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Honda EB3000 Generator Review

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When reviewing Honda products, one may find themselves caught up in the fanfare. It seems that when it comes to the production of quality generators, Honda simply cannot go wrong.

Or can they? Well, our team put the Honda EB3000 under the microscope, so that we can show you exactly how reliable this generator is.

Rated the number one brand for generator production by workers in the construction industry, Honda benefits from an excellent reputation.

They have held their title for seven consecutive years, so it seemed only logical to put the EB3000 to the test, and figure out what makes Honda generators the best.

Honda EB3000 Generator Review 2022

The EB3000 is designed for use on construction sites, and so it is not necessarily suitable for use in the home, unlike the Honda EU2000i (see our review of the EU2000i here). Rather, the Honda EB3000 is in its element when partnered with a circular saw, or drills.

Honda EB3000 - Specifications

Honda EG2800i 2800W 120V Full Frame Portable Inverter Gas Generator

With a Honda GX200 engine, the EB3000 puts out a rated 2600W, with a max power of 3000W. The EB3000 will run at full power for six hours, or 9.3 hours at half load, so you can get the most out of a day on the site without fear of losing power.

The EB3000 is also relatively quiet when compared to other equipment utilised in construction yards, with a noise level of 68dB at rated load. The fuel capacity of this generator stands at 2.7 gallons, with the generator itself weighing in at 68.4lbs, making it Honda's lightest ever industrial generator.

A simple recoil mechanism starts the GX200 4-cycle engine. Further features of the EB3000 include GFCI protection and Honda's Oil Alert, to keep the generator operating safely.

The EB3000c has also been integrated with Honda's patented CycloConverter technology, resulting in higher quality power output, with less weight, when compared to traditional generators.

Finally, the EB3000 comes with a standard fuel gauge, and a DC outlet, perfect for charging 12V car batteries. However, charging cords are optional.


Honda EB3000 - Safety & Warranty

The EB3000 is an exceptionally safe piece of equipment to use on-site, with GFCI protection, and Honda Oil Alert included (The engine shuts off when there is a low level of gasoline in the tank).

Furthermore, electronic circuit breakers prevent the generator from being overloaded, and USDA-Qualified Spark Arrestors/Mufflers prevent the emission of flammable debris, in order to minimise risk of fires breaking out.

As far as the warranty on this generator is concerned, there is a three year warranty regardless of whether the generator is being implemented in a residential or commercial setting.

Honda EB3000 - Design

The EB3000's design follows Honda's signature black/red contrast with the generator itself being encased in a cube frame of black bars bevelled at the corners, presumably for ease of transport, and protection of the more fragile inner components of the generator.

The EB3000 looks unmistakably Honda, and is an undeniably reassuring sight for anyone working on-site who can appreciate its reliability, and the extra care taken to ensure this piece of machinery operates in a safe manner.

Honda EB3000 - Summary

In conclusion, the EB3000 stands as yet another reminder of Honda's commitment to producing top-quality products for their customers.

The EB3000's relatively light weight, and low level of noise pollution makes it hard to believe how well the generator actually performs when power output and fuel efficiency are considered.

Another Honda product that pushes the limits set out for it, setting its own standard, the EB3000 is a fantastic piece of equipment for light construction use.

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