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Honda EB10000 Generator Review

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Our team conducted an analysis of the Honda EB10000. As fans of the Honda brand, here at Generator Ratings, we couldn't wait to get our hands on this unit.

Our assessment concluded that the EB10000 performs to a standard that establishes itself among other units in the Honda brand. Continue reading below for our full Honda EB10000 Review.

Honda EB10000 Generator Review

Honda EB10000 Review - Introduction

The Honda brand has long provided consumers with consistency, efficiency, and reliability. Manufacturing robust products that the consumer can assume will function correctly whenever necessary, Honda has become a consumer favourite in the construction / commercial industries.

In this article we will be reviewing the Honda EB10000. Honda has been rated the number one choice by construction and industrial users for seven consecutive years. Read on if you'd like to see why.


Honda 663610 EB10000 10000 Watt Portable Generator with Co-Minder

The Honda EB10000 functions on a 4-Cycle Honda GX630 commercial engine, providing 10,000W (Max) of electricity. With a fuel capacity of 8.1 gallons, the EB10000 is capable of running for 4.6 hrs at its rated load (9,000w), or 7.2 hrs at half load.

With a noise level of 76dB at rated load, the Honda EB10000 is the quietest in its class. A noise level of this volume is only 16 decibels above a normal conversation.

The EB10000 is, however, very heavy. Weighing at 403lbs, we advise consumers to take care when moving this generator around. As is the case with all heavy equipment, we would advise users to seek aid when transporting such heavy units.

Safety &Warranty

A built-in temperature protection system protect the generator from overheating. As well as this, DAVR (Digital Automatic Voltage Regulation) technology ensures that a consistent flow of electricity is produced, regardless of the load.

An Oil Alert system causes the engine to shut off when low fuel levels are detected, and Electronic Circuit Breakers protect the generator from being overloaded, with GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protection of all outlets.

The EB10000 also avails of a USDA-Qualified Spark Arrestor/Muffler, which prevents the emission of flammable debris. This lowers the potential risk of a fire.

The EB10000 comes with a residential and commercial warranty of 3 years. Contact Honda for more details regarding warranty-related policies.


We like the EB10000's design. This unit is designed in a way that optimises convenience for the user, which we have always been fans of at generator ratings.

Foldable handles at the front, a bar-frame with wheels, one can clearly tell that Honda was thinking about their users when they designed this product.

Although the device is very heavy, it's clear that Honda has recognised this, and provides the user with a number of handles on the device, to aid in moving it from place-to-place.

Aesthetically speaking, the EB10000 may not be for you. Incorporating Honda's signature black and red colours, the EB10000 is better suited to a building site than it is to family outdoor activities.


To conclude our Honda EB10000 Review, we would recommend this unit for use by builders. While quite heavy, the Honda EB10000 is the quietest and most fuel efficient in its class, and that is a very impressive feat.

The latest great unit produced by Honda, we recommend the EB10000 to anyone looking to carry out renovations, working on a building site, or generally need a powerful and reliable generator.

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