fob, you can start and stop your generator from up to a distance of 80 feet. Run for up to 8 hours on a quiet 58 dBA with the 171cc engine.

It is my GO TO generator for camping, I love it. 

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